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A Lioness and her Cub

Minerva McGonagall patrolled through the second floor after hours, Sunday after school started, looking for any students out of bed. She started to pass Moaning Myrtle's bathroom when she heard stifled sobs. She muttered Lumos as she stepped inside, pinpointing the sobs to the stall in the farthest corner, next to Moaning Myrtle's toilet.

She knocked on the stall door. The sobs ceased immediately and the student audibly tried clearing their face of tears. Minerva frowned and knocked again. The door slowly opened and first-year Harry Potter stepped out with red eyes, obviously shocked and scared that it was Professor McGonagall that caught him crying. Minerva was taken aback, worry marring her features.

"Potter, why are you out of bed?" Harry sniffed, wiping his eyes on the arm of his robe.

"I had to go to the bathroom." He muttered. Minerva's eyebrows rose as she fought to hide her amusement.

"Don't even insult my intelligence and offer excuses, Potter." She sighed. "Come to my office Potter. If you're awake enough to come here, you can inhale a cup of tea." He froze, and then slowly nodded. She led him to her office and through to her private rooms. He looked around confused as she summoned a house elf for tea. She started the fire and motioned for him to sit in the opposite armchair from hers. He accepted a cup of tea and sat drinking it as he stared into the fire.

"Potter, you know that you can tell me anything, I can keep confidence." Minerva said quietly before taking a sip.

"Your mother used to come all the time, asking me questions left and right." Harry was interested instantly.

"You knew my mother?" His eyes brightened and she recognized it as Lily's. Minerva gave him her special smile that only went to few students.

"I knew your mother. She was the closest thing I had to a daughter, and I saw you as a grandson of sorts when she had you." He was amazed when her eyes started to tear. He swallowed. He never realized McGonagall was practically family. She smiled at him and he faintly smiled back. "I can tell you tales about your father that would make you cry from laughter. Maybe after dinner another night during tea." Minerva asked hopefully, happy when Harry vigorously shook his head, never believing he'd get this chance to learn about his parents, not learning anything from his Aunt and Uncle. Minerva put her tea down and leveled him with a stare.

"What were you doing out of bed?" Her eyes softened as his eyes felt moist again. "Can I help?" Harry froze, having trouble swallowing for a second. He put the cup of tea down on the table, wiping his eyes before staring at the fire. He felt he could trust her where he couldn't trust anyone else.

"Ron's my only friend, and since he learned who I was, he hasn't really treated me as more than a hero like everyone else, for something I can't even remember or want to. Professor Snape hates me, and I can't understand what's going on in A History of Magic." He blinked back more tears. "My scar keeps burning." He muttered. Minerva kneeled in front of him and pulled him into a hug. He struggled for a moment, confused as to her actions, then snuggled against her chest, crying his heart out. Minerva sat on her knees as he hugged her, and she stroked his unruly hair as he calmed down.

"No one's done this for me before." Minerva looked down at her cub, brows furrowed. She was confused.

"Done what?" She felt pain in her chest when he responded against her chest.

"Held me. Aunt Petunia would never get close to me, she is the only woman I know outside of school where everyone hated me, and she isn't a mother to me." She felt tears fall down her face and drop on his hair and her throat burn as she realized how much suffering he'd gone through during the years that she could've been raising her had Dumbledore not been so stubborn.

"Can you be my mother?" Her heart broke as she heard his little voice ask so hopefully that she felt her second chance where she failed with Lily renew.

"If you'll let me," She muttered and felt his grip tighten around her stomach as he cried. She sobbed with him, clutching him to her breast and feeling the warmth of the fire nearby. She had lost track of time as they sat there, hugging each other. She blinked as her breathing calmed down and she summoned a handkerchief. She dabbed at her eyes briefly before offering it to Harry with a small smile. He smiled back as he used it. She moved to stand and went back to her chair as he regained his. She lost the smile, however, as she peered at his eyes.

"Just give Mr. Weasley as chance to really know you and he'll learn to know you more and become comfortable around you. Try to just talk to your dorm mates, I know for a fact that Longbottom will be a loyal friend, though frustrating, just like his father. I cannot help with Professor Snape, which is between you and him. Work hard and win his respect is all I'll say." She added when he gave her a despondent look.

"I understand that Miss Granger can help you with History of Magic if you are nice." She saw the look he gave and pursed her lips and eyes. "She is going through the same thing as you, except instead of being famous, she's extremely smart. She tries to be friends by impressing with knowledge. That's all she knows. You should give her a chance; she could be a great friend." Harry sighed and nodded, slightly smiling when he looked at the similarities between them. Minerva swore she'd help them become friends if they didn't naturally gravitate towards each other.

"And now you really do need to go to bed, I've kept you up too long. Would like to come by for tea tomorrow after dinner? We can talk about your father and his exploits." She noticed the excited look in his eyes as he nodded, both of them standing to leave. He left his empty cup on the table next to hers as they entered her office. She stopped and kissed the top of his head.

"If you ever need to talk, don't hesitate. My door is always open for you, mo mhac." He looked at her quizzically at her natural language.

"What does that mean, mo mhac?" She smiled down at him.

"My son." He blinked back tears and grinned up at her.

"How do you say mother in that language?" She laughed whole heartedly and put her wand in her pocket as they passed the Grey Lady on the Grand Staircase.

"It is Scottish Gaelic, my native language. And mother is màthair." He looked at the stairs as they climbed.

"Màthara- Màthair." He tried saying it and grinned up at her when he 'mastered' it. She smiled.

"Màthair, I will see you tomorrow after dinner." She smiled as she gave the Fat Lady the password and watch him disappear into the portrait hole. The portrait shut and the Fat Lady gave her a look.

"Are you alright, dear?" Minerva realized she was standing there with a silly grin on her face and nodded.

"Good night, mo mhac." She muttered as she headed back to her rooms, a spring in her step.