Okay this is my first time writing both NCIS and Supernatural so please forgive me if I make some mistakes.


Tim walked into his apartment, unclipping his Sig from his belt and putting it in his drawer. It had been a hard days work and the case they had been working on for a week was finally closed, the murderer caught, with court next month. Tim hated court at least with h…his old job, he didn't have to go to court.

And speaking of his old job…

He walked into the closet and pulled down the empty shelf that acted as a handle and pulled down. His collection of automatic weapons, stakes, holy water and salt greeted him and he spent his afternoon winding down by going through inventory before sitting down to continue writing his next book.

The mixture of the two worlds that was his life sometimes amused even him.

He had just loaded his third piece of paper into his typewriter when he heard a clank coming from the other room.

He stood up, picking up his sig and walked into the room where the noise had come from.

"Hello?" he asked.

Rounding the corner he saw that his closet was open, as was his secret drawer.

"What the hell?" he whispered to himself, he must not have clipped it properly.

He closed the drawer once more and turned around.