Title: Who's Watching Who?

Pairing: Jack/Ianto of course!

Rating: M (NC-17 for later chapters)

Summary: Ianto tries to get back at Jack when he finds out Jack had been 'spying' on him via CCTV, but as usual for Torchwood it doesn't quite go to plan.

A/N : This idea was way better in my head, but just didn't write up as well as I wanted it to. Not sure yet how long it may wind up being or how long it'll take for me to complete. I appreciate all feedback, good, bad or indifferent.

* * * * Jack + Ianto = JANTO * * * *

Ianto entered the Hub through the tourist entrance, carefully hanging his coat on the hook and dropping his car keys in the basket behind the desk, straightening brochures as he waited for the computer to boot up. He outwardly sighed, dreading going downstairs, knowing already that Jack was in a foul mood this morning. He always was when it came time for the monthly conference call with U.N.I.T. in addition to that was the fact that Ianto had gone home to his flat the previous evening for much needed sleep, alone, to Jack's disappointment.

'Better go and get on with it, the longer I wait, the worse he will be...' Ianto muttered to himself.

He descended the stairs and waited as the alarm sounded and the cog door rolled open. He straightened his tie, the burgundy one, which this morning he had paired with the purple shirt and the charcoal pinstripe suit, which he knew was one of Jack's favourites. 'Can't hurt to try' he'd thought as he got dressed. Ianto looked around and was not surprised to be the first one there. They all knew when the conference calls were to take place and they all begged off coming in for one reason or another, leaving Ianto to bear the brunt of Jack's attitude.

'I wonder where Jack is, he's usually all over me by now.' Ianto thought.'Guess I'll start the coffee, make him a little more manageable at least.' he chuckled to himself.

Ianto set to making a pot of his special blend roast out of his private stash of beans, knowing he and Jack would be the only ones in for an hour or two to enjoy it. Jack loved the blend and Ianto made it for him on the mornings when he'd stayed over at his flat. Ianto waited for Jack to come out of his office, but he never even looked up from the papers on his desk. It was obvious Jack was still upset that Ianto had gone home alone the previous night.

Ianto set out his mug and Jack's and poured the dark, rich liquid, savouring the aroma as it wafted through the air. Ianto knew a steaming cup of his special blend coffee was a step in the right direction if he was going to make up for the bruising Jack's ego had apparently taken last evening. Then he could sort it out properly when they were alone.

Ianto's highest hopes were that the coffee would improve Jack's mood in time for the conference call. Jack was more than abrasive when it came to U.N.I.T. on a good day and today was definitely not a good day. U.N.I.T. was adamant that they speak directly to him this time, being far from pleased that Jack had been 'unavailable' and had left Ianto to field the questions on the previous 3 months of calls.

U.N.I.T. had become far less enamoured with Ianto after the previous months' call, through no fault of his own, when one of the parties involved in the call, thinking that Ianto was unable to hear him, had made some questionable remarks to another officer in the room concerning Ianto's qualifications outside of Jack's bed, causing his Welsh temper to flare as he set about letting them know exactly what his qualifications were.

Last month:

"I can assure you, gentlemen, and I use that term very broadly in this instance, that there is no one in this building who knows more about what we have housed here, whether in our archives or our vaults than I do, or who knows more about the history of Torchwood itself, including all files up to our current case logs..."

Jack was sitting feet propped on the desk down in the archives, and unbeknownst to Ianto, had been watching him on the CCTV from the start of the phone call. He had been poised to contact Ianto via the comm system to tell him to hang up when he had heard what had been said, but saw how quickly and firmly Ianto had stood up for himself. He had to admit it turned him on quite quickly to see how masterfully Ianto had set to putting the men in their place. He suddenly found himself stroking the raging hard-on inspired by his lover's forcefulness. Over and over he fisted his shaft twisting his hand over the weeping slit, Ianto got him so hot when he was angry, it took very few strokes before Jack came hard over his hand.

Ianto's admonishment continued, "I have worked for Torchwood both in London and here, as an archivist and as a fully-trained field agent. I have gotten where I am by the merit of my work and not by whose bed I may or may not occupy, which, by the way is none of your damn business and I suggest you keep your insinuations to yourself. And further more, Commander, if you cannot see to it that your subordinates conduct themselves in a professional manner, I can assure you that I have it well within my resources to have you demoted if I so choose."

Ianto carefully walked up the stairs to Jack's office with the two steaming mugs, smiling, he listened to Jack talking to himself as he looked over the file on the desk in front of him.

"Why do we even keep having these ridiculous conference calls?" he asked himself out loud,

"Because, Jack, if we don't then U.N.I.T. gets all paranoid and they decide to come in here and poke round to see what we're hiding." he reminded him as he entered the office, causing Jack to jump at the sound of Ianto's voice. "You know how much you hated it the last time when it was Martha, and you know they won't send her again, it'll be some by-the book soldier only here to follow orders."

"Soldier, huh? Maybe I should just let them send someone, you know how fond I am of..." Jack said grinning before Ianto cut him off.

"Leave it, Jack." he warned, his tone serious.

"Mmm...the good stuff." Ianto handed him the mug, he sipped it and moaned appreciatively before adding, "Feeling guilty for abandoning me last night?"

"Yep, didn't sleep very well without you there...never do." he smiled shyly, avoiding Jack's gaze.

"You wanna make it up to me?" he grinned lasciviously, glancing to his bunker.

"The conference call is at half-past and it's already 8." he huffed, then gave Jack a kiss on the forehead. "I promise, later, but first we need to go over the notes from the last few calls you missed." Jack groaned.

"Alright, let's get this over with." Jack sat at his desk as Ianto tried rather patiently to explain to Jack what had been discussed during the previous calls.

Jack's mind drifted to the sight of Ianto on the CCTV, taking the U.N.I.T. men to task for their comments, once again finding himself visibly turned on. He rubbed the heel of his hand over his erection, attempting to alleviate some pressure, Ianto's voice fading to a dull hum. This went on for a few minutes, Jack rubbing his groin, thinking of Ianto, his voice droning in the background.

"...so then, I bent his tight little arse over the bonnet and started fucking him senseless." Ianto said, his face his usual emotionless mask.

"Ianto!" Jack suddenly became aware of what his lover had said, "You did what?"

"Well, now that I see I've got your undivided attention again..." he glanced at the straining bulge in Jack's trousers. "...or maybe not. Honestly? Jack!"

Jack grinned at him sheepishly, "Sorry, I was thinking about how hot you looked when you were telling off those U.N.I.T. guys last month..." he closed his eyes and winced.

"How did you know about that Jack?" his tone accusatory, "You were supposed to be out weevil hunting with Owen, that's why I took over the call..." he rolled his eyes, his nostrils flaring as the realization dawned. "You were watching from the archives weren't you?" "That's why the feed was on your office when I got back down there...bloody bastard."

"Ianto!" Jack yelped, his Welshman snatched up the empty mugs, turning on his heel just as the phone rang and slammed the door behind him.

'No wonder he took me out to dinner that night, he felt sorry for me. God, I can't believe he was watching that!' Ianto thought to himself, face burning crimson.

"Yes, Commander, it has been a while since we have spoken, good morning." he replied through clenched jaws, desperately wanting to go after Ianto. He listened carefully enough to give appropriate answers, but his mind was on Ianto.

Ianto stood at the coffee machine, seething with anger at Jack for fooling him, at himself for allowing to be fooled, all the while Jack had sat in the archives, spying on him. The fact that Jack had heard what they had said to him really bothered him, the way he had reacted like a petulant child instead of ignoring it was embarrassing.

'Why hadn't Jack mentioned he had been watching? Was it some sort of test? Did he not trust him? Or was he just using me to get out of doing something he didn't want to do again' he growled loudly in frustration.

He took Jack a fresh cup of coffee, silently placing it on his desk, before turning to walk out. Jack grasped his wrist and mouthed, "I'm sorry." he glaced at the fresh coffee and mouthed "Thank you." He opened his mouth to say something else, Ianto whispered "later" and walked to the door. Ianto heard Jack arguing with the Commander baiting him in hopes that he would hang up on Jack.

"Commander, with all due respect, you have no right to poke your nose into the daily workings here at Torchwood. These briefings only continue as a professional courtesy and in the spirit of inter-government cooperation. We give you the information you need to know when you need to know it and not a moment sooner..."

Ianto closed the door behind him, grinning realising that Jack would be on the phone for quite a long time and that he would start to get bored and look for Ianto on the Hub CCTV. A wicked idea slowly formed in his mind. If Jack liked spying on him on the CCTV so much, he'd give him a show he'd never forget.