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Diana p.o.v.

Diana was sick and tired of Drake Merwin. He had been romping around Coates for the past week, being his usual annoying self, and in result every single unlocked room had been used for target practice with his guns. She had to admit, she hadn't been to upset when he shot a smiley face into Caine's front door, but when he started shooting rounds at her dorm room, it had been the last straw.

"Drake, you idiot, find something useful to do instead of using people's doors as targets!" If he'd been bothered by her name-calling-she did it almost every day anyway- he hadn't shown it.

"What do you suggest I do, then, if not practice? Fearless Leader has banned going outside of Coates, supposedly until he gets a plan, a.k.a. until he gets his tail out from under his legs from the last time Sammy whooped him, and I have to have a little fun, don't I?"

Diana had to admit it was boring staying inside, but if he kept shooting around at random, she was going to go insane. Then she had an idea.

"Drake, how do you feel about making a bet?"

He looked at her. His eyebrows looked like they were trying to jump off of his face. "You want to make a bet? With me?"

"Unless you know another Drake, yeah," I said, smirking.

"Ok. What kind?" "I bet that I can beat you, Drake Merwin, in a shooting contest."

His eyebrows rose even higher. "Are you serious? I could shoot a bug out of the sky in one round, and you're challenging me to a shooting challenge?" He laughed. "Oh, this is gonna be good. The terms?"

Diana smirked. "This is something that even your brain should be able to process. There's a bull's-eye target. We each get one shot to get the bullet as close to the middle as we can. If I win, you have to put your guns away until Caine says different. If you win, you can keep on 'practicing'. Simple as that."

Drake smirked at her. "That's all your giving me? The right to keep doing what I'm doing? No. We need to add something else." He thought for a minute. Diana could practically see the gears turning in his head. "I've got it!"

"Oh, joy."

Drake ignored her. "Whoever loses has to wear a bunny suit and hop into Perdido Beach-without Caine's permission, of course-and distribute Easter eggs." As an afterthought, he added, "And the other person gets to put it all on video."

Diana smirked. "You're confident in yourself. Too confident, I might add."

Drake retaliated, "We'll see about that. Tomorrow, at six?"

"In the courtyard."

As Drake walked away, he called over his shoulder. "Better start working on your bunny hop!"

Diana smirked. Drake was so clueless sometimes-scratch that, all the time. The poor little boy had no idea what was going on. It would have been enough for him to stop shooting, of course. But the bunny suit would be fun too. Tomorrow would come fast, though. She needed to get to work on her plan-and fast-if she didn't want to look like Peter Cottontail by the next night. She snuck up the stairs-careful not to be spotted by Drake-and barged into Computer Jack's room.

"I need you to help me with something."

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