It isn't my fault

That I love someone.


I just want to

Tweak the circumstances…

(but just a little bit).


Don't I get a little love, too?

So maybe it's fake.

It might not be wholly real.

But you know,

I don't care…

Not anymore.

I just want my dream come true,

My fantasy,




That's all.

I want my



And Dreams

To come true,

Just like anyone does.


Changing the situation—

But only just a bit

Isn't a crime

At all,

Is it?

And when you see


You don't look at her

That way,

Like she's

Done something wrong.

But you know,

We're just the same,

The potioneer

And the trickster.

We're both

In love

(with you).

And we're both

Tweaking the conditions

Ever so slightly.

So why is she so different?

She's no better,

Not at all.

The dreamers dream,

But only one is let down.

And this time,

It must be me.

AN: When you're looking forward to the prompt 'Amortentia' all month, only to realize Romilda Vane is your character, you find yourself with a very limited are to cover. I was hoping for something slightly more original, like Dean for 'Amortentia.' It would end up a lot better, I'm guessing. Anyway. Thank you to my beta-reader wisegirlweasley, and to you for reading.