Resurrection morning, the women, they walked

To the tomb, to do what had to be done

But the stone was rolled away,

And as the sun rose,

They saw that Jesus was gone!

The tomb was empty

With no body left inside

Yes, the tomb was empty,

The Son of God had been revived

To show the world he loved us, that is why he died

To leave the tomb empty…

The pieces of linen, were all that remained,

Some started to tremble with dread.

But then an Angel appeared,

And asked this of them,

"Why do you look for the living, among the dead?"

This tomb is empty

There is no body left inside

Yes, it is empty, the Son of God is revived

To show you that he loves you, that is why he died…

To leave the tomb empty


Then Mary asked a stranger, "Sir, have you seen our Lord?"

Jesus revealed himself, and she recognized him. He said, "Woman, search no more!"

I left the tomb empty

My body no longer lies inside

That tomb is empty, you can see I am alive

Do you know how much I love you? That is why I died…

To leave the tomb…empty…

(A/N: Happy Easter! I'm sorry if this is not a 100% correct version of the Easter story, but the idea was just too good not to write! Why does it seem all my best ideas come when I'm in the shower? o.0……)