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He stood at the top of a mountain, a loose sleep shirt fluttering around his knees. Watching the scene below a strange detached focus that could only be obtained threw sleep. The ground was littered with bodies in different stages of disarray, and the air stunk with the heavy smell of blood, smoke, sweat and, fear. A giant crumbled stone castle stood in the back ground, all that remained of his precious home that was Hogwarts, was radiating waves of energy and light. The stones appeared to give strength to the stars and moon above, which glowed with an unnatural light high above the blood bath.

Haku watched the final replay in his dreams, eternally grateful that his memories had allowed him to be a passive observer for the first time in months. His eyes scanned the raging battle below him for his past self, trying to keep his eyes off the places that his loved ones had fallen. He need not have looked.

In the middle of the chaos a bright burst of light came forward, one a painfully bright green, the other a molted purple from spell of his own creation. A spell he had been saving for that last moment. The lights raged against one another, neither losing nor gaining any ground. It went on for minuets but Haku recalled it felt like hours down there, surrounded by all that death.

After a while the green light of that dreaded killing curse started to inch toward the other small form, and Haku remembered that moment with such a painful clarity he doubted he would rid himself of the memory no matter how long he lived. The oppressing fear of losing everyone, all for nothing. For the sacrifice of his mother happening all in vain. The fear of the disappointment from his friends, his family, whom died so he could complete this horrid blood feud. Their memory caused him to dig into his core and drag forward every last strain of magic he could reach and pushed it into his spell, consequences be damned.

The purple light from his wand had grown in intensity, radiating a heat that had slowly burned his fingers, and blackened the wood of his wand. Haku's spell had washed over that of his life long enemy and surged down it eating its way to its owner. The purple seemed to fade into white as it hit its target, and the last thing he saw of Voldemort were his bright red eyes shining with a resigned light before he was whipped from the face of the Earth, the only showing of his passing a phoenix song carried in the wind.

As the dream came to an end, Haku can back to the world of wakefulness, but his mind was still entranced in the past. Unexpectedly he had lived beyond the final battle, but not without losing much of what was important to him. Not only had everyone he loved faded into oblivion, his magic, what had brought him to them in the first place was greatly lost.

Apparently his final spell had uprooted his magical core, and while it had not completely been lost, the shift of it had taken his ability to cast spells with a wand, but he did not lose it al together. Haku had learned about two months later that the shift had awakened something else within him, giving him a strong affinity with both rituals, mostly ones that are classified as 'dark', and Divination.

Tarot cards appeared to shuffle and lay out with a mind of their own. Crystal balls were no longer showed by alluding smoke. Visions invaded his mind, and every kind of ritual you could think of he knew with almost flawless accuracy. With these gifts he unleashed a world he had not even know could exist.

No matter how wonderful the gifts though the pressure from the outside forces of the wizarding world soon grew to be two much. The praising smiles grew worthless, the title painful, the rumors frightening and he had just snapped. Escaping to Japan, which has the lower magical population rate in the world, had been a breath of fresh air. Enrolling into Ouran had been a self desire, the large castle like school reminding him of his only home Hogwarts despite the fact they had to make the damn building pink.

Slowly Haku rose from bed and stretched the kinks from his back. He got ready for school on auto pilot. Brushing out his long hair and dressing in a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a red Chinese style shirt with a swirling lotus design. Grabbing a portable cup of strong coffee, ever sense the final battle energy was low in Haku which left him most times in this infinitely drowsy state, Haku slipped on his black slipper shoes and grabbed his school bag. Heading out his door Haku made sure it was locked and headed to school.

This lovely line is just here to say it is not part of the story, it just missed you and wanted to say hello.

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