This is the last chapter. It's supre cheezy, but hopefully touching as well. Also, it can get confusing with names :) Enjoy!

Chapter 5

Maya Wiggin sat on the hospital bed with her husband, and her new born son, Andrew Wiggin Jr. "Oh, he's so beautiful," she cooed.

Ender sat next to his wife on the bed and stared down at the little, blue-eyed miracle. He had never felt so wonderful in his life. He had never seen anything more beautiful either. "He is beautiful," he said. He kissed his wife's head. "And so are you... Now it's time to start for another."

She laughed. "Ender, honey, I'm not even eighteen yet."

He looked down at her and said in a sultry voice, "Yeah, you sure aren't."

She laughed again. "You pig."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her onto his lap. "If we have another child, and it's a girl, what do you want to name her?"

She smiled. "June."

"What if she's not born in June?"

"She will be. I mean, if we get started now then she will be."

He laughed, and as he leaned in to kiss her he said, "Yet another reason why I love you."

Teresa Wiggin whistled out the door. "Supper is ready!" she yelled.

"Thank you again for cooking all of this, Teresa," said Graff.

"How often do you get all these people to feed?"

Andrew Wiggin Jr., June Wiggin, Petey Wiggin, Johnny P. Wiggin, Ender Delphiki, and Bella Delphiki all ran through the back door as fast as they could. They sat at the table with their parents, grandparents, family, and parents' friends in Uncle Graff's house.

"So what is it this time, Maya?" Shen asked.

"This time it's a girl," said Maya happily. She was far into the third trimester of her fifth pregnancy.

"What are you gonna name her?" asked Dink.

"Oh, probably Teresa," said Ender. "Mother would go into hysterics if it weren't."

"Better believe it," said Mother.

"How many kids are you having?" asked Mazer.


"Maybe," said Maya who gave a smiling glare at her husband.

"We can beat that," said Petra.

"Of course we can, we're better," said Bean.

"Better my ass," Ender said.

"Let's not fight, boys," Maya said.

"Yeah, let's move onto other subjects. How are your girlfriends Dink?" Petra asked.

"Better looking than you," he said.

"I can punch from across this table, you know?" Bean replied smiling.

Graff laughed. "Oh you kids, you kill me somtimes."

"Nonsense, if we were to kill you you'd be dead by now," Vlad said.

"Don't think that we don't want to," Tom said. "You put us through some hell up there."

"But if i didn't then you'd all be simpletons who would see each other one day but act like you never knew each other."

"Mommy, I have to use the bafroom," said Bella.

"Come on, sweetie," said Petra. She looked at Maya and nodded for her to follow.

They walked to the bathroom and sat on the sink as Bella went.

"You know, I'm having twins," Maya said.

Petra grinned hugely. "Really?" she exclaimed.

Maya nodded. "I just got a call this afternoon. Ender doesn't know yet. It's two girls"

"What are you going to name the other one then?"

Maya smiled. "Petra, silly."

They laughed and hugged in a sisterly way.

"Twins?" asked Ender later when she told him.

"Yep, Petra and Teresa."

"I like it. If we have another boy it could be Alai, and if there's another one it could be Dink. If it's another girl it could be Valentine."

"I think I'd die if we had that many kids, dear."

"Nonsense. You're too perfect to die."

Andrew Wiggin Jr., June Meeker, Peter Wiggin, John Paul Wiggin, Teresa Delphiki, Petra Delphiki, Alai Wiggin, Dink Wiggin, Julian Wiggin, and Valentine Meeker sat with their families as they mourned the loss of their parents.

"At least they died doing what they loved," said Julian.

"What? Each other?" said Andrew.

The siblings laughed in a sad and nostalgic way. Their parents had recently died while flying to a friend's place in Brazil. The father was flying when the engine let out.

They gathered their things and went off with their families. Andrew Jr. smiled at his wife, Petra, who wasn't smiling. "They were going to see my mother," she said.

"Don't worry about it, they were really old as it was. They were bound to die sometime within the next ten or fifteen years."

She frowned, but then smiled at her beautiful daughter Mayella.

June Meeker carried her newborn son, Bram, and walked with her husband, Dink Jr. "I hope we die together," she said.

"Me, too. If you die first and I'm really old, I think I'll just go ahead and kill myself," said her husband.

"I'll do the same if you go first, and I hope you will."

Peter Wiggin walked with his wife Carlita as their two twin sons, Jaime and Erik, danced in circles before them.

"I hope we have a girl next," said Carlita.

"Then we can name her Maya, right?"

"Yes, dear." They kissed.

John Paul Wiggin and Bella Wiggin sat on a bench holding their kids, Johnny P. and Petra. "There sure are a lot of Petras in this family."

"It's a beautiful name," said Bella. "My mother's, your sister's, my sister's, and now our daughter's."

"Wouldn't want anything more in the world." They kissed.

Teresa Delphiki held hands with her husband Andrew. "I can't help but think what Mother is thinking. She's the last of the Jeesh," said Andrew as he thought of his mother.

"Who knows?" said Teresa. "She probably feels nostalgic."

Andrew smiled. "Come on Nikolai," he said to his son.

Petra Delphiki drove with her husband sitting next to her and her son Hyrum in the back seat.

"They were beautiful people," she said.

"They were, and I'm glad they left behind a beautiful daughter."

They kissed.

Alai Wiggin looked at his parents' conjoined grave with a sad smile. "They were great parents," said his new wife Samantha.

"They were." He smiled at her. "Let's call her May." He put his hand on his wife's pregnant belly.


Dink Wiggin held hands with his fiance Lucy. "I wish they could've seen us get married," he said. "They would've loved the Japanese tradition."

"Your parents loved a lot of stuff," she said.

"They sure did love you."

Julian Wiggin pulled his girlfriend Kisa onto his lap. "Let's get married," he said.

"Really?" Kisa asked excitedly.

"Of course. It's about time I asked. I would really love some kids running around, too."

Valentine Wiggin and her girlfriend Janette walked together, hand in hand, through the cemetary. "I'm gonna miss them."

"Me, too," said Janette. "They were really great."

"Yeah, they were."

A nice, summer breeze blew through the air and all the beautiful families looked up. They all felt closer, and safe, as though the wind were a message from the wonderful man that saved all of Earth, and the one he loved most in the world.