Hey Guys.

Sorry for the lack of post. I started to work on each of my stories but then i went on vacation... in a land where no computers exist... sadly i know that's bullshit, but i didnt have my laptop. So anyways, I started to write down everything for each story and I would post when I got back (on July 19th) but as you can tell my vacation was sadly cut short... I left on tthe 27th on June and I got a call from my parents saying I was coming home on the 6th. So my sister and I flew back home to North Carolina and we had no clue why... Well, You guys what to hear why I'm posting this and not a chapter? Well, truth be told, Tuesday afternoon, I just found out that my grandfather, M.L.M. Sr., passed away. His funeral was today and I don't know if I want to continue my stories write now. I'll still write and everything, it's just I'm gonna be with my family and don't really know when I'll post again. I'll write as often as I can. Thanks everyone. Much Love.

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