No surprise a bloody roar fanfic

Yugo yugo! Wake up you have to get out of here and fast his eyes barely open he mumbles a couple of incoherent words before he says something she can understand mmm…why? Because gado is coming back earlier than I thought. Well he had to find out eventually was his reply. Just get out we will talk about it later. No was his short reply w-what! Look im tired of hiding from gado. And believe it or not when you look him straight in the eye and say were just friends it hurts. The first time in what seems like a long time. shina gado the great mercenary was shocked nay horrified and scared for the first time in her short life. She wasn't scared, scared of gado but more scared of what he would think of the relationship. After all his opinion was the only opinion that mattered to her shina! She was so busy with her thoughts that she nearly forgot tat yugo was even there. So stuck between a rock and a hard place she gave in to yugo's demands of telling waited for what seemed like an eternity unfortunately in silence. Until for one reason or another yugo started to run his finger through shina's hair .she secretly loved when he did that fighting the urge to purr she decided to start a conversation. ,but as soon as she opened her mouth she heard a pair of keys at the door .almost immediately her heart started to race seeing as yugo was so close to hershe could hear is heartbeat… then the door opened

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