Authors note: this is my very first fanfiction. No I take that back, this is the first I have actually written down and have put out for someone's enjoyment. It's terrifying and exhilarating, and I hope you enjoy, and if you don't well…feel free to tell me, I like fire.

I would like to inform you that this is a line and not part of the story thanks.

Chapter 1

His throat felt like he had stripped it of its flesh from screaming. Blankets had been thrown to the grown in fit of pure nocturnal panic, and his face was streaked with tears that only came with having to watch his friends, his allies, his family, slowly killed off. Harry Potter, now officially Haku Evans, clawed at the blanket that prevented him from leaving his bed. Stumbling into the bathroom that adjoined his room to stick his head under the freezing tap, trying his very best to rid the memories turned nightmares from his head.

After the final battle, which had destroyed the lives of everyone he had ever held dear, and ridded him of his magic which had used in the final attack against the evil bastard, he had finally had enough. With the help of the goblins who always enjoyed pulling one over the wizardry world's heads he was now living in a fairly good sized house, away from the world of magic for good. After the death of his family he couldn't see a reason to stay in Britain and had moved across the globe to Japan.

Harry or Haku as he had to keep reminding himself sighed as he stared at himself in the large floor length mirror next to sink, then leaned his forehead against it in a obvious show of exhaustion. Looking at his reflection he watched his bright green eyes dropped and fell haft mast as dark black eyelashes fluttered against a pale complexion. Smooth effeminate features with high check bones and large eyes, paired with his short height that only came to 5 foot three" and a slender seekers build proved he would never be handsome, but instead adorable. Long knee length hair that was still a complete mess despite its length framed his body, but instead of looking scruffy it gave him an eternal look. Ron had once said he looked like a bloody girl. He died three days later.

Returning from his memories Haku striped from his clothes revealing his heavily scarred body and headed to the shower. He started Ouran today, and he would late if he didn't hurry.

I would like to inform you that this is a line and not part of the story thanks.

Getting a new student was rare in Ouran simply because most who could go to the school enrolled right away and seeing as no major family has moved recently, the news of the resent addition was one every ones lips. Classroom 2-A had their eyes strained towards the door waiting for it to open, and after 50 minuets of the teacher trying to make them listen and failing the door slid open to reveal something no one expected.

"Konichiwa", the voice was quiet and melodic and people were staining to hear the words that tumbled from those plump red lips. "I am the new transfer Evens Haku. I am pleased to meet you." The owner of the voice gave a short awkward bow and stepped forward revealing something that shocked them more.

Haku had dressed as he usually unaware the commotion it would cause. The long red shirt he wore fell to his knees with a monster kitty in the lower right hand side and a hood pulled over his long braided hair that had large cat ears over it. Thin long legs were accented by tight black skinny jeans which lead down to bright red converse with black roses drawn on them. Every girl in the room was having issues with keeping in their seats and not cuddling him to death.

"Ah we've been expecting you. Just go sit down next to Nekozawa-san please". Not unlike the rest of the female population she was having issues not gathering up the little male and locking him up away from the world's harms. Ignoring the weird blond that was gaping in horror, Haku walked down the isle toward the desk next to Nekozawa-kun and sat down next to the strange boy dressed up in a long cloak and wig smiling in greeting. He smiled at him to the surprise of Nekozawa who lifted his little cat puppet that waved and smiled in his creepy way, which surprisingly did not make Haku turn away in fear. He just smiled again and reached into his bag, pulled out a notebook and started taking notes.

Welcome to Ouran Haku Evens, your just getting started.