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* * * * Jack + Ianto = JANTO * * * *

Ianto eased the digits from his arse, unhurriedly, closing his eyes and moaning softly for effect. He chuckled, a smirk on his face, as Jack emitted a rather girlish whimper at the sight of Ianto pulling up his trousers over his blatant erection. 'Must remember to tease him relentlessly about that later.' He sauntered over to Jack, stopping just inches from him, body heat radiating in waves towards Jack.

"Didn't learn your lesson, huh?" his eyes slowly morphing into something which made Jack shudder.

'Shit.' He was in trouble...but he liked this kind of trouble. Ianto stared him down, annoyed with Jack, his steely-blue eyes boring holes right through Jack...it was a look Jack saw often. This time, though he swore he could actually feel the holes.

"I asked you a question, Jack. ANSWER ME."

"N-no?" he looked at Ianto with the puppy-dog eyes, hoping to sway him.

"No, you're right, you didn't Jack, because once again, you were spying on me. And after I just fought with you over it!" he worked hard to school his features into a blank mask. He was going to enjoy this.

Jack cut an accusing glance to the monitor Ianto had been watching him on, but said not a single word. Ianto saw and ignored his glance, looking Jack dead in the eye.

"So what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Sorry?" he stared at the floor, then looked up and blurted, "NO. I can't help it, Ianto, you're so damn hot, I just have to watch you."

Ianto smiles at him softly and Jack gets cocky thinking he's won, dropping his guard. Ianto kisses Jack shyly, gently curving his hips forward to brush against Jack. Jack's hands settle on Ianto's hips, fingers squeezing firmly as he deepens the kiss. Ianto explores Jack's hot mouth with his tongue, the battle for dominance beginning, then ending with Ianto as victor.

Jack chases his moan into Ianto's hungry mouth as Ianto begins to slowly unbutton Jack's shirt. He kisses Ianto's neck, stopping to suck at the pulse point, delighting in the moan he has managed to coax from his young lover, his mouth then crashing into Ianto's for a bruising kiss. Warm hands slipped up under Jack's braces pushing them over his shoulders to hang loose at his hips.

He pushes him into the desk chair, straddling his lap and kissing him to distraction, while he tugs Jack's t shirt from the waistband of his trousers. They break the kiss only long enough for Ianto to pull the shirt up and off, gliding his hands across bare heated flesh, drawing a moan from Jack. Advantage is now on his side as Jack busies himself basically fucking Ianto's mouth with his tongue. Ianto carefully gets Jacks hands behind the chair and quickly lashes his wrists to the chair's center column. He lazily breaks the kiss and leans in to tease Jack's lips and neck, rolling his hips against Jack for good measure, before sliding off his lap. Ianto revels in the look on the older man's face as the realisation of his predicament slowly occurs to him.

"Ianto!" he struggles against the restraint. "What the hell?"

"You need to learn a little 'restraint', Sir." he grinned wickedly.

"W-what are you gonna do, Ianto?" he swallowed hard, he suddenly had the feeling that this was not going to be one of their usual fun games.

He put a finger to Jack's lips. "First of all, you only speak when spoken to."

Jack groaned, 'This is not going to end well for me.'

"No noises, either." he circled Jack in the chair like a hungry shark.

'A hungry shark with a beautiful hard-on.' Jack openly stared at Ianto's groin.

"Just can't stop watching, can ya, Jack? Even now." he matched Jack's gaze, glancing down to his own erection, still only half-covered by open trousers. "Although it IS rather impressive, isn't it?"

Jack licked his lips hungrily, with an agreeing nod of his head. Ianto leaned in and crushed his lips against Jack's, gripping his neck, holding him fast. His other deft hand made quick work of unfastening first Jack's belt, then trousers. Ianto raised Jack's hips, gripping both trousers and pants below in his hands, he pulled them down just past Jack's knees in a single tug, his erection springing free of the confines of the fabric. Ianto broke the kiss and licked Jack's kiss-bruised lips, standing back to admire the sight of his lover so at his mercy.

"God. Ian-" he bit his lower lip as the Welshman glared at him.

"You like to watch so much? I'm going to give you a show you'll never forget, Sir." he smiled lasciviously "You're gonna come so hard without me even having to touch you...and maybe I won't."

Jack closed his eyes, his brow furrowed, biting back a groan as his stone-hard cock swelled, dancing at the thought. He couldn't help himself, a dominant Ianto was a force to be admired...and obeyed. Ianto slowly started rolling the Jack-clad desk chair closer to the worn leather chair in the corner. His mind reeled at what his creative young lover had in store for him.

"Open your eyes, Jack, or you'll miss the show. Wouldn't want you to miss that now, would we?"

True to form, Ianto had given himself the opportunity to push his emotions and his subsiding erection to the back of his mind in order to fully 'deal' with Jack. Firstly he'd made sure that he was positioned just out of Jack's reach before he continued his 'lesson'. He stood in front of Jack removed his waistcoat with controlled precision, folding it before laying it over the arm of the chair just so. He carefully removed his cufflinks one by one, dropping them to the top of the table next to his coffee with a plonk.

He sat down on the edge of the worn leather chair, reaching down for Jack's foot, lifting it and bringing Jack's heel to rest on his knee. He slowly untied the laces, then pulled the boot off, dropping it on the floor, next removing his sock, keeping eye contact with Jack the entire time. He repeated just the same process on the other leg. He grasped then dragged Jack's trousers and pants slowly down his calves and off his feet. Jack suddenly felt VERY exposed, not just naked.

"So...was there really even a Weevil that day, Jack?" Ianto asked with an acidic sweetness.

Jack simply stared and said nothing.

Ianto started at the top button of his burgundy dress shirt, taking his time to push the small discs through their slots. He stopped after the fourth, which was located just below his nipples, leaving the shirt open to expose a few of Jack's favourite spots for viewing. 'Looks good enough to eat', Jack stared lustfully at his young lover, 'shirt open, trousers open...'

"Or was Owen in on your little plan? 'Leave Tea-boy to deal with UNIT' I'll bet you he got a real kick out of that, Jack." His eyes blazed at Jack.

Jack sat unmoving, steadily staring at Ianto, a smirk starting to creep up the corners of his mouth. The only sound in the room being each man's breathing, Jack's uneven excited breaths, commingling with Ianto's deep controlled ones. Ianto raised a questioning eyebrow at Jack, who just shrugged, letting the full smirk creep over his face, his blue eyes twinkling mischievously.

Ianto rolled his eyes in annoyance, his voice almost a growl "Speak."

A delicious shiver ran down Jack's spine as his breath stuttered. He loved it when his usually passive Ianto went all aggressive and dominant. He felt his cock bounce slightly as Ianto spoke, hoping his lover hadn't noticed, knowing instinctively that he had...Ianto never missed a detail.

"False alarm?" his reply more question than statement.

"I'm only going to ask you one more time, Jack." his voice stern.

Jack swallowed hard, his eyes downcast, but did not answer.

Ianto leaned forward and grasped Jack by the nape of the neck, pulling to him as if for a kiss, but stopped just a hair from touching his lover's lips. He could feel Jack tremble and exhale raggedly at the closeness. Jack pushed forward for a kiss, but Ianto pulled back.

"For every question you answer to my satisfaction, I might let you kiss me."

"Might?" Jack put on an almost perfect pout.

"It's up to you, Jack." he leaned in then pulled away as Jack tried to kiss him again.

"Tease..." Jack squeaked out, "It was a false alarm." He was certainly having an effect on Jack already 'And I've only just started, really'.He swiped the tip of his tongue over Jack's plump lower lip.

Jack whimpered and arched his back, dragging his tongue over the same stripe Ianto had just left, moaning as he tasted Ianto on his skin. He knew this was only the beginning, Ianto was just winding him up now.

"So...then what?" he leaned back into the chair and picked up his coffee. He took a large mouthful, knowing exactly what Jack would be thinking.

Jack looked at him mournfully, "That's fighting dirty, Ianto."

"But you like it dirty..." his voice low and sultry, licking his lips, a 'come fuck me' look on his face.

Jack stretched his leg out to stroke Ianto's calf, eliciting a subtle groan. Ianto placed his foot on the chair between Jack's thighs and pushed the chair back so Jack could no longer reach him. Then he waited, eyebrow raised, for Jack to finish his explanation.

"So we were gone about fifteen minutes when we realised there was no Weevil."


"I told Owen to knock off for a couple hours?" shrugging as if it was nothing.

"Did he know what you were going to do?"

"I didn't know I was going to do it." he grinned "The idea just kinda came to me."

Ianto rolled his eyes and shook his head, huffing out a breath.

"I knew the archives would be empty." grinning again, he continued "You know how I love it when you're all 'in charge'. It's fucking sexy, so I watched you..." his smile faded slightly. "Those arseholes had no right to say what they did and I almost turned on the comms..." he closed his eyes remembering, "The way you put them in their place..." he shifted his hips, "God, it turned me on."

"Apparently everything I do turns you on, Jack." sounding slightly amused.

"You have no idea, Ianto."

"Really?" he grinned wickedly, "So, does this turn you on?" asking as he continued his previous pace at unbuttoning his shirt.

"Oh, yeah, definitely."

"What about this?" he slipped out of his dress shirt, staring directly at Jack as he held out the shirt and let it drop on the floor.

Jack found the act of dropping that shirt, his favourite of Ianto's, into a fabric puddle on the floor extremely sexy. Ianto always stopped to fold his clothes, he took pride in them, too much to treat them so disdainfully. He stared at the deep red pool for a moment, not noticing Ianto remove his shoes and then his socks.

"Jack?" so low it was almost a whisper. "You're not watching." his voice firm.

"God, Ianto." his throat tightened, as did his cock at the sight before him.

Ianto sat leaned back in the oversized chair, languidly stroking his partially covered cock. His trousers were low on his hips, button and zip undone, fabric stretched open, allowing his cock much needed relief. His hand moved up and down slowly, twisting round his hard-on, grazing the head every few strokes.

"You like that, Jack?" his voice raspy, his lids drooped then closed over his eyes.

"Uh-Huh..." Jack's breathing sped up rapidly as he watched Ianto continue stroking himself.

Ianto stopped stroking just long enough to divest himself of his trousers and pants completely. He settled back into the worn old chair, resuming his show for Jack. He stared at his lover, tied to an office chair, stark naked and hard as stone, leaking pre-come shamelessly. He leaned forward and pulled Jack's chair closer, never missing a stroke.

Jack looked at him wantonly, making his cock pulse in his hand. He kissed Jack passionately, his hand brushing against Jack's erection as he continued stroking his own. Jack keened pitifully at the sensation, cock visibly throbbing, weeping copious amounts of pre-come. Ianto looked him in the eye as he ran his index finger up the underside of Jack's cock, slickening his finger. He then repeated the motion on his own cock.

"Oh, Jack." He sucked the finger into his mouth, moaning lewdly as the commingled essence of his lover and himself assailed his taste buds. He hung his leg up over the arm of the chair, fighting the desire to speed up his strokes.

"Fuck, Ianto!" he struggled against the bonds. "Lemme out of this chair so I can fuck you!" the last words near a growl.

Just what Ianto was waiting for... "Oh, no, Jack. No way." "You are going to sit there and watch."

Jack inhaled sharply as he watched Ianto thrust three fingers deep inside himself. His guttural groan echoed through the archives. He watched helplessly as Ianto simultaneously fisted his cock and fucked himself on his fingers. "Fucking hell, Ianto! This is beyond cruel! PLEASE, untie me!" he struggled some more, unable to extricate himself. He used his feet to drag the chair closer to Ianto.

"Fuck, Jack! Feels so good!" he changed position slightly, screaming in ecstasy as his fingers grazed his prostate.

"Please, Ianto." Jack's hips bucked the air, begging, searching for any friction to bring him closer to release.

Ianto grabbed the chair and yanked it up to him, both chair heights being equal, he grabbed Jack's legs, quickly wrapping them round his waist, hands gripping Jack's hips tightly as he plunged balls deep into Jack unprepared. Jack cried out and dug his heels into Ianto's back driving him deeper.

"Jesus, Ianto!"

"S-sorry..." he stuttered as he stilled in Jack's tight arse.

"Don't be...feels amazing!" he tightened his legs round Ianto, spurring him on.

"Holy Fuck, Jack! So tight...gonna..."

"Faster...almost there..."

Ianto leaned forward onto Jack, still thrusting, his hands snaking behind Jack to release him from the chair. Jack's arms flew round Ianto as he pulled Jack up onto his lap, the angle change directing him over Jack's prostate with every stroke. Ianto's hands slipped up under Jack's arms and over the back of his shoulders as he pulled Jack down fully seating Jack onto his driving cock. Three or four hard thrusts and then the inevitable exchange.

"FuckFuckFuck...Jack, Jack!" his lover's name on his lips as he came.

"ShitFuckShitShit...Oh, Fuck, IANTO!" his keening turning to a scream as he came.

Both men trembled and shook as they rode out the glorious aftershocks of one of the most explosive simultaneous orgasms they had ever had together...and most certainly not the last, if either man had anything to say about it, that is!

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