Author's Note:

A little detour from Bruised & Battered (and Art of Denial, I haven't forgotten!), courtesy of this week's episode. I just couldn't get that rooftop scene out of my head - I've watched it at least a dozen times by now - so I had to write this.
And no, there is no sex in this one. As appealing as a roof-top hookup might be in theory, it just wouldn't have worked, at least not with my vision of Jimmy at this point in time. Maybe next time, though. :)

Star Light, Star Bright,
Chapter One

He stood at the bottom of the stairs leading up to his partner's apartment, six-pack of Brockman Dark Lager in hand, wondering what the hell he was doing here.

He had a reason for showing up on her doorstep, of course, and a perfectly valid one at that. The conversation with Daisy earlier that day had brought home the fact that if he didn't tell Annie about the engagement, someone else would. For reasons he wasn't willing to examine too closely just now, he couldn't let that happen. If she had to find out, then he needed to be the one to tell her.

Since Nathalie was on call at the hospital, he'd figured tonight would be as good a time as any to get it over with. With that goal in mind, he'd stopped by the store to pick up her favorite brand of beer and driven over to her place, all the while rehearsing what he would say to her.

Now that he was standing here, though, he realized all the things he'd planned on saying were woefully inadequate. How exactly was he supposed to tell his best friend, the one person in the wold who meant everything to him, that he was going to marry someone else? Not like Hallmark had a greeting card to cover occasions such as this... Still, he'd always prided on dealing with things head on, and he wasn't about to change now; Jimmy Godfrey did not run from anything, no matter how unpleasant it might be...

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he climbed the stairs and walked up to her door, hesitating only briefly before knocking. "Hey," he said when she opened the door, all misgivings and doubts temporarily banished at the sight of her.

Watching as her expression change from mild confusion to sheer happiness at finding him on her doorstep brought everything into sharp focus. In that one moment of blinding clarity, he knew he hadn't come here to tell his partner about his engagement.

What he'd really come here for, no matter how unconscious it might have been, was to find out if there was a reason for him to break it off...

"Full moon out," he found himself saying, as if that actually explained his presence on her doorstep at this time of night. "Care to join me?"