It was a normal day at St. Vladimir's Academy and the same thing was on every student's mind. "I. Am. So. Bored." Rosemary Hathaway was no exception and Stan's class seemed to be dragging on longer than anything in the world.

Just ten minutes before the class ended the door slammed shut. Everyone dismissed the oddity and merely went back to taking notes on the importance of positions. Rose personally was doodling all over her notebook.

The bell rang and everyone shot up from their chairs. They ran towards the door and everyone ran out into the quad. Rose found Lissa and Christian quickly and smiled at the couple. "Look at you accepting me," Christian said hugging Rose in a way that could only be called friendly.

"Hello Rose," Dimitri said ruffling her hair as he passed.

"Comrade cut that stuff out!" she barked after him.

"I'll see ya Rose, oh and Christian Tasha's on campus you should go find her she's anxious to see you."

"Ok thanks Dimka," Christian said and he and Lissa ran off. Rose went to follow but Dimitri grabbed her arm.

"Hold back," he said as the two watched Christian and Lissa disappear.

"What's wrong?" Rose asked looking at Dimitri concerned.

"I'm worried Roza," he said.


"Those doors closing, it wasn't normal."

"You mean it wasn't just the one in Stan's room?" Rose asked.

"No it was every door in the school at the exact same moment."

"That is weird," Rose said. "But I'm sure it's nothing to worry about," Rose said smiling up at her mentor and lover.

"I hope you're right Rose," he said. The two snuck towards a back wall and looked around. They saw no one and Dimitri stroked Rose's hair lovingly before kissing her lips sweetly. At the time neither knew this was the last contact they'd have for a while. The alarm system went off and Rose had to rush back to her last period just like everyone else in the school.

Dimitri looked worriedly after Rose but ran to guardian headquarters like every guardian who wasn't a teacher or assigned to a Mori teacher. Rose arrived in Stan's room and after the last two Dhampir came in Stan began yelling off names. It seemed everyone except Trisha Lexi was in the room.

"Rose," he snapped at her.

"Yes," she said looking up.

"Get on the communicator and tell the guardian's Trisha is missing but I have to lock the door."

Rose rushed to the desk and grabbed the communicator. She pushed the button she was supposed to but only static came on, "it's not working," Rose mumbled.

"Stupid girl!" Stan yelled at her "can't even use a simple communicator!" he grabbed it from her and tried his own luck at it.

"I know how to use a communicator the signal is just jammed!" Rose shot back at Stan.

"Nothing's going through," Stan said perturbed.

"I told you I'm not stupid," Rose said. "I'll go find Dimitri," she said heading for the door. She unlocked it and pulled at the handle "it's locked," she said looking back at Stan concerned.

Stan pushed her aside and tried his own luck at the door. "We're locked in."

An: Ok so this idea is based off of EvilJess's Ghost (Bade) which is really good and I love it and I wanted to try to apply it to Vampire Academy. I hope you all like it Please please please review