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"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, spirits of Mannahatta. Welcome to the very first Mannahatta Beauty Pageant, 'The Mannahatta Beauty!'" A loud, deep voice boomed around the dome-like stadium.

Multicolored lights danced around the stage as the crowds cheered and roared. The huge dome was completely filled with people, some shouting and clapping, and the other much more sane people just staring blatantly at the people beside them, who were screaming their heads off.

The host stood in the middle of a semi-circular stage. He had his back to a big, digital screen that alternated between close-up shots of him and a silver background with the words 'The Mannahatta Beauty' in a metallic purple colored fancy font. In front of him, directly at the edge of the stage, was a slightly curved table where three people sat. They were either looking rather bored and impatient, or smiling in a fake creepy sort of way. A few feet behind and on either side of the table, and all around the stage save for behind the big screen, people were cheering.

The host was a tall, handsome dark-skinned man with a mass of dark brown curls. He smiled as he waited for the cheers to die down.

"I am your host, William Smith, God of Television Hosts." He beamed, and a full minute of screaming girls later, he continued.

"Allow me to introduce you to the panel of judges. From the right, we have Zelda Fitzgerald, part of the Council of Twelve and Goddess of Trends!"

The big screen flashed a close-up of a woman sitting at the judges' table. She had light skin and short, dark wavy hair. Zelda Fitzgerald smiled slightly as the crowd clapped.

"Second is Gianni Versace, God of Fashion Designers!"

The man in the middle gave a little wave as the camera focused on him. Gianni Versace had gray thinning hair that had just a little hint of white in it. He, like the host, wore a black tuxedo. The smile lines around his eyes crinkled as he, too, gave a little smile for the cheers.

"And beside him, our final judge, is Krissy Taylor, Goddess of Models!"

A beautiful woman with long blond hair parted at the left of her head spread her lips in a wide smile. She was wearing a relatively modern sleeveless black evening dress, a far cry from the black puff- sleeved dress that Zelda was wearing.

After more applause from the audience, William Smith smiled again.

"Now that you've met the judges, it's time to meet the contestants!" He paused, letting the audience cheer for a moment before continuing.

"We have twenty seven contestants this evening. Give it up for the ladies!"

With that, the lights dimmed and the big screen parted in the middle and started slowly moving to opposite sides.

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