Notes: This is just a little three parter that's popped into my head. It's a fun with POV piece and is completely unrelated to my other longer series. A little style note - I offset the flashback dialogue in line breaks to try and prevent any confusion.

Title: Sprained

Part 1: Jane's point of view

Jane stood at the side of her bed looking down at the sensual form that was laid out across it. Maura was asleep on top of the covers. It had occurred to Jane in the previous hours and in that specific moment as she looked down that she'd been falling for Maura since they had first met.

How did it take me so long to figure this out?

Her eyes trailed over Maura's body, from her caramel locks, which were haphazardly draped across her face and neck and spilling onto the pillow on which her head was resting. Down her torso clad in the thinnest of one of Jane's white tank tops. Jane blushed as she thought about being able to see one of Maura's nipples through the garment if not for how her arms were folded to her chest.

Jesus, Jane, pull yourself together.

Across her ribs, the taught muscles Jane knew were there; yoga was an excellent core-building activity Maura was fond of saying.


To the point where the tank top had hitched up revealing the smooth skin in the dip of Maura's side right before her hip. Over the rise covered by a pair of Jane's light blue cotton boxer shorts. They were almost small for Jane and they hugged tantalizingly tightly to Maura's…

Seriously, Jane, you really shouldn't be looking at…thinking about the curves of Maura's…her…God, her perfectly….

Jane shook her head as her eyes continued their journey. Maura's legs were slightly more tan than the rest of her body and the muscle definition showed even while she was relaxed in slumber. All the way down to what had been a delicate ankle but was now painfully swollen and expertly wrapped in an ace bandage.

"You may be a Doctor Maura, but I'm the one that played contact sports and I've had more sprained ankles than you've seen dead bodies, so just let me do it…" she had said, unwrapping the blasphemous attempt at bandaging her own ankle that Maura had undertaken.

It was sort of my fault; the least I could do was wrap it for her. But honestly, I don't know how she'd made it this long without keeling over in those shoes she wears. Not that she doesn't look nice in them, I mean they work for her…her legs look amaz…There you go again. Thank God she caught herself before she went completely down the stairs.

"So, where to for dinner?" she had asked.

"I was thinking that new Japanese Hibachi and Sushi place that's been getting good reviews? You keep insisting I try sushi so what the hell, let's go there."

She smiled when I suggested that. I love seeing her smile, she has dimples and her eyes light up, she probably doesn't know it but they get greener when she's happy. I really don't think I'll like sushi, but she really wants me to try it and at least she knows about it so she can order me something that won't kill me.

"Damn, I left my phone on the counter, hold on a sec…"

She must have turned at the top of the stairs when I had to go back in the apartment, I didn't even see her fall, just heard her shriek as she hit the top of the first stair. She tried so hard not to cry, but it hurt. Hell, I would know, queen of sprained…everything right here, and being stabbed and shot…I think a sprain hurts more than being shot because it's just enough to hurt like hell but not enough to send you into shock. Well, worse than initially being shot anyway. Maura would know all the medical mumbo jumbo about why that is.

"Shit, Maura…" Jane had pulled her up onto the landing before the stairs and removed the offending spiked heel that had caused her ankle to roll when she turned too quickly.

"Owww…" Maura had whimpered, trying to wipe the flow of tears that were streaking down her face as Jane examined the ankle.

"Come on, back inside," Jane had said scooping the smaller woman up in her arms to carry back in the apartment.

I wouldn't have thought she was that light…not that I thought she was heavy, just not that light. It was like lifting a feather. Or maybe it was an adrenaline rush. But, it felt so natural to hold her like that, and then she laid her head on my shoulder and I knew everything was changing. I must be some kind of messed up, it takes her damn near breaking her ankle and taking a header down my apartment's stairs before I realize I'm falling in love with her? Head case Rizzoli, certifiable. Not all the dinners, the sleepovers, innocently holding hands…freakin' ankle sprain.

Jane laughed, covering her mouth as she shook her head.

You really are a nut.

"Maur, you're sure you don't want to go to the hospital, get an x-ray?" Jane had said as she packed the rapidly swelling ankle in ice.

"No…" Maura had winced as the cold packs came in contact with her burning skin, "…I'm fairly certain it's just a sprain. I'm sorry I ruined our dinner plans."

I wish she wouldn't apologize for things like that…Ok, it's kind of cute, I just hope she doesn't think I'd ever be mad that something like that messed up our plans. I'd really rather spend a night on the sofa with her and a movie and some Chinese takeout anyway. I only dress up and go to these bizarre places because she likes them. Christ, I'm already whipped aren't I?

Jane carefully crawled onto the bed and settled down facing Maura.

Why does she have to be so beautiful?

She reached out and softly brushed the errant strands of hair back that had fallen across Maura's face, the tip of her thumb barely grazing Maura's cheek and down to her ear where she tucked the locks away.

I wonder if she knows…what she does to me. Subtlety has never been one of my strengths. I bet it's been written all over my face. Sometimes I think maybe she wants more, but…it's Maura, she's…unique in how she interacts with people I'm probably just seeing what I want to see. God, I really want to touch her…

Jane's hand hovered over Maura's shoulder, contemplating, before lightly reaching down to stroke what she hoped was imperceptibly softly from her shoulder down her forearm. Jane withdrew her hand, clenching her fist as her eyes slammed shut at the burning sensation that was building within her.

Dammit Rizzoli, what the hell is your problem?

"Jane…" her voice was soft, almost a whisper.

Jane's eyes flew open, but Maura's were still shut. Jane swallowed hard and for a moment feared she might choke on her own panic.

"Jane…" soft again, "are you going to lay there, staring at me all night or are you just going to do what you want to do?"

"I…I…uh, thought you were asleep," she stammered.

"Mmmhmm, I know, it's hard to sleep though, with you thinking so loudly." A slight smile curled across her lips as she said it. "It's ok, just do what you want to do."

Is she serious? Does she know what it is I want to do?

Jane scooted forward until their bodies were almost flush against one another and she brought her hand up again, more confidently this time and let it stroke through Maura's hair, over her shoulder and down her forearm, back up and then down the curve of her back. Maura threaded an arm under Jane's and around her body as well as she nestled her head into Jane's chest.

"Was that so difficult?"

Yeah, Maura, yeah, it actually was. But, it's nice…

"Was that all you wanted?" She asked her voice muffled as her face was pressed tightly to Jane. "It's ok…" Maura lifted her head and opened her eyes to reassure her friend, their lips so close Jane could feel the other woman's breath teasing over her skin, "It's ok Jane, I want what you want," she whispered.

I want…I want…

Jane closed the gap, pressing her lips to Maura's as the arm wrapped around Maura's back pulled them even closer.

I want this.

The kiss deepened, Maura's lips parting and Jane's tongue more than happily taking advantage, exploring, relishing, the softness of her lips, the warmth of her mouth, the wet, slick arousing sensation of their tongues not battling for dominance, not needing control just experiencing and enjoying, giving and taking in a perfectly choreographed dance of newness and affection as if it wasn't new, as if they had done this a thousand times before.

I want everything.

Jane slowly rolled Maura onto her back, she started to pull back but Maura's arms stopped her and held her close, their kiss becoming more passionate.

She's perfect, and so good at this.

Jane's hand snaked under the tank top, sliding up Maura's firm abdomen and then stopping in a momentary fit of panic she lifted her palm, hovering just over the heated skin.

Maybe too fast…

Maura groaned as she broke the kiss and looked up into brown eyes swimming with concern, "It's ok…" she repeated, "everything you want, I want. Please…"

Lips crashing back together, Jane's hand settled on Maura's ribs, fingering the rises and dips of the bones she slowly moved higher until she came to the full peak of Maura's breast. She stroked it, felt the hard nub of Maura's aroused nipple as she moved to kiss and suck at the tender skin under Maura's ear.

So soft…so perfect.

She rolled the hard nipple between her fingers and smiled at the moans it elicited as Maura's back arched and body rolled underneath her.

I need to see her.

Jane lifted herself up and gripped the bottom of the tank top with both hands. Maura was breathing rapidly, her skin flushed, radiant. Jane wanted to ask for permission, but instead began slowly sliding the top up. She didn't need to ask, Maura raised her arms to aid in its removal.

No words…the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.