Chapter 1

"Come on Gun, 10 more minutes." 13 year old Bree whines she pouts her lips and adds "þóknast!"

"Fine" 14 year old Gunnar responds pretending to be annoyed "We can stay and skate 5 more minutes, but that's it. I have to lock up and walk you home."

Bree skates up to Gunnar and yells "catch me if you can."

Gunnar groans and starts to chase her around the rink. When he finally catches her, she trips and the both fall flat on the ice, tangled together. They both stop laughing and stare into each other's eyes. Gunnar is the first to realize the position they are in and slowly gets off Bree. He stands and helps her up.

"Bree, you read to go"

For her part, Bree is still trying to process what happened, and misses Gunnar asking if she wants to leave.


"Uh, sure"

Gunnar locks up and they head off toward the embassy where Bree lives. It's now dark, as per most winter nights in Reykjavik it snowing and slightly foggy. Gunnar leads Bree down the side streets because it's safer than the main roads in these conditions. All of a sudden, Gunnar turns hearing screeching tires, he starts to move further off the road when he realizes that Bree has not moved and is directly in the path of the out of control car.

In the time it takes him to blink, Bree is hit by the car and thrown backwards. Gunnar runs to her side and yells "Bree, elskan mín wake up, come on, Bree, please." He is pulled of her by a two paramedics who immediately go to work. The looks on the paramedics' faces say enough Bree is gone.

The now 17 year old Gunnar Stahl jolts awake from a dream about the worst night of his life, a dream that is even worse that the ones about losing the Junior Goodwill Games. He is breathing so hard and so deep that he doesn't realize that he woke Bree up.

"Gunnar, are you still having those dreams about the Goodwill games that was three years ago. You really need to get over that."

"I am over that"

"Then why did you jolt awake at 3 in the morning"

"It's nothing" accompanied by a look that says let it go.

Bree returns the look, without any hesitation. When she pouts, he knows he has lost this battle. "I was dreaming about the accident" Instantly, he feels her stiffen. "I keep seeing the accident happen and every time something different happens. This time I saw you die."

Bree knows this rant well, she has heard it many time. "God, I am so sorry. I should have…" Bree has heard enough and kisses him.

"Gunnar, nothing you could have done could have changed the fact that I lost my leg. You need to accept what happened, because I have and blaming you is the last thing on my mind. Now can we go back to sleep because we have school tomorrow."


Þóknast - please

elskan mín – my love in Icelandic