Hi, Kazane Hime here. Sorry if its been awhlie since I've updated this story. I'm just giving you an update this time, not an acutal chapter, sorry. Just recently, my flash drive, which had all of my stories and drawings, broke. That means all of the progress I had on chapters I was working on is gone since my flash drive wasn't backed up (my computer was having problems so I won't trust it with the files). I'll be working on catching up on all of my stories, probably starting with Twisted Fates since its been more than a year since I updated that.

I am so sorry that it'll be even longer than usual for a new chapter, no matter how hard I work since I also have college classes to deal with. This message is being put up on all of my stories, just so you know. Oh, right. Just so you guys can tell when I update and to apologize for the wait, I'll see if I can get two chapters done instead of one. :3 Thanks for your support :3

-Kazane Hime