Chapter 2: Girls and Boys Turn Into Women and Men

By: M14Mouse

Summary: Theo didn't plan this for his students…not at all.

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Reese winched slightly as she pressed an ice pack against her shoulder. Victor was busy wrapping his knee.

Grinders….They were much harder than she thought.

Their Master warned them that they didn't the morphing grid in their hands. That they were going to feel their injuries.

Master also warned them that they will not fight Grinders unless they had no choice. With Master's injury, Victor and Reese have become bodyguards to the little ones. Sometimes, she hated the responsibility. When she sees how hard Master worked to get better, she has no right to complain. Master fought Dai Shi…he tried to stop Venjix. She felt like a cub in his presence. She wanted to make her Master proud.

Today was one of those days that she thought she could. They were in the park with the children. Grinders appeared and they couldn't… They got their butt kicked until the rangers got there. She and Victor stumbled back to JKP. Mr. Luan is not happy about it one bit. They were yelling in the room next to them. She and Victor listened outside of the door. She knew that they could get into trouble but she wanted to know.

"They are children! You can't send children out to fight," Luan shouted.

"Does it look like I have any choice?" Master said calmly. At least, she and Victor thought that it was calmly.

"They are power rangers! And soldiers! You can't do this, bro."

"A team that is barely together as it. Soldiers just get in the way."

"Dude, what are you talking about? They are three of them."

"They are missing at least two…possible four"

"Do I ask how you know that, bro."

"Do you wish to know?"

For the next few moments, there was silence.

"No but…they are kids, bro. We are support to protect them…not the other way around."
"Do you think for a moment that I know that? They are supposed to be children. The biggest thing that I wanted them to worry about is dating? Which I forbid."

Mr. Luan snorted.

"Good luck with that."

"But Venjix won't let them be children, brother."

"It isn't fair, bro. It just isn't. We have turned them into some type of bodyguards."

"I know…but until I am up to par. We have to rely on them."

"I don't like it."

"We are going around in circles about this, brother. We need to check on Victor and Reese."

She pushed Victor away from the door. Victor looked like that he was about to panic.

"They are coming," She said softly.

"Or we could just open the door, bro," Mr. Luan said.

Master's laughter echoed through the door.

"I thought to get them a head start before I open the door," Master said.

"Evil, bro."

"Come in you two."

She opened the door slowly. Master and Mr. Luan were staring at them.

"How is your shoulder, Reese?" Master asked.

"Better…" She said.

"Victor, how is your knee?"

"Sore but I should be fine, Master," Victor said.

Master stared looked at them for a very long time.

"You two did well today and I am sorry."


"No, I shouldn't put this responsible on you but I must," Master sighed.

She wanted to tell Master that it wasn't his fault. He was a hero. She glanced over at Victor, who was shifting in his spot. Master placed one hand on her shoulder and one hand on Victor's shoulder.

"But know this…I am very proud of both of you. I am sure that the others are proud of you as well."

She felt a rush of pride from her Master's words.

Until her Master was better, she will protect them the best she could.

End of Boys and Girls Turn Into Women and Men
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