I blinked as sunlight hit my eyes. I rolled over onto my back and recalled the events of the previous night. I smiled to myself. I turned onto my side to see Skaara sitting on the edge of the bed, his hands gripping at his hair. No, this was not Skaara. This was Klorel.

"I never thought you would be this foolish, Selene," Klorel spoke as he sensed my movements. His voice was hard and cold, trying to hold back any emotion. "I thought you were more intelligent than this. Perhaps I was mistaken."

"Oh spare me the lecture." I spat. I wasn't going to let Klorel make me regret my decisions.

He spun around to face me. His face was cold, but his eyes held fury.

"Have you completely lost your senses? Did you ever consider what could happen should you become pregnant?!"

I paled at this remark. I hadn't thought about that. And we hadn't taken precautions.

"Th-that won't happen," I stuttered.

"I most certainly hope not. I do not want to see you and Nut go through that again. Nor do I want to repeat that experience myself." Klorel stood. "I must leave now. I have business to attend to today. I recommend you stay in your room today."

He dressed, and then he left, leaving me alone to my thoughts.

Unfortunately, the only thoughts that came to my mind where dark memories of the distant past: memories I didn't wish to recall.

I hadn't had control of my body is many, many years. How much time had passed since I had first been enslaved, I was unsure of. It was difficult to tell since time seemed to stay still for my body. I never changed anymore. I only grew more insane as each day dwindled on and the loneliness of my own mind slowly ate away at my soul. The day I arose from the sarcophagus and was able to move my hands of my own free will was the sweetest day I had experienced at that point in my life. I was, at last, free. How, I was not certain, but I was.

Now, I needed to escape.

I sneaked out of the room where my demon's sarcophagus was and tried to remember the way to the giant ring-the Stargate, I think it is called. That was my way out. Somehow, I made it to the Stargate without any from the guards. Once I reached the room, I tried to remember the symbols to press that would bring me home. I could only remember one set of symbols, but I didn't know if they would bring me to Earth. I quickly pushed the symbols and waited for the large device to open its portal. After the strange blue substance formed in the center of the ring, I stepped through it.

After the quick journey, I came to a place that I knew was not my home. This place was lush and filled with trees and plants; my home was a desert.

I walked along a stream that was fairly familiar to me. I had walked along this path before, of that I was certain. Although it was not my home, it was quite peaceful and calming. The animals in the forest called to one another in a symphony of sounds. As I walked along the stream, I came to a cliff. The stream ran right off the edge of the cliff in a beautiful waterfall. I noticed a little path that went around the cliff and under the waterfall. Curious, I climbed down to the ledge and made my way to the waterfall. Behind the water was a cave, a room. It seemed to be a temple. The cave was beautifully decorated in the dim light. Statues and paintings lined the grey stone walls. Elegant rugs covered the floor.

As I admired the beauty of the cave, I failed to realize I was no longer alone until a pair of arms snaked around me and a pair of lips brushed against my neck. I jumped away from the person who had tried to embrace me.

"Relax, Nut," a unnaturally low voice said. "It is only me."

I turned to see a young man dressed in gold staring at me fondly. I recalled this person. No, not a person: a Goa'uld. This was Nut's lover, Klorel. I knew that Nut was married to Geb, but was in love with Klorel. They had met secretly for years. This must have been one of their meeting places.

Klorel frowned when he realized that "Nut" was not acting like Nut. "What have you done with Nut?" He demanded coldly.

"I did not do anything to your Nut," I stated flatly. "On the contrary, it is what she has done to me and my body!"

"So, you must be Nut's host. I do not know how you have gained control of your body, but you will not make trouble for myself and Nut or you will suffer greatly, human."

"Ha!" I scoffed. "I have already spent years as a prisoner in my own body! I have had things done to my body that I gave no consent to! Some of those things would be enough to put you to death where I come from. There is nothing you can do to me that will scare me! And would you really be willing to hurt your precious Nut?"

Klorel sneered. "Watch yourself, Human. It may not be me that you have to fear. Geb may not be powerful, but Ra is a system lord and is very capable of causing you great pain. He will put you through so much that you will wish you were dead, then he will grant your wish only to revive you and do it all over again."

I paled at this statement.

"What do you suggest I do?! It is not as if I can go back and play the part of Nut even if I wanted to."

"That is exactly what you must do. Ra will find you where ever you try to run to. I am not willing to let some human risk Nut's safety for her own selfish desires."

"Excuse me, but how is wanting to control my own body selfish?!"

"Silence human! You are below the Gods. You should be grateful that you have been blessed with hosting one of us. You will act as Nut until she takes your body again. Is that understood?"

"How the heck am I supposed to do that? And why should I?"

"You will because you will die unless you do. You will starve to death because you cannot fend for yourself out here in the middle of no where if you remain here-and I will not help you leave this planet unless you agree to my plan. Ra will kill you if you do not perfectly act as Nut when you return."

"How am I supposed to act like Nut? I don't exactly sound like you guys!"

"Our voices can sound just as yours do if we choose," Klorel said, demonstrating. "You must simply pose as Nut. Even a foolish human like you can figure it out."

I glared at him. "I won't do it! I am not going back to that horrid place! I am not going to let that horrible person try to woo me! I will not be ordered around by Ra! I will not do the terrible things that she does! I will not be part of this!"

"Then enjoy starving to death."

"I can take care of myself!"

"You do not even know which planet you are on, yet alone what the planet is like. If you do not starve to death, you will be eaten by wild animals or eat a poisonous plant and die. Neither seems very appealing."

I turned away from him, making it clear that I would not be apart of his plan.

"Fine, enjoy your terrible death, Human."

He left the temple and I was alone. Time passed and the sun started to set, making the cave dark. I was all alone and I was starting to get scared and hungry. My nerves started eating away at me. A sudden noise from somewhere in the temple sent me running to the exit and climbing up the ledge. I ran in the direction of the stargate, the direction I assumed Klorel had gone in. Eventually I ran straight into Klorel, clinging to his clothes.

"Please don't leave me alone to die." I begged. "I'll do what you ask, just don't let me die."

"Very good, Human. Obey your god and you will be rewarded."

"I will do what you ask, but you are not my god and my name isn't 'Human'. My name is Selene."

And that is where I will end it for now. I want to give you more, but that will need more time and I've made you wait long enough. The next chapter will continue Selene's memory and tell more about her past and how it lines up with the present and the future. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Selene's history. Sorry for the long wait on the update. I know I'm really inconsistent. Thanks to those of you who stick with me. Your reviews keep me going :)