Act 1 Scene 1

Mystic Falls, Present Day

It was like any other beautiful morning in the small Virginian town. The sun was rising, the flowers were blooming and the leaves were singing with the wind.

The townspeople were out shopping as is typical for a Saturday afternoon.

Stefan was out and about looking around at the shops. He was a typical teenager: green eyes, muscular build and blonde hair that stood up straight just like Edward Cullen's. He stopped in front of a bookstore as he remembered he had to get a play for his English class. Mr. Tanner would have his head if he didn't keep his grades up. He was a wide receiver on his high school football team and wouldn't be allowed to play if his grades were poor.

He looked around and found what he was looking for. It was William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, a classic play. Personally he never really liked Shakespeare, too difficult to read.

"Why couldn't he have put his words like normal people use?" he asked himself out loud.

"Because even then you wouldn't be able to understand it," a voice behind him sneered.

Stefan turned around and looked at the source of the voice. It was none other than Jeremy Gilbert, the town's badass kid who was always looking for trouble. He always wore gothic jewelry and had a number of tattoos. His hair was a lot darker than it was when he was a kid.

He was always trying to pick a fight with people, especially Stefan. Jeremy didn't like Stefan or even his brother. Then again neither did any of the Gilberts. They hated the Salvatores with a passion. The reason was unknown to all the younger members involved. Stefan had no idea what caused Jeremy to be like this but nobody liked it and especially not him. A large number of the fights were caused by Jeremy and they were quickly escalating in numbers.

"Back off Gilbert," Stefan growled. He didn't want to fight, not today.

"Or you'll what? You'll hurt me? Ohhhh, Salvatore wants to play?" said Jeremy playfully.

"I mean it, I don't want to fight you," Stefan repeated coolly but his control was just barely in check.

"Hey I didn't know you could read so what's the big deal? Seriously man you need to lighten up. Oh, I almost forgot to ask you…'s your slutty girlfriend Caroline? I hear she can be quite limber and be willing to screw-"

Jeremy never finished his sentence because Stefan's fist came in contact with his nose.

Pretty soon a big fight enacted between Jeremy and Stefan. The people who walked by gasped in horror at what was happening. They knew about the occasional fights between the Salvatores and the Gilberts but really didn't know the full extent of it.

The storeowner tried to break it up but to no avail. By the time the nearest police got there Jeremy had a bloody nose and a lot of bruises and Stefan wasn't in much better shape than he was.

The boys were taken into custody by Sheriff Forbes who is none other than Caroline's mother. After hearing from both boys and a lot of backtalk about who started what, she became fed up easily.

"I've had enough of this! Ever since I've been a cop it's always the same thing. A Salvatore gets into a fight with a Gilbert. What is wrong with you people? I've reached my breaking point so I'm calling Mayor Lockwood so that he can have a final say in this," and she left the room.

Mayor Lockwood came to the station about 15 minutes later. He looked at the boys' bruised and broken bodies and just sighed. He had seen it all before but now he was putting an end to it. Somebody would get hurt if this ridiculous fighting continued any longer. Not just members of the families but innocent bystanders as well.

He called a press conference and made a speech.

"Thank you all for coming. This is a very serious issue to be dealt with today," he spoke into the microphone as flashes from cameras went off as he spoke his next line,

"Due to the recent increases in fights between the Salvatore family and the Gilbert family, I must take a stand and stop these horrible deeds. I am decreeing that if any member of the Salvatore and Gilbert family fights one another again, they will be punished severely. This includes jail time and even death. So I say this to both of the families: you have been warned one last time."