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Chapter 8

"How about hiking up from Skaftafell to the glacier and then over Svartifoss falls and then up to Morsárjökull glacier and then over to the Kjós Dells?"

"I was think we should go up to Kverk via Sigurdarskáli Ice Cave, spend the night and then come down"


Gunnar woke up with the sunrise. He gives Bree a nudge and says "Bree, wake up. We have a long hike ahead of us."

"Gunnar, 5 more minutes"

"Ok, you have until I get breakfast ready."

Gunnar finishes break and opens the tent expecting to find Bree sleeping. She wasn't, she was in the process of putting her prosthetic on. "elskan mín, breakfast is ready."

"Ok, let me get my boots on."

They eat breakfast and get there packs ready for the hike. Gunnar checks to make sure he has all the gear they might need and some emergency gear such as a GPS emergency locator and back-up gear in case they get stuck overnight.

They are on the trail by 7:30 a.m. The first mile is an easy uphill to the Svartifoss falls. Since they are the only people there, they stop and spend a half hour enjoying the view from there they follow the marked trail to the Morsárjökull glacier. They stop to refill the water bottles and while Gunnar is re-packing his bag, Bree takes the opportunity to though a snowball at him. She nails him in the back of the head, prompting a snowball fight until Gunnar manages to grab Bree. He hoists her over his shoulder and carries her away from the snow.

"You do realize it's almost noon and we are only like a two-thirds of the way to the Kjós Dells"

"It's ok Gunnar, we have plenty of time. Remember it always takes less time to get back especially when we are going downhill."

"I know but we are going off -trail, we have to forage a couple of rivers/streams."

Foraging rivers is a dangerous endeavor under normal circumstances and with Bree's leg can be extremely dangerous. Gunnar never let it show but he always hated when Bree picked trails that involved crossing rivers without bridges. Thankfully there are no issues crossing and they make it to the Dells.

They spend an hour resting and enjoying lunch and the view before starting to head back to the camp site.

Once back at camp, they make dinner and fall asleep watching the stars.


The next morning, Gunnar feels something walking up his leg. As he shakes the sleep out of his head and realizes that they fell asleep outside.

"Bree, wake up"

"5 more mins, Mom" Bree moans in a sarcastic manner.

"Seriously, Bree!" Gunnar returned in the same sarcastic manner. "We have an hour drive up to Kverk's trailhead."

They quickly packed up the camp and made the drive to Kverk's trailhead.


After the drive up to the trailhead, they did a last minute gear check for the overnight trip.

It was a difficult 7 miles up to the Sigurdarskáli Ice Cave.

Once they reached the cave, they spent about an hour exploring the cave and eating lunch. Bree noticed that Gunnar was quieter than usual.

"Gunnar, what is wrong"

Gunnar looks down at her statement and slips his hand into his pocket to check that the ring was still there.

"Nothing, just thinking,"

"Ok, lets get going. At our current pace we should make the top in 2 hours."

"That will leave us plenty of time to set up camp."


The last 3 miles passed quickly and they set-up camp and made dinner.

They cleaned up after the meal and settled in to watch the sunset. Bree cuddled up in Gunner's lap. As they sat there, Gunner couldn't have imagined a better place give Bree a promise ring.

As the last rays of the sun started to disappear, Gunnar shifted to get the ring out of his pocket. Bree turns in his arms and gives him a slightly annoyed look.

"Gunnar, what are you doing?"

"Bree, you know that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you."

At this statement, Bree freezes and just nods at his statement. "Gunnar, what are …"

Gunnar quiets her with a kiss and then whispers "Let me finish. I love you and particularly with you moving, I want to give you something to remind you of me and that I love you. Will you wear my promise ring?" With this statement, Gunnar opened the ring box.


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