A/N: I've just noticed I have this nasty habit of writing tons of Harry/Sevvie oneshots, while not actually writing a Harry/Sevvie story… sure I have one Draco/Harry, one Lucius/Harry, a Logan/Harry and a couple Tom/Harry's…. but I have about four Sevvie/Harry's… I need to get off my lazy bum and finish writing everything that I am writing so I can finally have a real Snarry (:

"Detention Potter!" Harry pulled his head down to share a secret smile with the desktop. He did this as Snape's hawk-like eyes scanned his potion, which was steadily turning blue… When it was supposed to be green. He began to wonder if he did it on purpose; after all, the detentions he received from it were simply to die for. The rest of the class ticked by as Harry did exactly what he knew he had to, fixing his potion superbly. A little wormwood here, armadillo bile there, counter the unicorn spittle with phoenix tears and all that then. As the bell rang, Professor Snape looked up from his desk as the other students left, waiting to catch the messy haired, emerald eyed, teen as the last insufferable brat filling his bag with his potions ingredients.

"Don't be late, the cauldrons need to be scrubbed and rat brains need to be jarred." The older male said, giving the younger a quick and chaste kiss before straightening and urging him towards the door.

As Harry made his way down the hallway and out of the dungeons, he ran into Draco Malfoy, who was pondering on the boy as he walked.

"Malfoy," he greeted with some form of venom, yet his eyes were too happy and playful to have a tense stare down with the spoiled Pureblood.

"Potter," Draco returned with a half-hearted sneer, much in the same mind frame, yet it wasn't out of happiness, but out of thoughtfulness.

Draco knocked on Snape's door, without the air of patience expected from him as a student, clicking his overly expensive dress shoes on the floor, waiting for the Potions Master to answer. When Severus snapped the door open, he put his smirk in place, preparing himself for a long talk, despite the youth's conflicting schedule.

"Draco, what a surprise,"

"I can't stay long, I have transfiguration soon."

"I know."

"Severus?" His icy blue eyes searched the man's face before dropping to the floor, the most nervousness Severus had seen out of the bullheaded teen in years.


"Can you promise me something?" He studied the Slytherin; his white-blonde bangs fell into his silver eyes, which were staring at the Professor searchingly. The expression on the elder man's face told him to continue.

"You would tell me if you were… erm...involved with Potter, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Draco"

"Yes you and Potter are shagging, or yes you would tell me?"

Sev just smiled,

"You promised!" Draco whined,

"No, I just answered your question as you asked. I do not make promises I cannot keep, you know this" Draco huffed and flipped him the 'V' before walking out of the office.

Severus laughed, watching him go…he would tell his godson one day, just not today.