Not Going To Wave Some White Flag (Power Rangers)
By: M14Mouse
Summary: It took Theo, Luan, Victor, and Reese a thousand miles to make one step forward. Timestamp to Training Sessions
H/C Bingo Prompt: Loss of limb/limb function, bodyguards, seizures, and wild spot: loss of voice

Chapter 3: Isn't My Swan Song

Here he was again and again.

By the spirits, he hated this place.

At least, he wasn't in a wheelchair this time. Finally, he got out of that thing. He felt some of his independence come back.

Now, they gave him a cane to work with. He surprised the crap out of his physical therapist. He smirked to himself. The woman should know better by now.

Maybe, that is why that woman was making him wait in the waiting room.

It wasn't like he had something to do after this.

Then the alarms is went gone off.
It was going to be one of those type of days.

"ATTENTION! The building has gone into locked. Please, remain calm. Soldiers will be here shortly to bring you to safety."

He sighed as the people began to shout and scream. People began rushing around. He could scent the panic in the air.

Why must everyone panic? What a waste of energy.

"Mr. Martin, you need to move into the safety room," His physical therapist said.

He really should know her name by now. He had the strongest desire to forget this place and this woman.

"She is having a seizure!"

Dear spirits, he should have stay home.

He watched people rush over to the little girl. Her mother is shouting at people. People are shouting at her. What a mess.

"Lie her down on the ground."

"Don't hold her down."

"Hold her!"


He sighed and bowed his head. Gently, he touched the child's mind. He took a sharp breathe as he felt the waves of panic.

The flashes of color, light, and darkness.

He felt her body and mind disconnected with each other. He felt his own body stiffed in the chair. No…He refused to fall.

The utter helplessness.

He felt overwhelming pity for the child. Instantly, he crashed it. Pity would do the child no good. He would offer comfort. A gentle, soft purring…

He wished that he could offer more but it wasn't his specialty.

"Mr. Martin!"

His eyes snapped open and glared at the woman.


"You weren't responding to your name."

He would like to say that he was busy but he would make the poor woman's head exploded.

He got up from the chair and approached the little girl. He heard his name being shouted and he ignored it.

"Is she going to be alright?" He asked one of the women next to the little girl.

"She will be fine. She is likely to sleep it off," The woman said with a sigh.

He was about to say something before he heard a loud crash followed by screaming.


He really should have stay in bed.

People stared pushing and running. He had enough of this. He stood up and slammed his cane down.

"That is enough!"

He knew that he was cheating.

Now was the time to cheat.

Everything and everyone stopped and stared at him.

"There is no time for this nonsense. You…you and you…go and get everyone out of here through the right exit. There are no Grinders there," He said as he pointed to various people.

"What are you going to do? Take on the Grinders by yourself," Some unknown guy said.

He focused his attention on the door. He could see the dents pressing against the door. He couldn't think about his knee or the panic that threat to overwhelm him. He won't give in.

"Why yes, I am."


Medical personal surrounded the patients. Grinders' parts lie everywhere. Colonial Truman could smell the smoke in the air. People were running back and forward to do some important task.

"Where are those power rangers?" He shouted.

"They are busy with a monster, sir," A soldier stopped to tell him.

"Tell them to get here as soon as possible!"

"Perhaps, someone should learn patience. It is a valuable tool…especially dealing with a team that isn't whole."

He twisted around so fast that he nearly hit the soldier standing next to him. It was one of the patients. An Asian man was sitting in a broken down chair with a cane close by. He was strangely calm even with anyone running around. His blue clothes were tore in several places. A few cuts and bruises here and there but he looked whole. He looked younger than his sons…until he got to his eyes. His eyes looked old.

"I have no time for patience."

"Perhaps, it would be a good time to learn. No time like the present."

"Do you have a name, boy?"

The man shrugged.

"Boy is someone under the age of 18. Last time, I checked I haven't been under that age for about 4 years now. How would you feel if I called you tall-black-man-with-no-patience…or would that be a bit too much?"

The soldier beside him grasped. A small smile appeared on his face. He shouldn't find himself amused by this man.

"I'm Colonel Truman."

"Well…I will have to remember that, Mr. Truman."

"Are you going to answer my question?"

The man's eyes became amused.

"Bro!" A voice shouted out. His people were getting pushed out of the way.

"Luan?" The man said.

Finally, he saw his brother. He won't lie…He blinked for a moment. They were twins. He could see the relief on his brother's face as his people finally let him through.

"Are okay?" Luan said as he checked his brother over.

"I am fine. No more Grinders…."

"Bro, you look like crap!"

"It happens."

Luan hit his brother's shoulder before he threw his arms around his brother. He returned the hug. It almost made him feel uncomfortable being here.

"Can he go home?" Luan said as he pulled away.

"Yes…he may. But I need his information if I need anymore information."

The man laughed.

"The name is Theo Martin, Mr. Truman. Perhaps, the next time we meet, I will teach you the value of patience."

He scowled as he watched them walk away. His brother walking close…just in case.

Personally, he hoped that he never see him again.


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