14 November 1995 — Peanut Butter and Jelly Time

Ron dropped onto a bench and shook his head like a dog, spraying water a good five feet around him.

"Ron!" Hermione shrieked, holding A History of Magic in front of her face as a shield and then scowling as she saw the water all over the cover. Harry, sitting across from her, laughed, but quickly sobered at Hermione's glare.

"Really, Ron?" Hermione asked rather coldly.

Ron stared at her for a moment, opening his mouth to retort, when Ginny joined him and sat down, shaking her own head. Lavender and Parvati yelped and moved down the table, away from the rain-sodden Quidditch players. Both Weasleys leaned forward, reaching for the nearest platters of food and piling their plates with chicken legs and rolls. Practice had run longer than usual, even in the awful rain that had been falling all week.

Hermione wiped her face, scowling at her friends. "Charming, the pair of you, really. Do you know what time it is?"


Hermione rolled her eyes at their stuffed mouths. "I'd hurry up if I were you." She glanced over her shoulder at the staff table, where a glowering Professor Umbridge stared out over the Great Hall, looking for troublemakers. "The DA meeting is in ten minutes," she said quietly.

Ginny choked, and Ron's mouth fell open in horror. Hermione looked revolted.

"Didn't Angelina pay attention to the time?" Harry asked.

"Damn it," said Ginny, swinging herself back over the bench and quickly leaving the Hall so that she could dry off before reporting to the Room of Requirement. She seized a roll on her way out, shaking out her still-wet hair. She ran into three grumpy-looking Chasers as they walked in the door, giving them a meaningful look. Katie, Alicia, and Angelina sighed and turned to follow Ginny.

Ron looked mournfully at his pile of uneaten chicken.

"I'm going up. Don't let too many people follow me," said Harry quietly to Hermione, who nodded.

Ron was still staring at the food piled on the tables all around him with the wistful air of one who had recently lost a dear friend.

"Oh, honestly, Ron. There are worse things than skipping a meal. Let's go," Hermione said. Ron looked at her, his eyes wide and plaintive. "Maybe Fred and George will get something from the kitchens," she told him. Ron's eyes grew wider.

Hermione sighed. "All right. Peanut butter and jelly time."

"What?" said Ron, looking suddenly fearful for her sanity.

"Peanut butter and jelly time." Hermione began looking up and down the House table for the necessary ingredients. "Meghan, can I have the—thanks," she said, accepting a small bowl full of peanut butter and spreading a spoonful on half of a roll. Looking down the table once again, Hermione reached past a third-year boy for a bowl full of strawberry jelly and spooned some onto the other half of the roll.

"There," she said. "Quick and easy, now let's go!" She glanced about the Great Hall; there were no other DA members.

Ron took the sandwich from Hermione with a big smile on his face. "You're the greatest, Hermione," he said, taking a huge bite. "I dunno wha I do wufout you."

Hermione smiled and rolled her eyes. "Come on, Ron."

Hey everybody! So I'm a bit of a challenge junkie at the moment. This was written for the "Halls of Hogwarts Challenge" by xXSexgoddessXx. My pair was Ron & Hermione. Basically, I'm the queen of the one-shot, so that's what we're getting here. Everything's got a date and the prompt at the top. Er...what else...One chapter a day, thanks for reading, and send me a note if you like it, I'd love to hear from you!