KOTW spoilerie lies within.

Lenka Bazaar knows that she will have no time for last regrets in the moments before her demise, because when that day comes, and she knows exactly how she will come because even at her weakest she can feel that certainty hanging over her like so much knife, she will have no time for any thought at all. So as she steps out of her house, shrugging off the weight of the life she has lead from her shoulders, she takes the moment to look for regrets.

She finds them.

As she walks away from the shell that has been her inhabitance for the last decades of her existence, she forces herself to keep her eyes open. She'd like to close them. To cringe. There are regrets and they are heavy and just now she realizes she'll have to leave them behind as well. Obviously. She has to leave everything behind.

That was all very well when it was only the facts of her life, of course. The house and the books and the routine. But now it's faces, staring at her through the veil of her memories, and they are accusative.

No better time for last regrets, she supposes.

A/N: This could probably be better. I could probably be more awake.

~Mademise Morte, October 4, 2012.