Flatland: A (True) Romance of Two Dimensions

This is set as A. Square's grandson perspective. I thank A. Square for his intelligent, thought provoking work that I am about to deface. Also I don't own any of his characters or ideas.

I watched intently as my personal servant diligently worked around my bedroom, his movements were delicate and gentle in the event that he might accidently penetrate something with his sharp apex. Using my recognition by sight, I gazed over his lithe and tiny form. His base was so small even for that of the lowly Isosceles class, his body almost like a feminine line as a consequence. It was quite distracting.

Iso was given to me from my father for being accepted into the University of Circular Logic, a Circle grade university. This is apparently a big thing considering I am only a Hexagon. At the time I agreed with my family that getting a servant will free me from doing menial things, and so I would have more time to study but I found myself more distracted than ever.

"Iso, please leave the room immediately. I am trying to study," I demanded in a commanding tone, gesturing towards the door in emphasis. I watched as he turned towards me, his face contorted in perplexity.

"What's wrong Master Arron?" He enquired in a soft voice. Trust an Isosceles to question a direct order from a superior. Iso is surprisingly smarter than his caste would suggest, he just lacks the discipline to know his place.

"Leave now," I repeated. I watched as he started walking towards me, his movement consisting of a slight 'back motion' like that of a female. It wouldn't surprise me if his mother raised him as a female; I don't think I would have blamed her either.

"You didn't answer my question." My brow twitched in annoyance at his reply. Iso should be grateful; he's the only Irregular I would not punish for talking to me like that. His whole perimeter was in full view now. I drank in his gorgeous sight; looking over his features that I know so well, having locked them away in my memory and heart.

"Don't move," he whispered alluringly. My eyes widen in surprise when I noticed Iso's head moving slowly towards mine. I couldn't move, captivated by his descent onto my own blushing face. He stopped suddenly, a millimetre away from my face, as if he just remembered something.

"Permit me to ask you to feel and be felt by me, Master A. Hexagon" he said with an impish smile. I could feel his warm breath caress my cheek. And just like an Isosceles, he didn't wait for my reply.

His deep eyes penetrated my own as our foreheads made contact. I blinked stupidly.

"I knew it! You have a fever; you were looking kind of red," Iso stated with a dim-witted grin.

"What? How the hell do you extrapolate sickness from "leave the room immediately"? Get out! Gahhhh!" I shouted as I pushed him out of the room using my sharp angle for good measure.

The End

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