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Chapter 4

He'd been teased long enough today. He couldn't wait any longer and apparently, neither could she.

They both stood up and within two steps, he had her wrapped in his arms, his mouth covering hers. Every minute since that wonderful night in the chauffeur's cottage had led up to this exact moment. They were together and absolutely nothing could change that.

They hadn't made love since that night, mostly due to time constraints, but also because he wanted to give her a chance out. But he was done with that. Done denying how utterly right this was, done doubting her and them. As far as he was concerned, marriage meant forever and he'd just promised himself to the most wonderful woman in the world. It was about damn time he showed his wife how much she meant to him.

He'd already removed his coat before they sat down to breakfast, but Sybil took no time to begin unbuttoning his waistcoat and removing his tie. She had more nimble fingers than he remembered. His own hands cupped her bottom, bringing her closer against his already hardened body. Bringing her closer to the bed in some erotic waltz, he drew back from her sweet lips so she could tug his shirt over his head.

As she reached for the buttons on his undershirt, he tore his lips away and covered her hand, "Ah ah ah, my love, it appears there's a slight inequality with our clothing and I know how much you value equality."

With a vixen's smile, she turned to give him her back, "You're right, I do so hate inequality. Specifically when it can be so easily solved."

He pressed himself against her deliciously curvy bottom as his lips ghosted over her ear. "Why don't you put your hands on the post there, love. It might help me to get this corset off quicker."

He ran his hands down her arms and gently raised her hands to clasp the wooden post of the bed in front of her. She arched her back, curving her spine and rubbing her bottom against him.

His fingers slowly removed the pins from her fragrant, using his lips to pay special attention to the side of her neck. His hands dipped down her front to cup her clothed breasts. And while she arched into his hands, she breathed "This gown opens from the back."

"Oh, does it? I must've forgot," he said, teasing.

He could feel how anxious she was to get out of her gown, her eager response to his caresses said as much. Deciding not to tease her too much longer, he began to work on the long row of buttons at the back of her gown. They were small and delicate, so he was extra careful when undoing them. He also took advantage and kept brushing his fingers against her back. After her gown was undone, he pushed it off her shoulders and went to work on her corset. Pressing against her thinly clad body, he fit himself against her back. It was arousing for him, but from the way she moaned and fidgeted, arousing for her also. With the last lace pulled, he shoved the corset to the ground, his hand returning to their original place on her breasts. While there was still her chemise between them, he could feel her pebbled nipples through the silky material.

One had continued to tease her breasts, while the other started to bunch up the hem of her chemise. Her breathing was erratic, her chest heaving into his touch as she waited with anticipation for his next move. His hands found the soft skin between her garters and drawers, pleased with the soft whimpers that spilled from her lips and the hand she angled back to press his lips against her neck. Taking her by surprise, he cupped her through her drawers, pressing his fingers against the already damp fabric. She gasped, startled and aroused by the contact.

Quickly turning her around, he pressed her back against the post. Their lips met with renewed fervency as he finally removed her chemise. Sliding his lips down her neck and collarbones, he cupped her breasts in his hands and covered her right nipple with his mouth. She moaned his name, using the post to support her quickly weakened knees. He flicked his tongue out, running small circles around her areola before gently nipping it with his teeth.

Grabbing one of her legs, he wrapped it around his waist and pressed against her, pleasuring her with his hardness. She bowed her back as he moved to the other breast, suckling a little harder.

He knelt in front of her, placing open-mouthed kisses against her stomach as he untied her garters. Sliding her drawers down, he couldn't help but stare at the delectable sight she made. Clad only in her stockings and flushed pink everywhere, she was his. Sensing his gaze, she opened her lust closed eyes to meet his gaze, suddenly shy. "What?" she asked huskily.

"Nothing, love. You're just so lovely." Placing a hot kiss on her navel, he said, "Here." Another kiss on her flared hipbone, "Here." Rolling down her stockings, he kissed the top of her right thigh and the inside of her left, "Here and here."

He could feel her body quivering, anticipating where her might kiss next but still uncertain.

Smiling seductively, he looked into her wanton eyes as he placed a lingering kiss on the soft curls at the junction of her thigh. "And most definitely here."

"Tom!" she said, arousal and surprise evident in her voice. Giving her no time to be scandalized, he pressed his mouth against her again.

He felt her shudder as he pressed his mouth more firmly against her, his tongue flicking out to taste her.

Grabbing her leg, he put it on his shoulder, opening her up further and supporting her weakened knees. She was a delight. All pink and delicate. And responsive. Every gasp, every moan, every whimper of pleasure sent blood rushing through his body. That he could do this to her, that he could pleasure her like this, was so damn arousing.

His tongue circled her pulsing bundle of nerves, his lips nibbling gently. She was mindless with desire, her body was withering against the bedpost as keeling moans escaped her lips.

He knew she was close, her body was shaking and her hips were straining closer to his mouth. Taking her by surprise, he shoved two fingers into her. Her beautiful eyes flew open as she flew over the edge.

"Oh God, Tom" she said, nearly screaming, her hands gripped his head as she rode out her climax.

As her body went limp, he pressed a final kiss against her mound and then stood up. Quickly shucking his shirt, trousers, drawers, and boots, he swept her up in his arms.

"Have I shocked you yet?" he said, laying her gently on the bed.

"Yes, definitely. And I'm hoping that you'll shock me some more before we're done," she said, a sassy smile on her face.

Smiling in return, he laid down on the bed next to her. She threw her arms around his neck and drew him down for a long kiss. She was giggling at first, but soon her giggles turned back into moans and he couldn't help but return them. Rolling her to her back, he pressed against her still wet center, eager for more, eager to ease his ache, and more than eager to be one with her again. She moaned and arched into him, her body ready, just like his.

Then suddenly an idea struck him, she said she wanted to be shocked. Well, he would shock her more.

Rolling onto his back, he settled her astride his upper thighs. "Is this shocking enough for you, love?" he said, punctuating his questions by rubbing his hardness against her mound.

"Yes," she breathed, amusement and arousal evident on her face. With his hands on her hips, he lifted her slightly and positioned himself at her moist entrance. A quick roll of his hips and he was buried inside her.

"Oh," she said hoarsely, "that is shocking."

Shocking wasn't exactly the word he'd use. Perfect. Divine. Decadent. It was the same as the last time they made love, only better, because he wasn't hurting her. Indeed, from the way she was squirming on his lap, he knew she wasn't hurt at all. He gently started lifting her off his lap, gritting his teeth against the urge to thrust. He wanted her to get used to the sensation, to find her own rhythm. Within a few moments, she caught on and she started to lift herself.

Her body seemed made for this-her dark hair streamed behind her as every movement made her breasts bounce. Every inch of her perfectly creamed skin was glowing and flushed. She was a goddess sent to torture him with pleasure.

She moaned as he began to thrust up, too aroused to lie still. Her body arched and shimmied, arousing him to a fever pitch. He didn't know how much longer he could hold on. Her erotic moans and sensual movements were too much and he'd been too long without her.

One hand reached up to ply her bouncing nipple as the other reached to where their bodies joined. He thumbed her pleasure button over and over, as her body moved in tight circles against him, her moans louder and louder. He felt her tighten around him and then suddenly they were both falling over the edge. Their mingled cries of pleasure echoed in the room as pleasure so intense swept over them both. It was blinding; he saw white spots in his vision as he thrust high and spilled his seed into her.

He kept saying her name over and over again. Even as she collapsed against him, he kept whispering her name. His hands stroked her sweaty back as her soft hair spilled over his upper body.

They didn't speak for several minutes. Too tired, too sated, and too overwhelmed with the beauty of what had just happened. The silence was broken by a soft sniffle next to his ear.

Concerned, he withdrew from her body and turned her face towards his, only to find a few tears coming down her still pink cheeks.

"What's wrong, love? Did I hurt you? I didn't mean to be so rough-"

"It's not that. It's just everything was so…wonderful. The wedding, the wedding 'night', I'm almost frightened to go back to Downton. I'm afraid everything that will change."

Kissing her forehead, he said, "Well, things will change but only for the better. We're married now and that means forever. I don't care what happens once we return to Downton. No matter the outcome, we'll be together. I promise. Like I said before, we're bound together for better or worse. I said I wouldn't leave you alone and I won't. Never."

She smiled at him and settled against his shoulder again. Then she giggled softly.

"What's so funny, love?" he asked, mischief in his eyes again.

"Nothing. I was just imagining the look on Gran's face once she hears of our clandestine elopement."

He laughed too. "I'm sure she'll tell you mother that you needed more hairpins in order ward off unsavory men."

"It never would've worked. I happen to prefer unsavory men," and pulled him down for a kiss. She then proceeded to show him how much she preferred 'unsavory men'.


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