It had been six months since the whole thing had started. The garage was growing strongly; they had local business as well as restoration projects coming in from further afield. Kurt was still working on William's car, but that was going to take time; each stage was photographed and recorded.

Finn and Noah (as he was now called by everyone) had quickly learned the basics of car maintenance and were still learning new things every day.

Finn had been accepted to collage to study for his Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education, which he loved every minute of; he'd even found flyers for a collage Glee club. During his time off Finn worked at the garage, earning extra money and helping to pull his weight.

Today was Finn's free day, every Wednesday day Finn would stay home, and either help with whatever project or job as on the go or, keep an eye on the place while Kurt and Noah did, um, other things, like today.

"Um, excuse me," a masculine voice called from the garage door, Finn looked up from the oil change he was doing to see a well-dressed man about his own age looking around the shop floor.

"Hi there that can I do for you?" Finn asked politely, he was the only one in the garage at the moment, since Kurt had dragged Noah off to see something he'd designed. Finn was quite sure that it was a modern version of 'do you wasn't to look at my etchings.'

He straightened out of the car engine he was working on and wiped his hands on a rag in his pocket.

"Hi, I'm having trouble with my car."

"I guessed that much, if you were looking for a manicure you would be in the wrong place," Finn snarked, before stopping in his tracks as he shook his head. "I'm so sorry, that's a sure sign I'm spending too much time with my brother."

The other man looked amused rather than offended. "That's fine, as it happens the manicure was last week, this week my car has a flashing light, and I don't think it's the good kind, like 'applause now'."

Finn chuckled, "Okay what light is it?"

"Um, there's more that one?" The man looked lost.

"I'll take a look. I'm Finn by the way."

"I'm Blaine, nice to meet you."

Blaine smiled shyly, looking adorable, 'wait what, adorable? Where did that come from?' "I'd shake your hand but..." Finn held his grease covered hands palm up.

"That's ok, I don't mind a bit of dirt," Blaine said flirtatiously, sticking out his hand.

Finn took the offered hand and shook it, trying to ignore the spark of interest that travelled up his arm and down to his groin. "Alright, let's look at this warning light."

"It's a warning light?" Blaine looked aghast.

Finn sniggered, "You look just like my brother does when Puck and I start talking about football."

"Your brother doesn't like football?" Blaine asked as he unlocked the car door.

"He says he'd rather wear polyester," Finn quoted.

Blaine shuddered. "I can agree with that. You seem close with your brother, I have a little sister, we get on really well, and I have male friends from school, but I'd have loved to had a brother."

"Kurt is pretty cool, we didn't always get on. But then we've only been brothers for two years."

Blaine looked confused and raised an eyebrow elegantly in question.

"My mom married his dad, this is his shop, I live here too," Finn explained, not able to explain to himself why he was telling a stranger his life story.

"It's a pretty big place for just the two of you; I don't suppose you have any rooms to rent out do you? My flat mate just dropped out of collage and moved back home, I can't afford the rent on my own."

The look on Blaine's face was so hopeful and so... just damn cute that Finn couldn't help but smile at him. "Don't worry about it. Let me check the car and I'll show you around." He turned the engine on and the oil warning light blinked on, "when was the last time you checked your oil?" He asked turning it back off again and popping the hood.

"Um, well," Blaine blushed. "I didn't know you had to," he admitted sheepishly.

"At least it's a nice easy fix," Finn dipped the oil and confirmed it was very low but luckily not all gone, after topping it up he closed the hood and smiled at Blaine. "There all done. Now let's go see if you like the room we have."

"Shouldn't you ask your brother first, you said this was his place," Even after saying that Blaine followed Finn into the garage and watched him lock up.

"Kurt won't mind, and I can always sell him on the green angle."

"What green angle?" Blaine asked his hopes rising.

"You said you're in collage right, the only collage around here is the one I go to too, so we can carpool, so less car's on the road and less carbon peroxide."

"Monoxide," Blaine corrected automatically. "What course are you doing?"

"Sports science integrated with a teaching diploma," Finn told him feeling shy for the first time.

"Cool, I'm doing Performing Arts, and I applied to integrate a teaching diploma too, I should find out if I can add it on Monday, after all I've only missed a week." They grinned at each other, "Can I borrow your notes?"

"Sure," Finn reached to open the door to the living area.

"Wait. There's something I should tell you before you decide if you want me living here." Blaine took a deep breath, "I'm gay."

Finn cocked his head to one side in confusion, and allowed himself to feel the disappointment that was raging though him, "Do you have a boyfriend that would move in too?"

Blaine blushed bright red, "No, I'm single at the moment; I just thought you should know."

Finn took hold of Blaine's hand and dragged him in through the front door and into the kitchen where Kurt and Noah were having breakfast in their pyjamas.

"Blaine, I'd like you to meet my brother Kurt, and his fiancé Noah, Sara lives here too, that's Noah's sister but they are adopting her as their own kid. Guys this is Blaine, he's moving in with me, um, us, and wanted to make sure we don't have a problem with him being gay," Finn rattled off to an amused looking Kurt and Noah.

"Nice to meet you Blaine," Kurt held out his hand to shake. "If anything Finn's going to start having to ask if we have a problem with him being straight, he's the one in the minority in this house. You're welcome to stay. I'm guessing by my darling brother's antics that you need a place to stay."

"Yes, and it looks like we're in the same classes so we could carpool," Blaine's eyes flicked over to Finn who gave him the thumbs up behind his brother's head.

"Well okay then. It's been quiet today, so if you like we can close up for today. Finn why don't you show Blaine around while we get dressed and we can get you moved in today," Noah offered.

Finn beamed, and grabbed hold of Blaine's hand to drag him out of the room to see the rest of the house.

"You know what babe," Noah commented with a wry smile on his face when they were gone. "I don't think Little Finn's in the minority anymore."

Kurt looked confused for a moment, "those two? No way!"

"I give them a week before they're in one room, depending on how pig headed Finn is." Noah nodded in confirmation; he had seen the looks they had been shooting each other. "We have at least an hour before they finish looking around; want to come upstairs with me?" Noah asked running his hand up his lover's leg, eliciting a groan.

"God yes," Kurt grinned wickedly. "Come on then, if we only have an hour. I want to make the most of it, it's my turn after all."

Noah growled playfully and chased a giggling Kurt up to their bedroom.

Noah caught Kurt and they tumbled on to the bed together, it was the one they'd picked out the day they'd put a deposit down on the garage. It was perfect. The soft mattress they'd bought to go with the frame was nice and thick and in Noah's words perfect to fuck though.

Noah had been surprised just how insatiable Kurt had been, considering he'd been a virgin the first time they were together. But never one to merely live up to expectations Kurt had found that his sexual appetite matched if not exceeded Noah's. Kurt pressed Noah into the mattress kissing him enthusiastically and pulling away the material that covered them. Finally a naked Kurt straddled Noah and smiled down wickedly at him. "What shall I do with you?" Kurt teased grinding down against Noah.

"Anything," Noah moaned.

"Anything? Mmm I must say I like the sound of that. What if I want you inside me? To feel you stretching me, filling me up?" Kurt asked knowing how much it turned Noah on when he talked dirty.

"Oh fuck, yes, but it's your turn, you said," Noah panted breathlessly.

"My turn to choose," Kurt clarified reaching between them and holding Noah's cock steady as he lowered himself without bothering to stretch. He didn't need it after this morning and last night.

Noah's cock slide easily into Kurt's welcoming body; making them both moan. When Noah was fully inside Kurt neither one moved, allowing them both to adjust and soon found their rhythm, Kurt lifting up and slamming back down as Puck held his waist and thrust into him.

K & P

"And this, would be your room," Finn said opening a door with a flourish.

Blaine stepped into the room; it was beautifully decorated with a green and silver theme. There was a large wardrobe on one wall, and a writing desk under the window. But that was all the furniture in the room, the carpet was thick and soft, and had swirls of green and silver running through it.

"We still need to get a bed, and Kurt's having a book case built. The bed's a four poster, they're great to sleep in when you get used to it; it's like sleeping in a tent."

Blaine smiled indulgently at Finn, "I like the colours."

"Yeah? That's cool, they're Slytherin colours. Come on, I want to show you something," Finn pulled Blaine by the hand, which he hadn't let go of yet, and lead him to a door in the far wall.

Behind the door, was possibly the most amazing bathroom Blaine had ever seen, it was decorated in black and chrome, it was very masculine, while managing to be welcoming at the same time. There was a large shower in one corner and a deep extra long extra wide bath in another.

"There's only one drawback. You'll have to share the bathroom," Finn opened the door at the far end of the bathroom to show another room. It was identical to what would be his room, except it was done in red and gold, and would have looked garish, but the reds were warm and the gold's were soft, in the centre of the room, away from all the walls, was a huge four poster bed with gold hangings and red bedding,

"This room is wonderful, the bed looks comfy. Could I have this room?" Blaine asked hopefully, turning his doe eyes on Finn.

Finn blushed. "This is my room; you'd be sharing the bathroom with me."

"You don't mind that? My last roommate used to make me go out when he showered." The look on Blaine's face broke Finn's heart, he wanted Blaine to smile and laugh again, he'd do anything to keep Blaine always smiling, just like at one time he would have done for Quinn or Rachel, but it was more than that, with them Finn would have done anything they asked, but with Blaine, he didn't want him to have to ask, he wanted to provide everything he could to make him happy.

It was then it hit Finn like a ton of bricks. This was what the songs he used to sing in Glee were about, this was what Kurt and Noah had.

Not really one for words Finn crossed the room to where Blaine was standing next to the bed took his head into his hands and kissed him. Blaine automatically brought his arms up and wrapped them around the much taller man.

Behind them a door opened, "Aww man, and I bet you guys would take at least a week to get it on," Noah teased grinning at them.

"Noah, be nice. It's not every day you figure out your gay and fall in love. I guess we don't need to get that other bed as a priority then."

Blaine blushed but shook his head, "Unless you think this is too fast?" he asked shyly.

Kurt shrugged, "Noah and me decided we were in love, going to move in together adopt a bunch of kids and probably get married in a weekend. It runs in our family, when we fall in love, we fall hard and we fall fast. And we fall forever. Welcome to the family."

Finn beamed at his brother, "thanks Kurt."

"Come on, let's go get Blaine's stuff. We have to pick Sara up at 3, and she has dance till 4:30," Noah said ushering them out of the room.

"Take away later?" Finn asked.

"Pizza!" the four of them chorused together.

Oh yes, Blaine was going to fit in perfectly.

Well, that's the end. I've had such a lot of fun writing this and I've been overwhelmed at the support I've had for this story, this is one of my most reviewed stories. I hope the ending didn't disappoint.

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