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Running away from home was the best thing he'd ever done. At least, that's what Zim would think for some time. He'd lived a cushy life at home in the Palace, where he was raised since he was about four. Tallest Miyuki, his 'mother', had found him in the streets as a young smeet and took him in. But when she'd forbidden him from going out with Krill, he'd started to snap. Her overreaction to his father, Spork, letting him leave though he wasn't supposed to had been the last straw. Zim had packed up everything he'd had and left. No note, no explanation, no confrontation with the rest of his family…nothing. When he'd arrived on Earth, he'd met a boy named Dib. The two hadn't got along at first, but after some real stupidity on their part, they were officially a couple. The past six months had been a wondrous bliss. But that bliss wasn't going to last forever.


Twirling his pencil between his fingers, Zim hardly listened as Mr. C. droned on and on about something Zim could care less about. Dib wasn't paying much attention either, sleeping at the desk next to Zim. Zim chuckled to himself, noting how both he and Dib weren't going to do well on the next exam…whenever it was. The bell rang, freeing Zim from his internal monologue.

"So everyone just do the exciting homework from the homework sheet, okay?" Mr. C. addressed the class. "I'll be doing it. When I'm not watching math shows on the TV, that is!"

Most of the students either rolled their eyes or laughed at their teacher. Zim shook his head and nudged Dib awake with his elbow.

"Dib?" Zim asked. "Babe, wake up."

Dib awoke groggily, wiping at his left eye with his fist. "Class over?" He asked.

"Unless Mr. C. asked you a question that you need to answer, then yes." Zim giggled.

Dib smiled softly at his boyfriend. "You, my friend, are an ass."

"A grade 'A' ass, if I do say so myself." Zim smiled proudly.

Dib laughed. "Oh, aren't I lucky to be with a grade 'A' like you?"

"Yes, yes you are."

Dib had to laugh at that as he stood. Of all the humans Zim was in regular contact with, only Dib knew the full extent of his situation. Dib's sister, Gaz, knew a few things; but not all of it. Dib was fully aware that Zim was a 14 year old runaway alien Prince who was pretending to be 16. Gaz simply thought he was a 14 year old runaway pretending to be 16. She had no idea that Zim wasn't from Earth. Or was of Royal heritage…er…technically was of Royal heritage. He was adopted by the Tallest, the leader of his people, so he wasn't Royal by blood. Tallest Miyuki had always wanted kids, but couldn't have them since most Irkens were infertile. She and Spork had adopted Red and Purple, the twins, two years before they'd adopted Zim.

Zim and Dib left the classroom together, headed for their next class. Keef, who was Zim's best friend, was waiting outside the classroom. He waved his bangle-covered left arm as they joined him.

"Did you two hear the big news?" Keef asked, all smiles. "We're getting a new student next week."

"Really?" Dib asked, wrapping his arms around Zim's waist as the Irken leaned into him.

Keef nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah-huh!" He agreed. "It's a boy, too. Maybe I'll find my Prince Charming after all."

"I already have mine." Dib winked at Zim.

Keef and Zim both flushed. "You silly lucky." Keef stuck his tongue out at Dib.

Prince Charming. In more ways then one. Zim thought to himself, trying not to giggle.

"So are you both coming to the next GLASS meeting, or are you going with your friends again, Dib?" Keef asked, shifting his weight to his left foot.

"I'll probably come this week." Dib nodded. "I skipped out last week for Torque's football practice, so…"

"What about me?" Torque's voice asked, as the other boy slung an arm around Dib's neck.

"Just commenting on what a cute ass you have." Keef winked.

Zim laughed as Torque became as a red as a tomato. "Nice, Keef."

Keef giggled. "You're cute when you blush." Keef danced his fingers up Torque's shoulder, making the other boy pull away.

"I hope that wasn't what you were talking about." Torque made a face. "I have a girlfriend, and I don't think she'd appreciate me being the subject of other men's discussions."

"We won't tell her if you won't." Keef winked. "I know a nice closet we could go to where your ass and I could become more acquainted."

"I think my ass will have to rain-check on that offer, man." Torque informed, making Keef giggle like a schoolgirl.

"Speaking of your girlfriend, I haven't seen her all day." Dib informed.

"Yeah, Zita wasn't in math, now that you mention it." Zim said. "Mr. C. assumed she was home watching the 24 hour math-a-thon that was on today."

"Is there really a marathon of math on the TV?" Torque asked, scratching his head. "I can't imagine she's watching it, if there is."

"I hope you're just trying to be cute." Zim informed him, raising a false eyebrow.

"He doesn't have to try hard." Keef winked again.

Torque rolled his eyes. "Would you stop hitting on me?"

"He's only playing around."

"I'd like to play around with…"

"Keef, if you finish that sentence, I'll kill you before Torque gets the chance to." Dib warned the redhead. "Now come on, we've all got class."

Zim pulled from Dib and took his hand in his, entwining their fingers. The majority of the school knew they were together, so it was fine. Even Dib's father, world-renown Professor Membrane, knew. He'd been fine with it as well, even going so far as to practically force Zim to move in with them when he learned that the Irken lived alone. Of course, in the end, Dib had asked Zim to move in. It wasn't as creepy that way.

"Aw, but I don't want to go to history!" Keef complained.

"Oh, come on, Keef." Zim slugged his shoulder lightly. "You know you like looking for cute guys in the textbook."

"Yeah, that's true." Keef nodded, tapping his chin with a finger as the four of them started to move down the hall. "Considering that the only cute guy in class is taken."

"I thought you thought I was cute, too." Zim said. "I'm in your class, so there's more then one."

"You're taken aren't you?"

"I walked into that one."

"Yes you did."

They reached the end of the hall. "This is where I get off." Dib chuckled. "I'll see you in lunch."

"Alright." Zim smiled. "Don't be late."

Dib kissed his bottom lip. "I won't; don't worry." He and Torque went left, as Zim and Keef went right.

"Want to help me pick out hot guys in the book?" Keef asked. "It's more fun when there's two people."

"I have a man, Keef, I'm not much for looking." Zim said. "And like you'd have a chance with all those famous people anyway."

"You mean I'm not good enough for some famous guy with a lot of money?" Keef pretended to be shocked. "Oh, Zim, you're so mean." Keef pretended to cry, until Zim wrapped his arms around his neck in a loose hug. "Aw!" Keef latched onto Zim.

"I can't breathe." Zim informed.

"If you have enough breath to be able to tell me you can't breathe, you can breathe." Keef said, sticking out his recently pierced tongue.

"Fair enough." Zim poked Keef in the side, making the redhead squeal and let go of his captive.

"Okay, okay." Keef giggled. "I guess we better get into class."


They entered the classroom right before the bell rang. Mrs. C., a young woman with shoulder-length amber hair, smiled at them. "Just made it, boys." She informed.

"Oh, you know we wouldn't miss this class for the world." Zim said.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure." Mrs. C. simply motioned to their seats before beginning the class.


Lunch time couldn't have come sooner. Zim plopped down at the lunch table that the other GLASS members had claimed as 'theirs' before he'd showed up in town. Dib's friends managed to move another one of the long tables over to connect to the GLASS table, so they all spent lunch together. Unlike before, where Dib's crew would stay in the back corner of the cafeteria and avoid Zim's friends at all cost. It was good that they all got along to a degree. Even Sarah's new boyfriend, Alex, seemed to get along with everyone. He was a bit wary of Keef, though, but so was Zim at first. Dib plopped down next to Zim and kissed his cheek, knowing that anymore would set his friends off to throwing food at them.

"Did you survive?" Dib laughed.

"I think I did." Zim nodded and chuckled, before kissing Dib back. "I mean, I'm here, aren't I?"

"Are you?" Dib wondered. "This could be a holograph, for all I know." He whispered the last part, since his friends were unaware of Zim's alien ancestry.

"Ha-ha." Zim responded, opening his bag lunch. He'd managed to find some human foods that he could eat and brought them to school every day.

"Why do you always eat the same thing?" Morla asked. She was a short, squat girl with a mole on her forehead.

"I like it." Zim offered weekly.

"Lame." Gaz accused him.

"Gaz, be nice." Dib warned his sister. He was a bit protective of Zim, not that Zim really needed it.

Gaz looked up from her Gameslave, the portable video game system she never let out of her sights, to glare at the dark haired male. Dib nervously adjusted his glasses.

"Don't you like other stuff too, though?" Morla wondered.

"Well…yea…" Zim paused. "I just don't think when I put my lunch together."

"You don't think much, do you?" Gaz asked rudely.

"Gaz!" Dib rolled his eyes at her.

Zim smirked, knowing she was only playing with him. Or messing with Dib. One of the two things…maybe both. "No, I try not to." Zim said. "It kind of hurts."

Rob rolled his eyes. "That might explain your little lying habit." He informed.

"Oh, let it go." Zim moaned.

When he'd first met Dib and his friends, Zim had gotten flustered and ended up lying to them. Once they figured it out, they weren't very happy. Dib had been especially annoyed, but he was over it now.

"Never." Rob countered, taking a sip of his drink.

Keef bounded over to the table and sat at Zim's other side. "Hey there, everyone!" He greeted with a bright smile. "Did you all hear the news?" He was practically singing.

"High School Musical isn't real man. Don't sing." Brian argued.

"No, not that." Keef giggled. "We are getting a new kid next week. A boy."

"Oh no." Gretchen moaned softly. "Another new crush for Keef."

"What makes you say that?" Keef whistled innocently. "I only said it was a boy. I said nothing about a crush."

"You had a crush on Zim when he got here, you had a crush on Dirge when he got here, you had a crush on…" Gaz listed off people who'd moved to the school.

"Alright, alright, I fall easily." Keef rolled his green eyes. "I know. But I promise I won't fall for the new guy unless he falls for me first."

"We'll hold you to that, you know." Torque informed, sipping on his milk carton.

"I know, I know." Keef waved him off. "So, let's get in on another happy note. We got a GLASS meeting on Monday! What are we going to do?"

"That's our cue to tune out." Rob informed.

"Sure, sure. Members? Any suggestions?"

No one offered anything. "Is there anything we really need to do?" Gaz asked. "We finished our festival stuff earlier this week."

"True." Keef sighed. "Well, we gotta do something."

"We could just hang." Dib said. "You know, wind down a bit after the weekend?"

"That could work." Keef nodded. "Oh, the carnival is going up. We should make some carnival plans."

"Carnival plans?" Zim wondered. "It sounds like you're trying to blow it up or something."

"You better not be." Torque warned. "It's the one thing that we have that's fun around this place in the spring."

"It can't be that boring." Zim argued.

"Yu haven't been here long enough to know." Sarah laughed. "We had a golf course, but it got closed down. The restaurant part got shut down by the health department."

"The health department should shut this place down." Zim said. "I swear, your lunch is growling at me."

"I'm not surprised." Sarah shook her head.

Alex laughed. "I have to agree." He informed.

"Of course you would." Jessica laughed. "You agree with everything she says."

"Whipped." Torque muttered.

Zim burst into laughter, almost spitting out his soda. "Nice one."

Alex rolled his eyes. "Whatever, I am not whipped."

Zim shook his head. "I don't know, man…my dad's whipped and you act like him."

"Your mom ahs your dad whipped?" Dib wondered. "She must be tough."

"She's in charge of her company, Dib. She didn't get there by just being pretty." She actually got there by being really, really tall.

"That could be taken the wrong way, Zim." Brian warned.

"How so?" Zim asked.

Dib pointed in Keef's direction. The redhead was leaning on his hand and wiggled his fingers from under his chin. "Hi."

Laughter filled the conjoined tables. Zim smiled softly. To him, this was like heaven.


Zim wrapped his arms around Dib's neck as the human pressed him against the pillows. Their lips didn't split as they kissed, tongues entwining before they separated for air.

"I love you." Dib informed, kissing Zim's forehead.

"I love you, too." Zim blinked his red eyes. Since Dib knew about his being an alien, Zim felt no need to keep his hologram disguise on around him when they were in bed together. Which was quite often, though Dib's dad wanted to believe that it wasn't and that his son was a virgin still.

"You know…dad is out, and Gaz shouldn't be back for a while either…" Dib trailed, and raised his eyebrows suggestively.

"I think I know where you're going." Zim winked.

Dib kissed him again, moving his collar aside so he could suckle on Zim's neck when he felt the need to. The opening of the front door interrupted them. Dib groaned, irritated, and handed Zim his hologram…or holograph, as Dib had incorrectly called it a few times before. "Should we make it look like we were doing homework, or should we just keep making out?" Dib asked.

"What do you think?" Zim pulled him close and kissed him again.

The door opened as Dib settled in over Zim, straddling the Prince's thighs.

"I really don't need to see this." The Professor said.

Zim and Dib looked at him, not breaking their kiss.

"Hi." Dib said, once they did separate. "You're home early."

"Too early." The Professor said, but he was smiling. "What do you two want for dinner?"

"Gaz isn't home, so anything but pizza." Dib informed, backing away and helping Zim sit up.

"Aw, such a gentleman." Zim laughed, latching onto Dib's neck and nuzzling him. "I'll have whatever." He said to the Professor.

"We'll go out to eat then, since I have the time. I wish your sister was around though. How long will she be staying out?"

"I'm home." Gaz called, slamming the door downstairs. "Everyone should have their pants on by the time I get upstairs."

"Dad's home too, you know!" Dib called to her.

"He better have his pants on then, cause that's just weird if he doesn't." Gaz answered back.

Once she was behind her father, he smiled. "Good, everyone's home." He said. "Family Night's tonight, then! Let's get going."

He left past Gaz. "You think you two can wait until tonight to have fun?" She asked.

"Shut up, Gaz." Dib ordered softly.

She rolled her eyes and left after her father.

"Your father has terrible timing for these sorts of things." Zim said. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom first." He got of the bed and started to leave the room, but was interrupted by Dib speaking.

"I thought Irkens didn't use the bathroom." Dib said.

"That's not why I'm going in there." Zim informed, continuing walking.

"Hey…uh…let me help you out there, babe…" Dib followed him.