A note: This is just the prologue. The rest of the chapters are normal length (aka, much longer than this). I just wanted to use this to set up the story. Hope you enjoy!

Kurt Hummel was totally and completely head over heels in love with Blaine Anderson.

As far as Kurt was concerned, Blaine was the most handsome, talented, kind, wonderful man alive.

There was just one problem.

Blaine Anderson is a famous superstar... who Kurt has never met.

Sure, Kurt knew all of Blaine's songs, and talked about him with his friends all the time, because EVERYONE knew who Blaine was. His songs had been topping the charts for months now.

But Kurt had never actually met the man. He had a little knowledge on his background- for instance, he knew that Blaine was a strong supporter of gay/lesbian equal rights and he had campaigns all the time for voting, but, aside from that, Kurt tried not to pry into the singer's personal life. Kurt never even put posters of Blaine up on his walls, or anything like that, for fear that he would cross the line into obsessive fan that would scare Blaine away if he were to ever meet him. But Kurt certainly had a respectful admiration for the young man.

Kurt was currently a freshman in college, and was in his last week of school when he heard word that Blaine Anderson would be going on a twenty-city tour across the country, playing only in small clubs and bars, starting in New York City, where Kurt currently lived. And, of course, it was immediately settled. Kurt just HAD to go to that concert.

And then an idea hit him... why not be a groupie? Like, what the Beatles had. He should totally go to ALL of the concerts!

Kurt didn't have any plans that summer, and his best friend Mercedes was going back to Ohio to be with her boyfriend, and Kurt didn't really have anything better to do with his time. Plus, it might do him so good to get away from his crazy hectic life in New York City. He had overloaded on classes that semester, hoping to graduate early so that he could get started on his fashion career as soon as possible. And, because of that, he was EXHAUSTED. What better way to unwind than drive around the country and see his favorite performer sing his heart out every night?

Oh yeah... this was a great idea. Kurt Hummel was going to set out on a road trip. Kurt Hummel was going to meet Blaine Anderson.

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