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It had to be later than midnight. Damon knew that much as he tossed and turned in his bed, finally falling down on his back, looking up at the off white ceiling. He had gone straight home after the bar incident, stopping only once to pick up a bottle of Scotch from the liquor store. He figured if he couldn't sleep, that would help.

But as usual, nothing went as planned. When he figured out all he would be able to do was toss and turn, he took one look at the bottle and visibly cringed.

Wow, he thought, sighing heavily in the dark room, For the first time in what, 175 years? I don't want anything to drink…

He closed his eyes, lulling himself into an uneasy slumber.


The banging on his door startled him. He bolted up in bed, sweat trickling down his temple. The clock read four in the morning…Who the hell would be banging on his door at this time of night?

He stepped out of the bed, speeding over to the door, fully intent on killing or compelling whoever the fuck decided to disturb him. He yanked the thin wood open, careful not to pull it completely off its hinges. Wouldn't want any questions as to how he was able to do that. His eyes widened at the sight in front of him.

Shining blue eyes that showed intoxication, yet poured out every emotion shooting through him. Blonde, wet hair that was tousled and curled a little. A thin, sleek figure that was even more defined by the soaking clothes that adorned it. And muscles, bigger than Damon's, bulging out from under the black t-shirt. Yes, this guy was like a fucking God, and the younger vampire felt his mouth go dry.

"You followed me," He whispered. Klaus merely chuckled softly, nodding.

"May I come in, Damon?" he murmured. The Salvatore unconsciously opened the door wider, allowing entry into the room.


The blonde grinned, stepping inside, doing a once over assessment of the hotel room before his gaze locked with the other man's.

"We need to talk." Klaus said, blunt and to the point, "You know I can read your thoughts. So…Am I going to have to compel you for the truth, or will you just tell me?"

Damon froze in place.

Oh God, he thought, swallowing hard, Just fucking kill me now…

He put on his best poker face, smirking. "Why Klaus, I have no idea what you could possibly mean." He turned his back to the older vampire, walking back toward the bed.

"You can let yourself out. You know where the door -"

He cut off at the feeling of warm, wet hands on his hips, stopping him from getting further away.

"Tell me." The husky voice whispered, the English accent ever present, causing chills to run all throughout the younger man's body.

Damon closed his eyes, knowing this couldn't get any worse than it already was.

"I'm in love with you."

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