McGee fired off some shots but the shifter ducked and ran to the elevator. McGee and Sarah ran past the shocked faces of the people in the bullpen but they didn't get to the elevator in time.

"Where is he headed?" asked Sarah.

"Autopsy," said McGee running for the stairs. As he raced down the stairs he heard more than one set of footsteps following him. But he didn't care. His life was ruined, but no one else was going to die because of this thing.

When they reached the autopsy there was a pile of mush in the corridor.

"Damn it!" said McGee, "He could be anyone by now!"

"What are you going on about!" yelled Gibbs from behind him, his gun pointed in his direction.

"Just listen to me boss. This thing, it's called a Shape-Shifter. It has the ability to look like anyone. And when it changes form it sheds its skin."

"That's impossible," said Ziva.

"It's not," said Sarah.

"When did Sarah come into this?" asked Gibbs.

"Oh, she was tied up in McGee's apartment with me and McGee," said DiNozzo.

Gibbs lifted his gun higher and said calmly, "Explain."

"There isn't any time," said Sarah.

"He's changed into someone else," said McGee. "He doesn't look like me anymore. We have to find him and kill him."

"We'll handle that," said Director Vance from behind them. He spoke as if he was talking to a very mentally disturbed person. "You and Sarah can go to-"

Bang! They all jumped at the sound of the door to the stairwell hitting the wall.

"Where is it?" asked Sam, wielding his gun.

"It's me Dean," said McGee. "He's shedded."

"Shit," cursed Dean. "Okay we need to split up and look for it. You lot need to get out of here."

"I am the Director of NCIS and-"

"I am not going anywhere!"

"Look," said Sam. "You're all in danger. Dean, Tim, Sarah and I know how to handle it and we have the right equipment."

"So in other words, we don't give a damn who you are, if you don't get out of here now, you're all dead."

"Is that a threat?" said DiNozzo.

"Screw this," said McGee. He took off, ignoring the shouting behind him. He went into autopsy and saw the Palmer and Ducky were both unconscious on the floor.

"Where the hell did he go?" he mumbled.

"Probie," said Tony bursting into the room with everyone else. "You cannot run off like that!"

"'Probie'?" asked Sam. "Really Tim?"

"Shut up," said Tim.

"This has gone on long enough," said Vance. "David, is Doctor Mallard and Palmer alright?"

"Yes. They are just unconscious," said Ziva.

"One of them could be the shifter," said Sam.

"What?" asked Sarah.

"It's happened before," said Dean. "We're well versed in Shifter tactics."

"Enough!" shouted Vance. At once they stopped talking and looked at him. "It's obvious we have some kind of intrusion. That I think we can all agree on. Agent Gibbs, Agent DiNozzo, Agent David and myself will handle it. Agent McGee, you will escort these men to a conference room and for the love of god, someone take the gun off Miss McGee!"

"Sorry man," said Sam. "No can do."

"Where are we?" asked Dean.

"Agent McGee!" said Vance. "Follow your orders."

McGee looked at Vance and said with a pained expression on his face, "I can't do that Director."

"Well then, in light of recent evidence and your insubordination I have no choice but to relieve you of your duties," said Vance.

"McGee," said Gibbs, "Do what Vance says."

"No, boss," said McGee.

He turned to Dean and said, "The drawers. This is the morgue. What better way to hide than as a body?"

"Good thinking Tim," said Sam.

"Tim," said Ziva, "I need you to give me your gun."

"Not a chance Ziva," said McGee.

"Probie," said DiNozzo, "Please."

He ignored them. One by one they opened the drawers for signs of the shape shifter by taking out a silver knife and laying it against each of their chests.

"Is there any other way out of here?" asked Sarah.

"No," said McGee.

They all turned to look at Palmer and Ducky.

Then quicker than they could blink Palmer jumped up and knocked Ziva over. He ran for McGee, leaping from table to table. All four raised their guns and fired.


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