This idea just popped into my head. No flames on the pairing! It starts out kinda sad…Oh you'll see what I mean :]


Chapter 1

The room was cool. Damon woke up on a cold tiled floor, voices filling the air. They weren't loud, but more so soft whispers. He groaned, pushing himself up to a sitting position. What the hell was going on? He didn't remember anything.

He listened harder to the voices, making out one that had the American accent and sounded a lot like Elijah's voice. The other one had a thick accent on it. Bulgarian? English? He had no clue, but he had a pretty good guess as to whom the voice belonged to.

"He's awake," Elijah said.

Klaus sighed and took in the sight once more. This was it. The moment his inner demon would be woken up. The werewolf in him would become apparent and he would be one of the most powerful beings. He took in the sight of the brunette girl, unconscious and tied up. He'd wanted to be able to kill her and not feel anything, but his heart ached for the younger vampire only a few feet away from him.

Damon stumbled into the doorway, eyes falling on the other vampires. "What's going on?" he asked, his posture stiffening, curling into defense mode. He looked past them to see none other than Elena Gilbert, tied up and unresponsive. He growled low in his throat.

"Let her go," Damon growled, his voice wavering slightly. When it came to Elena, he was possessive and protective and he didn't care what or who he'd have to face as long as she was safe.

Elena woke up, gasping for a deep breath. She was in an unfamiliar place and she was afraid. "Damon!" she called out. The vampire in question was close. He couldn't take it. The tone in her voice killed him. "Please!" he screamed, "Let her go."

Klaus shook his head. "Damon, you have to understand why I'm doing this," he said. His bright blue eyes turned to face the young girl who resembled Katerina. He sighed again and looked down, practically feeling the anger radiating off the other vampire.

"You expect me to understand?" Damon seethed. His jaw was clenched tight. How could this monster expect him to stand back and watch the one person he's ever truly love and trusted die in front of him? No, he wouldn't let that happen. He tried to move to her aid only to be forced back by the older vampire and held down by his warlock.

The next seconds were like a dream. The air smelled of blood that belonged to a sweet, innocent girl. Elena's head rolled next to Klaus' feet and he looked over into a pair of piercing blue eyes. "It's done. You can let him go." The warlock nodded and released his spell on Damon, stepping into the shadows again. The Salvatore jumped to his feet, growling and snarling.

This man…this monster would pay. He would pay for laying his hands on the Gilbert girl. He would pay for making Damon watch her die. Hybrid or not, his blood would be spilt.

This was supposed to be a oneshot, but I've turned it into a multi-chapter :] Yay! I like where this is going. Oh and this will be M/M slash!