Hi All! Promissa Fidel here thanking ya'll kindly for tuning in! :)

Now before you read this let me just say that I hadn't actually played the game when I wrote this. I was still waiting to get it for Christmas. Anyway, I thought Oswald was going to be the villain so I thought it would be cool to write a psychotic lament for him.

Anyway, I was dead wrong as it turns out and couldn't be happier. Oswald is now one of my favorite characters and I would really like to write a nice brotherly fic for him and Mickey sometime in a more... positive light.

However, I found this poem in one of my drawers and my bro said I just had to post it. And I'm sort of proud how it turned out! So I guess you could say this is a "what if Oswald was evil or vengeful" scenario thingy.

So here it is! Sorry Oswald! I really do love you! :)

Disclaimer: The Disney company has been around for 88 years. I'm only 16. Do the math. :(

Oswald's Lament

Oh brother, brother dearest…

Don't you remember me?

I remember,

I remember all too well

You forgot

Tell me Mickey…

How could you forget?

Who I am.

What you took from me.


Hickory Dickory Dock

The Mouse ran up the clock…

Time has passed, yet I still remain

Banished to this wasteland

Cast aside

Eternally stuck in the past

I hate it!

And you…

A movie star,

A house hold name,

Adored by millions,

Only I know the truth!

You're a crook!

A leech!

A Snake!

It was rightfully mine!

The fame.

The glory.

The love!

I was here first!

Father loved me first!

He never told you about me, did he?

His lost son.

Tell me

Do you know what it means to want?

To desire?

To suffer through endless darkness?

Do you know how it feels to be forgotten?

Of course not

But you will!

Oh yes dear brother, you will!

You will pay for what you've done!

All I once had will be mine once more!

Count your days Mickey

Because they're numbered

The rabbit came,

The Mouse fell down,




Hope You liked it! And again, sorry Oswald! I know your not a raging psychopath, honest!