The Truth on the Last Day of Summer

There was a reason Hiroki had never relented and let Nowaki drag him to a summer festival: he hated people, and there always so very many people there at those kinds of things. But he also had such a hard time saying no to Nowaki, and that's how they ended up returning to their apartment late at night after an evening trudging around a festival. All Hiroki had to show for it was sore feet and a giant stuffed bear.

Nowaki had ended up carrying it the entire train ride back home, and even though people had given him odd looks, he had seemed like the happiest man on Earth.

"Hiro-san, you should probably go to bed," he said as he watched Hiroki slump down on the couch. He had adamantly refused to wear a yukata to the festival, so he was dressed in a light t-shirt and shorts. His feet were bare, and Nowaki quietly put down the bear beside the couch Hiroki was laying on and sat, massaging them. "It's the first day of classes tomorrow. You don't want to go in tired, right?"

Hiroki murmured something about going in hung-over before and the students didn't seem to care, but he knew Nowaki was right. Then he glanced up, and Nowaki expected to be berated for doing something so intimate, but he just smiled slightly and closed his eyes. "Yeah," he said, looking content as Nowaki kept working. "Are you working tomorrow?"

"I'll be leaving about the time you do, Hiro-san." He looked up at his boyfriend, a warm smile on his face and his shaggy bangs hanging in his eyes. "Do you want to have breakfast together?"

There was a long stretch of silence between them, and Nowaki ducked his head, going back to massaging Hiroki's feet and not expecting anything to come out of the request.

"Why don't you give me massages more often?" Hiroki's voice was distant, like he could fall asleep any second.

"Whenever I try, you accuse me of just wanting sex and call me a pervert."

Hiroki frowned at that. "You should do it, anyway."

"Okay, Hiro-san."