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Zim ran through the hallways of the school. This couldn't be happening. There was no way this was happening! He had to be dreaming. It's the only way things made sense. He knew his life wasn't perfect, even though it was becoming close to that by being on Earth with friends and a boyfriend that loves him. But this was a bit too much. Was the Universe having fun by messing with him this way? It must be having fun, or else it wouldn't keep doing this to him.

Kids became blurs as Zim's legs pumped faster, pushing him through the halls. He had to get to the auditorium before it was too late he couldn't let them do this to her! Zim burst through the auditorium doors without pausing. Kids turned to face him as he sprinted down the aisles, avoiding outstretched legs and backpacks on the floor. Teachers didn't seem to notice much, and neither did those on stage. Professor Membrane was in a semi-fetal position at a table on the right side of the stage, but Zim didn't pay him any mind other then to know he was there.

"Stop!" Zim called, as one of the black-clothed men aimed his gun at the woman Zim was trying to get to. "Don't shoot!"

Kids and teachers alike began to murmur. The other black-clothed men on stage moved to block the stairway leading to the stage. Ignoring them, eyes focused on one person only, Zim raced up the stairs. The black-clothed men grabbed him and held him back, though he was struggling to get them to let him go to get to her.

"Stop!" Zim ordered. "Membrane, make them stop!"

Membrane didn't acknowledge the boy.

"Hold him back!" The man with the gun ordered.

"We're tying!" One black-clothed man responded. "He's slippery!"

"He's a teenager!"

"Let me go! Right now!" Zim ordered. "Or face the consequences!"

The men chuckled, still trying to hold the disguised Irken back.

"Why do you care so much about this woman, boy?" The man with the gun wondered. "She's going to die here, and there's nothing you can do about it."

"Watch me!" Zim snarled. "Don't kill her!"

Kids in the audience tried to talk him out of it.

"Zim, you're insane!"

"Stop ti!"

"Let them kill her! It's the only way!"

"Do you want to be killed, too?"

"They're not going to go easy on you! Just stop before you get hurt!"

Other miscellaneous warnings were thrown at him, but he didn't listen. He only cared about stopping the man in black from pulling the trigger at her.

"Stop!" Zim ordered.

One of the men finally got a hand over his mouth and they held him back as hard as they could. Zim's mouth opened and he bit harshly into the other man's hand, tasting coppery, salty blood. The man cried out and pulled his hand away. When he shook it, tiny specks of blood flew in every direction. A few landed on Zim's face, as well as surrounding items.

Finally, Zim gathered the words that made the entire room fall silent and stare holes through him.

"Don't kill my mom!"

-Six Months Earlier-

Life was far less stressful now that the town had been completely rebuilt. Sure, there were a few things that were missing, but it wasn't bad. The prison and hospitals were completely redone, and inmates and patients were slowly being moved back into them, respectively. After all, it had been a whole year since the Slerks invaded. Zim and the others were well on their way to graduating from High School. Prom was right around the corner, and everyone was excited.