Lauren laid in the hospital bed, barely breathing even with the help of the machines. She had just given birth to another child, and it was causing her to die. She had chosen not to kill the baby, because she wanted Raylan to have something to remember her by. She needed him to always have a peice of her with him, and their daughter was just that thing.

The doctors walked in the hospital room, not showing the best facial expressions. "She doesn't have that long left." The doctor stated, looking at a death ridden Lauren. She was bound to die at any second, there was no way she could hold through.

Raylan simply shook his head and clasped onto his wife's hand. "No." He said, letting a tear fall down his cheek. There was no way he was going to let his wife die. He needed her in his life, he needed to see her face, to her her voice, and to hold her in his arms. Lauren was the only thing that kept him going.

"I'm sorry." The doctor nodded his head in sadness, and exited back out the room. Tears were falling from Raylan's eyes as he looked down at his loving wife. "I love you, Lauren. Don't leave me. Please don't go." He pleaded, burying his head into the crook of her neck. "I''ll be nothing without you. I need you here with me." Raylan placed a hand on her cheek, and stroked it with his thumb. He was nothing without her, she completed him.

"It's my time, Raylan." Lauren replied in between sharp breaths. She was ready to go, she was ready to meet the man they called God. Raylan jerked his head up at her response, and shook his head. "No." He said, looking into her green eyes. "You're not leaving me, I won't let you."

Lauren opened her mouth to reply, but nothing came out. Her head rolled to the side and the monitors started beeping. "Baby, wake up!" Raylan said, shaking Lauren as hard as he possibly could. It was no use, she had already died. There was no way to bring her back.

Doctors rushed into the room and shoved Raylan back. They spent over twenty mintutes trying to revive her, but nothing happened. She was dead.

"I love you." Raylan whispered, watching a sheet get lowered onto the face of Lauren. That last time he would ever see her, but he had their daughter. He knew that little Michelle would look just like like Lauren, and that gave him something to look forward to.