Ootori high school was having its weekly dance party. Everyone was there, including the student council. The council leader, Touga, had his eyes set on a pink haired, blue eyed beauty that he wanted to claim as his own. The way she moved made him want her more than usual, her oh so short shorts and tank top, it made him lick his lips lustfully.

Even though there were girls around him that wanted him, he only wanted her. The red haired man watched the way she danced playfully.

Having the feeling that someone was watching her, she turned around and saw Touga staring at her. She bit her lip. Utena stared at him. He stared back. The pink haired girl's arm was then pulled away by Akio.

Touga now had a growling sensation in his chest. He hated that man. The way the two danced with each other, it made his blood boil. The red head was finding it hard to breathe. He was jealous.

The student council president then walked over to where the couple was and pulled her away from the narcissistic, tan man he despised so much.

Touga's hands were now resting on Utena's hips. The pink haired girl's cheeks were now rivaling the color of his hair. He grinned and bent town to her ear, whispering something dirty in her ear. His hot breath tickled her skin and caused her to involuntarily shiver.

The DJ blasting the music in the background, the lights from above the crowd of teenagers, and the sweat that covered them was enough to turn anyone on. When the beat of the song slowed down, Touga would pull his pink haired lover closer to him, making her blush ten different shades of red. However, she tried to keep an emotionless mask on, but he saw right through that.

"Tell me your secrets. Let go," The red haired man whispered hotly into the pink haired duelist's ear hotly and then licked her earlobe, making her gasp and then moan his name. The sounds coming out of her mouth turned him on even more.

Her arms were now wrapped around his neck. She looked up at him with a playful expression.

She's trying to make it hard for me to read her expression, the red haired duelist thought playfully. He grinned even more. It was too soon to leave the party and for him to have his way with her, but he couldn't say that he wasn't liking this either.

The heat between the two kept building up. It was almost unbearable, the want between the two. Their passion kept growing, being turned on by each other, he couldn't take it anymore.

Touga slammed Utena's body against his and ran hands down the sides of her perfect body. Her hands now on the back of her head as he did his magic with her body. His body bent lower as he went further down the rosette's. As he started to stand up straight again, his body skimmed the sides of her breasts. That's when he saw it, the lust in her eyes. Utena licked her lips.

Their blue eyes were now staring at each other, both pairs clouded with lust and desire. Utena then turned her back towards him and backed up into his arms. Both of them bent down slowly and rose at the same speed. Their blood boiling as they danced their way into the night.

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BTW: Fanfic was inspired by Breathe Electric's song "Let Go" (thus the title)