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The Eagle's Wings

Summer 1993

Dr. Helen Hudson sat with a cup of tea laced with whiskey as she listened to the sounds of Minerva and Harry playing Quidditch in the garden. Helen rarely saw her girlfriend, and usually they spent their time together doing another pastime. This holiday, though, was spent as a family.

Neither of the witch's had realized how much they wanted a family until it was there. She almost wished she could teach at Hogwarts to be near her girlfriend's son, but was on tour in America through colleges giving lectures. Her next one was in Boston the following week. She was happy to be joining them in Diagon Alley after lunch, she hadn't been there in years since leaving the Wizarding World.

She picked up her wand, a 15 Inch Yew with a tail hair of a Unicorn. She waved it and sandwiches flew out of the fridge to the table that set itself. She smiled as she stood. She stood at the door outside and yelled out for the Quidditch fanatics. She wasn't surprised when their brooms landed before her. They were grinning through their panting.

Harry passed her for the freshly made lemonade and Mina gave Helen a peck on the lips before joining him. They sat at the kitchen counter with the sandwiches before she joined them. She leaned against the edge as she appraised them.

"Did you guys have fun?" She asked, smiling indulgently. Harry nodded enthusiastically as he swallowed his mouthful.

"Are we going to Diagon Alley soon? The guys are going to be there too!" Minerva and Helen chuckled at his childish glee. Helen watched Minerva eat as she answered.

"As soon as you've eaten and cleaned up. Mina and I have business in the Alley so you group can wander for a bit." He nodded, finishing his sandwich before leaving the table. Helen sat in his abandoned seat facing Mina. She had noticed the slight wince at the nickname. After she got the post from Harry at the end of the term, she purposefully used her girlfriends old nickname.

Helen and her twin Gwen were Mina's former classmates, had known all about Riddle. He had a big influence on Helen's choice of Muggle profession, working with the mentally deranged and murderous. She'd been in an open relationship with Minerva since their graduation, not that she'd met someone that she was interested enough in another. She sighed, getting Minerva's attention.

"Any word from Gwen?" Helen looked up and smiled faintly.

"Another convention." Her twin Gwen DeMarco was an Actress, and was lucky enough to be cast in a successful sci-fi tv show, but the show had been cancelled for about 15 years now and she'd be delegated to conventions.

"She wants to visit when I get back, take a break. She says that the conventions are monotonous and Jason's the biggest arrogant prick as always." They chuckled. They'd heard a lot about Gwen's on-again off-again boyfriend. Helen looked out the bay window.

"How's Miranda's girls? Are they ever going to go to Hogwarts?" Mina shrugged.

"She's had them enrolled at Salem's Academy, supposedly going to Darwin Academy. She's thinking of transferring them their last year. She and Andrea married about the girls' tenth birthday, around when I adopted Harry." Mina suddenly tried to catch Helen's eye.

"Helen," she started hesitantly. She knew that the particulars of their relationship was hazy. Helen knew what the tone of her voice meant. She sat back with a neutral face.

"Mina." She said finally. Mina wringed her hands and licked her lips.

"Your my best friend, and my love." she added slowly. Helen smiled sadly.

"You've found someone else." Helen said. How hadn't she seen that Mina fell out of love with her? Mina gave a half agreed nod.

"I have feelings for someone else, but I love you just as much as I always have. I haven't even told them. I don't know what to do, Hel. I don't want to lose you, but I think that I'm falling for him too." She looked at her folded hands on her lap. Helen moved over and kneeled before her love, reaching for the hands, firmly grasping them.

"Mina, don't you remember what we talked about? We're in an open relationship. You know just as well as I that I can't be there for you, no matter how much as I want to. I will always love you with all of my heart, however. You have to decide what you need. If you want both him and I in your life in that aspect, then I will do my best to adjust, as long as i'm there. If you want me to only be your best friend, I can do that. If you ever have any problems with him, you will tell me immediately. He'll have to worry about Hurricane Hell." Mina chuckled through her tears at the old joke.

"So if I start a relationship with him, you won't feel betrayed?" Helen shrugged and rolled her eyes.

"How would you feel if I asked your permission to court a younger woman or man alongside you?" Minerva swallowed.

"That you saw my consideration as important, that means a lot." Helen smiled at her look of understanding.

"And I feel the same in this conversation. Now, I believe we have to clean up?" Helen pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped her lover's damp eyes. They stood just as Harry came back down the stairs.

"Are you guys ready?" He asked excitedly. Mina and Helen shared a glance and chuckled. They were good.

•~|.| €£¥ |.|~•

They came out of the fireplace at the Leaky Cauldron, and immediately felt the somber air. Mina frowned as Helen hooked arms with her and the family head out. She didn't understand until they entered the Alley what was wrong. She was stunned to non-movement when the saw the moving wanted posters for one of her favorite former students. She didn't have enough time to think as a blur of brown hair threw itself into Harry's arms.

She smiled when she saw Neville and Luna, their Guardians following. Hermione's parents were worriedly discussing something with Augustus. Mina had the sudden insight to correct anything Lady Longbottom tried to teach them as soon as she could. Xenophilius was merely grinning at every wanted poster, the picture grinning back at him.

Mina couldn't help but chuckle at him. Sirius would've found that hilarious. She had been one of the only staunch supporters of Black, fully believing that he didn't kill those innocent muggles and Pettigrew. She just had to make sure to pull Harry to the side after their trip so she could tell him all the facts before he was biased against his godfather.

Now she couldn't let the gang just wander off, no one would let her with the escaped convict. She could already see Helen introducing herself to the adults and children. She made sure their hands entwined as she stepped fully beside her. She didn't think she could survive the shopping trip with all the adults too. She was saved, however, when Severus appeared at her other side. He gave her a grimace before addressing the adults.

"If you wouldn't mind, I think it's better if the kids go with Professor McGonagall and Dr. Hudson. I can treat you all to a round if it pleases you." He tried to not show his displeasement at his own suggestion. Augustus shook her head.

"Minerva, if you could make sure that Neville gets home safe to me, then I will merely take my leave." Minerva nodded, squeezing Helen's hand appreciating the support.

Augustus swept off and Hermione's parents made an excuse to retreat to a muggle store outside the Leaky Cauldron until Hermione was ready to go. Xenophilius denied the invitation, claiming that there were too many wrackspurts in the area for his mind. He'd meet Luna when she was ready.

Minerva gave Severus a small smile of thanks when they were left by the other parents. He bent over her hand.

"Minerva." He straightened and bent over Helen's hand. "Helen." Helen smiled as he straightened. Hermione and Luna giggled at his manners. He turned and bowed to each of them.

"Miss Granger, Miss Lovegood." They curtseyed as elegantly as they could.

"Professor Snape." They murmured demurely and grinned. He straightened and glared at the boys, who pretended to glare back.

"Gryffindors." They pretended not to notice Malfoy just enter the Alley. Snape tipped his head toward Minerva a moment.

"Mina, I'll catch up to you at Flourish and Blotts after you leave Olivanders." The kids all looked at her curiously as he swept off towards Lucius.

"What do we need at Olivander, mum?" Harry asked. Minerva gave them a stern look.

"Helen and I need to make sure our wands are up to par with our cores. You'll need to do it every twenty years after getting it, to make sure that you're getting the full potential out of your wand. Besides, I want you four to get it done too, just because I have a hunch I do not wish to share with you lot. Then we'll go to Gringotts then what is needed." They all nodded, then headed over to Olivander's wand shop. The bell dinged as the group entered. The man himself appeared from behind a wandshelf, smiling faintly.

"Is it that bi-decade already, ladies? Mrs. McGonagall, 16 inch rosethorn with unicorn hair. Ms. Hudson, 15 inch yew with the other hair of the same unicorn." he reached forward and took Minerva's outstretched wand. He muttered to himself as he shook the wand slightly. He turned a quill into a flower then back. He was frowning slightly when he returned it. He grabbed Helen's and went through the same results. After he returned Helen's wand, he disappeared into the stacks.

Helen and Minerva looked at each other worriedly. He'd never done this before on their previous visits. Before now, their wands were always perfectly calibrated to their magical core. He returned with two wand boxes. He handed them both the wands, before muttering darkly before switching the wands between the women. They waved the wands and were shocked when red and gold sparks came out of Minerva's, while silver and purple came out of Helen's. They looked at Olivander who was giving them a contemplative look.

"There's always been something about you two. No matter. You'll still be able to use your old wands, infact I encourage it." He wandered back into the stacks. Helen looked at the ebony bone wand in her hand compared to the whitish wand she got when she was eleven.

"Then why give us these? Why would we need them?" They heard him hum nonsensically before appearing again with a stack of wands. He put them on his table before nodding Harry forward.

"You never know if you'll need it. Try this one." He said to Harry before shoving a wand into his hand. He remembered his first visit to this shop and waved it. It gave him a warm feeling spreading from his fingertips to his toes. It was stronger than his first wand. It was a 12 1/2 inch with a scale of a Hungarian Horntail, from the branch of a Rowan Tree. Ollie nodded before turning to Neville.

"Come boy, I never fit you for a wand. Please tell me your not using your fathers wand, you look like you'd do better with your mothers." The boy stumbled forward and took the wand from the old man. 9 inch Elm with the feather of a sphinx. He stopped and stared in wonder as the wand felt as though it were an extension of his own hand, something his father's wand never did. Luna drifted forward as if on a cloud.

"I have my mother's old wand. Charms specialty." Ollie nodded.

"And you are more Transfiguration." Minerva was surprised as Luna nodded. If she had a wand that matched her core, the rate she was already at in her class was high. Luna was handed a cream colored wand, 12 inch Cedar with a unicorn hair.

Hermione stepped forward hesitantly. She knew that wizards didn't get second wands, which is why she was surprised Harry and the women got seconds. She already had one, she didn't need another. Then why was she still inching forward to Olivander's beckoning?

He handed her a wand that looked a twin to Harry's new one. She hesitantly waved it and shuddered as an unfamiliar feeling came over her and blue and bronze sparks came out of it. She looked at it in wonder. It was an 11 inch with the same Rowan branch as Harry's, but it had a feather of a Phoenix. A friend of Fawkes, Bennu, only donated one feather after burning day. Minerva gave Olivander a handful of galleons before he could say the total. She didn't want the kids to worry about it, considering she was the one who needed to go. Helen shepherded the kids out towards Gringotts as Olivander pulled Mina aside.

"Those are the four, are they not? The Golden Four? The ones to finish he-who-must-not-be-named completely?" Minerva looked wistfully out of the window at the four.

"I had hoped for their sakes that they aren't before coming here. Now I'm not sure." She shook her head and looked down at her new wand. It was the twin to Helen's. Both were a scale from a Hebridean Black Dragon and from the bones of said dragon. Helen's was 15 and a half inch while Minerva's was 17 inch. Minerva looked over at the man she remembered from her youth. He had been a good Seer in his youth, but went into wands instead of nurturing his born talent. He was the one who made the prophecy of the four, years before to Minerva. His eyes burned into hers.

"If you go for him, you won't lose her. She is as bound to your soul as that little boy is. Both of your lovers are essential to your happiness. Don't hesitate. Seize the day, because tomorrow you may be dead." He blinked once, then twice, and then his eyes unfogged. He smiled again. Minerva frowned.

"I think that was one of the clearest predictions that you've ever given me, Ollie." They shared a companionable silence before she left to follow her family.

•~|.| €£¥ |.|~•

They met back up with Severus at the bookshop and then they all went to the Leaky Cauldron for supper, the Granger's and Xenophilius joining them. They all ate in a companionable silence. The Granger's left afterwards, Hermione promising to see them at the station the day after next. Luna and her father took Neville with them, promising his safe return home.

•~|.| €£¥ |.|~•

Harry and the three adults returned to Minerva's home in Scotland. Harry was sat immediately as Helen poured a cup of bourbon for Severus, a whiskey for herself and a scotch for Mina. She got Harry a coke from the fridge. They all sat, Harry not sure what he did wrong this time. He thought that he'd been good. Minerva saw this thought and shook her head.

"Harry, you're not in trouble, we just need to discuss something with you. You saw the wanted pictures in Diagon Alley?" He nodded warily, not sure how he was related to the convict that Neville muttered about briefly.

"His name is Sirius Black. He is a former student of mine; he was a classmate of Severus. In fact, he was the closes thing your father had to a brother, well, except for Lupin," She glanced at Severus, who appeared neutral.

"You'll meet Remus this coming year. He's the new Defense Professor. He and Sirius were your father's best friends growing up. In fact, if he hadn't been in Azkaban, the Wizarding prison, he would've raised you. He's your godfather, much like I'm your godmother." Harry blinked, processing this new information.

"Why was he in prison?" Minerva bit her cheek, trying not to cry. Severus felt sad for Minerva, so he took over.

"Somebody betrayed your family to the Dark Lord. Most are of the opinion that Black did it, but they didn't know him like we did. We know he's innocent, but the how and why aren't known. 12 Muggles and another one of their group, Pettigrew, were killed by him that night, supposedly. Everyone thinks that Sirius wants to kill you to finish the Dark Lord's job." Harry blinked.

"Huh. But he doesn't?" He asked skeptically. Minerva nodded. Helen leaned forward.

"If your mother, Severus, and I believe in him, what does that mean to you?" She gave him a small smile. He smiled back.

"Don't believe what others tell me, but take it into consideration." The adults all smiled at each other and a shaggy dog outside smiled when he heard that his godson would give him a chance, and he had people on his side after all. He ran farther into the forest, heading into cover for the night, with hope in his heart.