Klorel's POV

Several weeks had passed since the failed attack on Selene's planet had taken place. She had become quite downcast since then. This did not surprise me; Selene had become rather attacked to Sk'airy and Nixe in her time here with them. As had I. The boy had been rather helpful to me, and his loyalty was unquestionable. His affections and care for Sk'airy also made him quite valuable to me. And then there was Sk'airy. Selene had told me about her past, and I would not have blamed her if she had been frightened by my presence, but she had come to not only welcome it, but desire it. Her face would always light up as soon as I walked into the room. Her eyes spoke of innocence and hope that I had never seen in a person before. Yes, I was fond of Sk'airy. She had embraced me when we were still on my ship, and it had warmed a part of my heart I did not know I had.

The past weeks had been trying to say the least. My father had been horrible to her in this time, demanding to know answers she did not have. He had even paralyzed Nut so that he could interrogate Selene instead of Nut, thinking a human would be more likely to give in to him. He did not know Selene though. Selene would never give in to him. She was far too stubborn and her hatred of him was far too great.

Selene now spent most of her time tinkering with her ribbon device and other pieces of technology. She discovered she had a talent for mechanics long ago when Nut had first released her from her mind and allowed her to take control of her body. This was not long before she had become pregnant with my child. A child I would never see. I resented how I acted toward her back then. I had been very angry when I had come to visit Nut and found Selene instead, locked away from Nut for the first time since the beginning of our relationship. Then, I knew little about the girl that was Nut's host, who was wary of me to say the least. She was frightened by the changes that were happening to her body and had been left extremely shaken by the threats and demands issued by Ra and Geb. I, regrettably, issued threats as well. I did not know if I could trust the human girl. It would be likely that she would be resentful towards Nut and betray her and I to Ra and Geb. But she did not. She would not. She had no desire to. "This is my body and my child," She had stated when I inquired as to why she choose not to inform anyone that I was the father. "I may not like you or Nut, but this is my child and I will do what is necessary for her protection. Handing you over to Ra and Geb could endanger both myself and the child." It was soon after that conversation that I discovered Selene's stubbornness, loyalty, and courage.

For her silence, I was willing to give her anything. She requested tools for Goa'uld technology. She wanted to know how it worked. Every time I would visit her in secret, she was working on a new project. Her eyes focused on whatever machine she was working on with the greatest intensity, as if the object were made of glass and one mistake would cause it to shatter. Her chambers soon became littered with mechanics, both working and not, as well as scraps of parchment detailing her work. Her favorite device to tinker with had always been the ribbon device. This was her object of choice today.

Selene had been staring at the device for the better part of the day, refusing food or company. Even if she did not desire my presence, I remained in her room. After many hours, she finally spoke.

"It's funny," She said, "I've always known the answers to things I couldn't-shouldn't-know. I knew what the Abydonians were saying when not even Daniel could understand them. I knew the language of cultures so old that no one spoke them anymore. I knew the secrets the military wanted to know. I knew so much, and yet I didn't know how I knew it. And now I know. Now I feel like I no nothing. Nothing that matters anyway. I don't know if my friends are alive. I don't know if my brother is still alive. I don't know if Sk'airy and Nixe are still alive. I don't know what is happening at either my homeland or Skarra's. I don't know what is to become of me. The only thing I know now is that I don't know anything anymore. Even with this." She held up her ribbon device. "I know how this works inside and out and yet I don't know how I can use it to find the answers I need."

All I could do was listen to her. Nothing I could say to her would give her the answers she required to quiet her troubled mind, and I was not one to speak meaningless words of comfort when they were not the comfort that was required.

As she spoke, she rose from her bed, where she had been previously sitting, and walked towards me until she was face to face with me.

"I don't like not knowing what I need to know-but of course you knew that. But I think I'm starting to know again."

Unexpectedly, she embraced me, resting her head on my shoulder while loosely holding me to her with one arm and placing the other between our bodies.

"I'm so tired," She continued. "My head hurts from all these questions. But I may be able to quiet some of them now. I think I know how this device can help me discover my answers."

Before I could react, she used the ribbon device against me. The force it produced sent me flying into the wall behind me. This had happened to me before, but I felt paralyzed now. Had Selene done this?

"Selene, what are you doing?" I barked.

"Sorry if that stings a little bit. It's taken me the last two weeks to complete this little project of mine. Figuring out how to paralyze you with this was a little tricky, even for me. But, after I realized I had to stop moping and do something, this was the first idea that I had. Luckily it worked. I must apologize, Klorel, but I simply must speak with Skarra." She pulled a vile and a needle out of her pocket. I recognized it as the same vial that Geb had used against her when he had kidnapped her.

I was unable to stop her from injecting me with the liquid and soon felt myself growing faint and detached from my host. My host could feel my control over him fade and took the chance to jump forward and assume the right to his body.

I hope you all enjoyed this. I really liked writing this chapter. I first thought about doing it from Selene's POV, but I really liked writing about their past together and touching into Selene's mechanical abilities and explaining them. The next chapter will be all about Skarra and Selene :)