Fresh Start

By: Itachi Silverwolf

Anyone else would've panicked when someone reached to help them from a car. Itachi didn't show it if he was. The sounds of someone speaking rather rapidly made Itachi incline his head a bit. The voice wasn't directed towards him, but the way it carried on had the Uchiha interested. His attention goes to the person guiding him along when he hears her speak. "I think you hear Deidara. He's loud." There was a giggle. Itachi shrugs only the have the next comment about introducing him to guy he heard speaking.

"Dei!" The blonde turns towards Konan with a laugh before replying. "You should meet my friend." Itachi's closes his eyes a moment. He and the female were not friends. Was there a point in protesting though?

A hand reaches out only to hear Konan comment about the male with being blind. "Deidara. There's no need to give you my surname. It's not really important anyway." Itachi reaches for the hand faultering. Though the blonde moves his instead of leaving the raven male confused.

"Itachi Uchiha." The reply was almost robotic. As if it'd been done many times before. Devoid of emotion. Though the sound of the name brought about curosity for the blonde. There was a bit of a snicker from Konan leading to a subtle sigh from Itachi.

Releasing the other male's hand Deidara smirks. "You know if I couldn't see the world I think I'd die." Itachi looks away not wanting to discuss the way he felt about it all. In truth he was still coming to terms with the fact he couldn't see. Like he'd told his younger brother he was afraid of the future, but that didn't mean he would give up.

Konan swats Deidara. The blonde begins to protest being hit. Konan starts to guide Itachi to his dorm building while yelling at Deidara. The Uchiha finds the fuss amusing.