A/N: This is just a conceptual story idea I thought up just yesterday, and thought I'd bust it out onto paper. Hope you enjoy it! Though BE WARNED! Towards the end of this chapter, it's somewhat borderline M. I made sure to keep some details out, like a few nasty words, and some gruesome details. Just be ready for the scene.

I can feel it…

This sensation, this agony, I feel it tearing away at me. Clawing its way out.

I can't contain it. The whispers in my ear, the same voice saying the same thing, "Free me… I want to devour their hearts…"

I can't let this thing out… who knows what it'll do… but… it's so tempting to give in… to let this being out. It could be a relief from this life… this darkness inside of me… This monstrosity inside of me… this burden he gives me.

But, then I look around me, and I convince myself to cage him further. But, I don't know how much longer I can contain him. He's starting to leak out, I can see him. I look in the mirror and see his yellow eyes…

Sora yawned, making a small whistling noise from his throat as he loosened the tie around his neck. Business as usual and that meant school dress code. Sora was okay with the dress shirt, and hell, the dress pants, too because they were comfortable. But the tie… the tie took it too far. The thing was damn near a noose. He couldn't walk with this thing around his neck… He'd get it stuck on a tree and he'd hang himself knowing his luck.

Yet, he couldn't just take it off… not with the threat of her appearing out of thin air and putting it on him tighter than he had it originally. Looking to his left, he saw the beach, and a few beach bums. To his right, the beach side of town, and in that mess, not a single glint of red. With a smirk, Sora began undoing his tie with a wide grin on his face. "Breaking dress code never felt so-"

"What do you think you're doing, mister underdressed?" Sora heard the girl voice, and immediately froze up. Caught. And not just caught, caught in the act of taking off his noose.

"Come on Kairi!" He pleaded. "It's just a neck tie! They won't bust me over something like this!" He showed her the tie proudly, throwing it on the sandy sidewalk. "Well, they shouldn't, anyway."

Kairi shook her head at Sora, and picked up the tie, and sure enough began retying it, and pretty much making sure he'd only whistle when he talked. "Sora, I know you're smart and all, but to be successful, you also got to look the part." With one hand, she began trying to push down his gravity defying hair. "And this too… I love your hair, but… why do you always spike it?"

Sora crossed his arms, taking his hand and loosening the tie Kairi had put on him… at least to a tolerable level. "I've been telling you since we were five, Kairi. As it still stands these twelve years later, I don't do anything. My hair just naturally…" Sora pointed to his spikes, "Does this. I couldn't explain it, even if I wanted to. All I know is it's a chick magnet."

Kairi laughed and smiled at him. "If you want to be a 'chick magnet' then look more like Riku, would ya?"

Sora pouted, "Now that's just a cheap shot…"

Both of them walked side by side, as they normally did in the morning on their way to school. Sora took great pleasure in walking to school with this girl. For one, she was rather beautiful. He often got asked by guys what she was interested in (to which he always replied 'well, definitely not you.') He was simply the lazy bum she happened to befriend. Right place, right time, as Sora put it. She was also rather smart, so when Sora managed to sleep in math, or English, she always kept him caught up. She was also a good friend to him. She told jokes with him, they laughed, they played video games, it was every guys dream… it was also why Sora had a slight dilemma. Kairi was his best friend, and unfortunately, a year or so ago, he began to start thinking about her a lot more.

One day, all of a sudden, he found himself staring at her. Nothing big, he normally zoned out while looking at her. But, it began to happen a bit more frequently. Then came dreams, and suddenly, she was the scourge of his mind. Sora was able to keep it contained, at the cost of some of his sanity. Riku caught on pretty quick of the whole deal, and had been subtly working his way to figure if Kairi felt the same way… based on what he told Sora, he was close to figuring it out.

As they arrived at school, they waved to each other good-bye and went their separate ways for the day until lunch. Then, it was nothing but them together… until they got home. Sora went to his first period class and sat there, listening to the teacher go on about basic Newtonian Mechanics. Sora, who did his best to listen, kept having Kairi's name and image pop into his head. So much, his hand started to move on its own. And unfortunately, he labeled the notes for the day: "Kairi's Laws of Motion."

Blushing didn't cover even half the embarrassment he felt. Quickly taking his pen, he scribbled it out as quickly as he could. Sora kept up with the mistakes, writing his equations wrong, his variables quickly became variations of Kairi's name, and worst of all, his notes started as notes, but quickly became short little skits of him telling Kairi he liked her, and she liked him back.

Sora gripped his hair tightly, scribbling it all out yet again, letting out an aggravated grunt as he did so. The teacher (Squall Lionheart… but known as Leon,) turned from the board, "Mr. Yamato, I do not think Newtonian Mechanic notes are so hard that you have to be aggravated already." Sora looked up from his extremely messy note paper, and heard the class snicker around him.

Turning red with embarrassment, he nodded, "Yeah… I tend to have problems copying…"

Leon smirked, and went back to the board, "Well then, I guess you'll never get in trouble for copying fellow student's homework, which, you all will have tonight. I want the first three problems on page…"

After that crash course in Crushing 201 (he had long since graduated 101,) the day went by rather smoothly. So smoothly, that is, until on the way home.

Just like their usual, Sora and Kairi walked the same way to and from school. Today, however, Kairi was feeling a bit more tired than usual. So, Sora suggested an alternate route. They could easily cut through one block of the lesser part of town, and shave a good ten minutes off their fifteen minute walk. Kairi was reluctant, but, Sora managed to convince her otherwise.

They were having a nice, casual conversation, but, Sora began to feel a bit paranoid. Turning his head around, he saw a young man pacing behind them, and just a few desolate people that appeared to minding their business. Sora's uneasiness spread to Kairi quickly as he said, "Kairi, I think we need to move outta here fast. I don't like the looks of the guys around us."

Kairi had no intention of going against that, and the two of them picked up the pace. The people around began to follow them, and suddenly, the bolted after them. Sora was an able fighter; he had gotten into a few tussles with seniors picking on the freshman last year. But, the odds were against him seven to one. Grabbing Kairi's hand, he bolted towards the exit, back on the more crowded beach area no more than ten yards in front of them. But, they were cut off. A large man stepped in front of them, "Now, where are you all off to in a hurry?" He asked with a cocky smirk on his face. "Stick around for a bit, and let us show you our wondrous hospitality." To this comment, the younger males behind them snickered, but, kept their distance.

Sora sighed, trying to keep his racing heart under control. "Okay, if you want money, I got about fifty munny in my wallet." Sora reached behind into his pants pocket, and showed the guy the wallet, and the bill inside. "With this money, I'd like to… buy passage through here, just for today."

The older man chuckled, exposing a few teeth missing, and a few that were so black they may as well have been missing. "Money? Oh, that's the last thing I need. I just recently removed someone else's burden of money." The man grinned, pulling out a blood stained wallet, showing it to both of them. "The poor guy didn't go down without a fight. His money was worth that much to him." Kairi gasped, and the man took advantage of her fear. "Oh yes, if I wanted money, I would have asked for it… kindly, mind you. But, I want something more, as do the guys behind me."

Sora knew what they were talking about, and Kairi did too as they locked eyes, he could see the fear and terror in her eyes. Sora didn't need to ask her, nor did he need any more reason to act. "With all due respect, I think this crowned necklace of mine would fetch a far greater reward than she would. At least ten thousand. It's a family heirloom that belonged to the last King of the Islands." He took it off, and hung it on front of the man, who was now slightly interested in the offer. "Whatya say? Feeling kind?"

The old man laughed, and nodded. "Yes. I am feeling rather kind today. I'll make sure to treat her real nice for ya, and take that as payment. Have your way with the boy, make sure he dies and I get the necklace. Then we get the girl."

Sora cursed and tossed the necklace into the air, making all of them shift their heads skyward, and in a few well placed punches, broke three noses. The other four weren't as stupid, and began to fight him. Sora wasn't armed, and when one of them pulled a knife, Sora again cursed under his breath. "Come on, at least fight me in a somewhat fair manner."

The knife guy lunged for him, as the leader sat back and watched, having a struggle finding where Kairi went. Sora took advantage of the confusion, and when the knife took a stab at him, he swiftly dodged, and in the same instant, snapped the guys arm clean in two, then broke it the other way. He picked up the knife, and held it, scaring off the remaining three guys. "Dude, what're we supposed to do? He's really strong!" One shouted towards their leader.

"I don't care; I got what I came for."

Sora shot his eyes towards the leader, and immediately saw Kairi being held by her wrist. "Kairi!" He shouted, pointing the knife at him. "Let her go!" He demanded.

"Boy, did anyone tell you that you should never bring a gun to a knife fight?" The leader fired back, pulling out a small pistol from his pocket. Sora gasped and took a step forward, and immediately, the man pointed the gun at him. "I've already killed twice today, and I have no problem making it three. Just back away, you'll leave here alive. We'll even return the girl after we're finished. Though I doubt she'll be the same."

Sora was unable to keep his feet planted, something inside of him forced him forward, and he darted towards the man, knife in hand, and poised to strike. There was a single shot fired, and Sora stopped in his tracks. He heard Kairi scream his name, and he could even begin to make out sounds of sobs. His body felt weak, and when he looked down, he saw his white shirt, quickly becoming stained with blood. "I… you really shot me…" was all he mouthed out. Sora looked up at Kairi and grinned what he believed to be his final grin at her as he fell backwards, his eyes drifting towards everlasting darkness. A darkness that would consume him, and end him.

There was no light; there was no sound around him as he laid still. He could hear the voice again… "Let me out…" it whispered. "I want their blood to paint these streets… I want them scattered into so many pieces they'll be finding bits of them years from now… let me out… I'll save her… we'll murder them. Do to them what they've done to others so many times… let me out… I can win this… I can save you… let me out… They won't make it out of here… let me out… let me out…"

Sora didn't give much in for a response, the only words he said as the darkness consumed him, "I can't hold you back anymore…"

With that Sora was reawakened, and jumped to his feet like a feral beast. His normally blue eyes became a beady yellow color, and his face showed no emotion. A black aura grew around him as he walked towards the group who had begun to surround Kairi. "Let her go…" he said.

One of them turned around with a silly grin on his face that quickly dispersed into terror. "Oh shit! Shit! He's not dead yet!" He shouted, pointed at Sora. This got their attention quick, and the leader looked at him with disbelief.

"Let her go…" He repeated.

The leader smirked. "Too late now, buddy. She belongs to me. Now, why don't you die already… or do you want to see your girlfriends innocence be ripped away before your very eyes?" When Sora did not budge, and only had the plain expression on his face, he became rather upset. "You bastard! Die!" The leader shot twice, and one even hit Sora in the head, and when Sora did not fall over dead, he dropped his gun in fear. "What… what are you? You're not fucking human, man!" Sora took one step closer, and they all took one back. "Stay away from me, you freak!"

Sora's expression widened into a grin formed from insanity. His body began to be encompassed by darkness. "I am redemption, and you… you're my prey. Run… run and I'll hunt you savagely…" He chuckled, "Run, you cowards…" His body became completely engulfed by the void substance and all that could be seen was his outline, the eyes, and a wide, insane grin. "RUN!" All the remaining four took off in different directions, and Sora went for the leader. Running on all fours after him, refusing to give up ground, Sora quickly gained on him. He could hear the man's panicked breath, and he could hear his muffled cries as Sora began to catch up. When he finally caught up, Sora pounced him, and knocked him to the ground, rolling him over so his horror stricken face was facing Sora.

"No! What're you gonna do? Leave me alone! I'm sorry!" He pleaded.

"Sorry won't cut it now, buddy." Sora's grin grew wider, as one hand pierced his stomach and tore left, while the other, tore right… the screaming did not die as he continued the savage act for two minutes, and the man finally died.

Sora got up, the black substance that covered him, was now painted in blood. "I told you I'd paint the streets with their blood…" He whispered, dropping onto all fours again, and darted towards Kairi. Sora got their and looked at her, and her partially shredded uniform. She had apparently fainted after seeing Sora get shot in the heart; her mind simply couldn't handle the shock. Sora kneeled down, his frenzied mind calmed when he felt she had a pulse and was still breathing. The black substance around Sora began to corrode, and drifted back into his shadow. The beady eyes turned back into their beautiful blue, and the black aura around him disappeared. The blood, however, remained.

Sora smiled at her, glad that she was still okay. "Kairi, I'm so sorry… from now on, we'll always take the long way…" Sora reached for her hair, and the first thing he saw on his hands was blood. Blood that wasn't his own… then Sora looked at his shirt, seeing that his front was covered in it. Then, there was the bullet hole. Sora was scared silent, and he looked down the road, seeing the leader of the group torn up. He shook his head, "No… no… no, no, no, NO!" He screamed. He dropped to his knees and began silently sobbing, "What have I done…"

His shadow rotated itself around to face him as he cried onto the concrete. "It's not what you did, it's what I did. And to be fair, you planned on stabbing him, anyway. I would know, I'm your inner darkness…" Sora looked down at his shadow, seeing those yellow eyes looking up at him, but, they quickly faded away, and his shadow returned to just that. A shadow.

Shortly afterwards, Sora looked down at Kairi, who was still out cold. Sora quickly disposed of his shirt, taking a nearby trash can fire and tossed it away to burn. Murder was still murder, he didn't need that traced to him. He took Kairi and moved her to the beach side where quite a few people had gathered hearing the screams and the gashing sounds, and when Sora emerged, many gasped, and Sora laid Kairi down. He looked up at them all, and grinned. "She's only blacked out… call an ambulance…" And he passed out.