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A/N: The inspiration I got for this poem came from several great fanfics I read, including 'A blank Slate' by Auror Borealis and 'A... Mistake?' by bluefyn. Thanks for the inspiration... I've been thinking about writing a story based on this poem but I don't know if anyone would read it. If I get enough reviews I might do it. Please R & R!


He whirled around and saw my face,
our eyes locked on each other - caught in place.
I feel his powerful gaze holding me to him once again.
I watch as he strides by a glare on his face but softness in his eyes.
The softness did not last as he suddenly looked away
a flash of guilt in its place.

Off he goes, to bother another student I suppose.
I mentally sighed and gazed at the cauldron fluids bubbling within. The potion looked fine, I guess...
I spent the rest of the class stealing glances of the potions master whenever I can.

As I leave the class I notice the potions master watching me.
He had the oddest look on his face - for a moment it seemed that his eyes held the strangest mixture of pain and something else?
He quickly looked away from me with what could only be a look of self-loathing on his face. I walk out without a word wondering if I had seen what I saw... Probably not I hastily told myself and tried to think about something else. But somehow I can't help myself...

I'm not sure what I see in him. He often stands around looking so grim. Acting cruelly, unfair, and swift.
For the longest time I wondered why?
Why he seemed so unkind?
Why he bottles his emotions up all the time?
Deep down I knew that wasn't him at all.

Then one night I heard the tale that explained so much, so well... He was a Death Eater so long ago, who turned and spied for Dumbledore. Dumbledore trusted him... even with his life. Could it be? Perhaps things aren't what they seem. From that point on I had to admit that maybe Snape wasn't really an evil git. Slowly the belief began to grow that he couldn't be what he pretends at all. From that moment on I found that someone else was beneath that fiery glare...

Somewhere, sometime, my heart crossed the line. I was in love with him through and through.
I don't know when...
I don't know how...
I do know that I don't care about the risks I must take or the dangers I will face to keep you safe. I care about only one thing:
And that's you
- Severus Snape