No Ordinary Family

Story Title: Life After You

Author: KatelynTarverOnline

Chapter Title: Smart People Club

Date: April 25th, 2011

Summary: A mini-series of Natelie Poston's life after meeting JJ Powell.

Author's Note: This story mainly revolves around Natelie. I decided to write this because I love No Ordinary Family. It's an amazing show and I hope it get's renewed for a new season.

Disclaimer: I don't not own No Ordinary Family, or any of the characters.

15 year old, Natelie Poston, walked into the 'Smart People Club' like she did every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:25 p.m. She slowly entered the book store, which became occupied by the 'Smart People' everyday from 3:15 to 9:00 o'clock p.m.

"Hey Natelie" a voice spoke and she turned around to see her best friend, Jason.

"Hey Jase" She said as she walked over to the chess table, sat her bag down beside her and waited for Jason to come over to the table. 2 minutes later, he arrived at the table with two coffee cups in his hand. He sat down and handed a cup to her. "Thanks" she said as she took a sip.

"No problem" he said as he followed her actions and took a sip as well. "You ready to play?" He asked.


After about 30 minutes of playing, 14 year old JJ Powell arrived at the store. He walked over to watch the chess match continue to go on between the two best friends. As Jason was about to make his next move, JJ's powers of super-intelligence, allowed him to see the best stop to move. As he made his next move, JJ mentally kicked himself for speaking up.

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you." he said.

Natelie looked up with an annoyed expression "Do you mind?"

JJ shook his head no, allowing Natelie to make her next move.

"Queen capture Rook, C-5, Checkmate." She crossed her arms and smirked at Jason, who review the board one last time, before walking away. Natelie turned to JJ. "If you want to play so bad, you taake next game." She said and give him a sweet little smile. "I mean, if you think you can beat me" She joked. He noded his head, as she started to set the board back up. "I'm Natelie"

JJ sat down and held his hand out, "JJ" he spoke as she gradually took her hand.

"Okay JJ, do you start with your Knights, and Bishops, or do you dulale on a Pawn opening?"

JJ tried to use his power's to find the best possible move to start, but he's powers were weakened. He chuckelled nervously, and noticed the confused expression that Natelie. He tried again but again, his powers failed. He digged into his bag and grabbed his snack.

"Cheese Puff?" He offered, seeing as Natelie gave him another confused look, he figured she didn't want any.

About an hour later, Natelie started walking out of the store, but was stopped by JJ.

"Hey Natelie, I'm sorry for acting wierd. It's just..." he stared.

"No, you don't have to say it. I understand. See you around?"

"Yeah... Yeah, sure" He said.

"Great." She smiled, and leaned in to leave a soft and sweet little kiss on his cheek. She waved goodbye to the now confused JJ, and walked away.