I felt like making another Cam fic. Enjoy!

He stood there in the shadows of the trees while she sat there with her friends. He knew he shouldn't be there. He made Daniel promise that he wouldn't go see her, and he had made the same promise, but like he knew Daniel did, he broke that promise. He was never one for keeping them anyway.

Cam took a puff of the cigarette, blowing the smoke through the hole his lips made. He watched as Luce talked to her friends, a smile on her face. He had the urge to go up to her, to talk to her, but he refrained from doing so. He wanted to, as ridiculous as it was, take her into his arms and hold her there. He wanted to protect her, to keep her safe from all harm. But he couldn't.

He couldn't love her, or care for her. He wasn't supposed to. He was bad; evil. Evil didn't love; Evil didn't care or protect, it destroyed. He was a destroyer, not a lover.

He took another drag from the cigarette. He was losing it. He was darkness, not light. Evil, not good. But then looking at Luce, he couldn't help the feelings that bubbled up inside him. He would do anything for her. Anything to keep her safe from all that wanted to harm her. He wished he could run up to her, pick her up, and fly away. Away from Sophia and her crew, away from these Nephilim, away from Daniel. Then he could be with her, and he could make her happy. She would love him like he loved her.

The thought of it all filled him with an unknown feeling. One of joy and happiness and love. But it also made him feel sick. It made him feel disgusted with himself. Since when did he turn into the good guy? The one who protects the girl? Who loves her?

It was ridiculous, all of it. He was supposed to be the one they were protecting her from. Not the other way around.

He took one last look at her before throwing his cigarette on the ground and crushing it with the toe of his boot. Then he turned and unfurled his wings, taking off into the night.

He was the bad guy, and the bad guy never gets the girl.

But what if he didn't want to be the bad guy?

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