I'm having writer's block. So I decided to go on a one-shot rampage and relieve some stress. Just a quick one shot, real short and sweet.

At the end of the day, all I had was you.

That thought crossed the mind of the Mikawa lord Ieyasu Tokugawa as he sat beside his favorite, and most loyal soldier, Tadakatsu Honda.

Tonight was the last night of the Sakura Matsuri, and to celebrate, fireworks adorned the dark sky. Ieyasu and Tadakatsu sat above a high hill, over looking the brilliant colors, when Tadakatsu took a quick glance at his lord.

When times were nice, when times were peaceful, all they had was each other.

They had been friends forever, despite their five year difference, they treated each other like twins. Where Tadakatsu basked in war, Ieyasu hated it. Yet he persevered, to bear the burdens of those lost to realize his dream of unifying Japan under his banner, a banner of peace.

But tonight was different.

Spring was in the air, and it was the night to let go of all their burdens. Even if it was only temporary, Tadakatsu could see the exuberant joy in his lord's face. Even that was enough to bring a smile to himself, as well.

As his loyal assistant, his loyal general, nothing made Tadakatsu Honda happier than his lord finding his own happiness.

It was too cute, Tadakatsu had to admit, watching his lord, a tiny man, resembling an adorable Tanuki, smiling and clapping his hands at the lights in the sky. He was like a child, the bright lights illuminating their faces.

And Ieyasu couldn't wipe the smile off his adorable face.

For once, he could lay his burdens down, and be himself. Even for just one night.

"Tadakatsu.." he said.

The large general looked at him, and his eyes grew wide when the Mikawa lord inched closer to him. He rested his head on his comfortable shoulder and said,"Thank you. Had it not been for you talking me into coming, I would have never had this much fun."

"My L-lord, I.."

But he was silenced when Ieyasu took his hand and said,"Soldiers are precious, but friends are our greatest treasures."