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The sun started to fade slowly over the ocean, glistening faint wavy lines of auburn across the clear blue green water. Rays of the last remaining sunlight for the day danced across the crystalline, white sand as the roar of waves echoed through the atmosphere surrounding me.

In the distance, silhouette highlighted by the shadow of the setting sun, Patch strode flawlessly in my direction. His hands were dug deep into the pockets of his black, Levi jeans that hung low on his hips, folded slightly over his ankles. His bare feet dug into the soft sand, creating imprints along the shoreline.

I could make out his face perfectly from where I stood thanks to the sunlight that light it up. A few thin strands of his raven black hair lay over his mysterious, dark eyes as a pirate grin crept onto his lips. Lines of amber light ran across his lean, uncovered torso. Just the sight of his body sent a rush of anxiousness flowing through me to just reach out and trail my hand down his chest to feel every contour of his muscles and abs beneath my fingers.

Everything was so perfect; he was so perfect.

Looking at Patch approaching me from the distance, I could swear that, that man was a type of drug that I lived on. The only one that my heart craved for. And even after all this while, I still couldn't believe he was mine.

My guardian angel;

Even though his wings remained a secret to me, I could just imagine them hanging like two large, beautiful feathers to his bare back and the light of his halo embracing us together.

My heart was racing like a speeding train running down train tracks, in my chest as he got closer. My head was spinning with the amount of desire that was building up inside me, making me feel like I was losing grip with gravity.

Patch's lean body was only inches in front of mine, still close enough for me to feel the heat radiating of his chest. Almost hesitantly, his hands slowly descended over my hips before pulling me close to the warmth of his body. Why did he always feel so warm?

Reaching out, he cupped the side of my jaw in the palm of his hand before using his thumb to tilt my face up to meet his.

My gaze drifted upward from the hollow of his throat, to his jaw and spent a few seconds longer admiring those plump, luscious lips of his. I've kissed those lips so many times that I'd memorised exactly how warm they felt over mine; how right. The sweet taste of mint always tingled on my lips for hours later.

My breathing caught tight in my chest as I let myself get lost into those never ending, captivating depths of hollowness. Patch's smokey eyes locked with my pale ones instantly, allowing an invisible, electrifying current to pass between both of us. Just the way he looked at me now, so intimately, was almost like he had a key to see straight to my soul- and maybe he did.

At that moment, I knew that everything I could ever need was standing right in front of me just a few inches over six feet.

Slowly, I lifted my hand up to his gorgeous, pale face before tracing my index finger down the length of his jaw bone, a bit of stubble brushed against my finger tip. Shivering ever so softly to my touch, Patch closed his eyes, relishing the feeling of my cold skin on his.

It was twilight time all around us now, turning the sky into a mesmerising mix of amber, indigo and crimson that travelled in lines through the velvet sky. I had to admit, it was kind of romantic with the rays of sunlight gleaming over the ocean and enveloping us both in an embrace of its light.

I returned my full attention back on Patch before saying the most truthful thing I had ever known "I love you"

I said it not because I had to; not because I wanted to. But, because I needed to.

To be honest, I could say it over a thousand times; I could write it thousand times over in every language known to man but I knew in my soul that it would never be enough to compare to how much he really meant to me.

I've never felt so loved or so needed in my whole life until I met Patch. I knew I owed him so much more than just a 'thanks'.

Patch smiled amorously down at me before leaning his warm forehead against mine "I love you too, Nora" his warm breath washed against the surface of my skin.

"Forever" I whispered, locking my arms around his neck and breathing in the intoxicating smell of mint around me. "I promise to love you forever" I confirmed in a whisper as Patch's hands crawled up my back, his thumbs tracing slow tantalising swirls along the line of my waist while his lips whispered kisses to the side of my jaw, up the bridge of my nose to finally the middle of my forehead.

"You don't know how happy that makes me feel to hear you say that" he whispered in my ear, his teeth grazing the shell of it before moving down to my earlobe and biting down gently with his teeth.

"I think I do" the words were so faint as they made their way out of my mouth that I wondered if they'd drifted off with the breeze that was swirling softly around us.

Patch leaned his face closer so that he could part my lips with his. The first touch was simple but enthralling that I couldn't help but moan in contentment as our innocent kiss intensified with hunger, both of us wanting to be the one in charge in this situation.

One of Patch's hands stayed pressed to the small of my back while the other travelled teasingly down to my waist then to my hips, slipping under the waistband of my emerald embroidered , white skirt.

We broke away at the same time to catch our breath quickly before leaning back in for a taste of heaven.

His tongue explored its way through my mouth, running along the roof of my mouth down to my gums while his teeth nibbled my upper lip, sending a jolt of adrenaline soaring straight through my veins.

One of Patch's hands managed to slip their way further down my skirt, pulling me closer so that I was pressed right against his body. The feeling was extremely exhilarating. I don't recall Patch ever have kissed me with this much hunger and passion before.

He was the one who broke away first this time, his lips peppering kisses down the side of my neck down to my collar bone, moving swiftly across my shoulder to nudge my tank top down with the tip of his nose. The intimate contact made me shiver and earned me a cocky, satisfied smile from him.

"So what's the big surprise?" I asked, leaning my neck back, giving him an open invitation to kiss me where he pleased.

"Mmmm?" Patch breathed, whispering kisses across the top of my chest.

The sun was barely a crescent moon on the water as the sky slowly faded to dark blue around us. A few stars started twinkling their way in to the evening sky.

"Patch" I cupped a hand on the back of his neck while using my other one to caress his face. I slowly brought his face up to mine so that we were looking at each other eye to eye. "Surely you didn't give me a phone call to drag me all the way out to Portland so that I could watch you walk dramatically across the beach like you're in some cheesy chick flick?"

Patch chuckled a deep, husky sound in the back of his throat "I dragged you all the way out here, Angel, to tell you that I love you"

"Patch..." I grinned, cutely bumping my nose to his. "I'm being serious, here"

"So am I, Angel" he smiled back at me before pulling back so that he could take both my hands in his. He brought my hands up to his lips, gently kissing them softly. "I love you so much Nora and nothing can change the way I feel for you, which is why-" he let go of my hands before reaching into the back pocket of his jeans to pull out a velvet box that was the colour of Rum. My heart pounded in my chest and I felt my pulse speeding faster by the second as Patch got down on one knee in front of me "Nora, my angel, you are the reason for my existence and I swear that I will love you every moment of forever. I promise to always be there when you need me; be your shoulder to lean on; be the one holding you every night before you fall asleep. I promise to guard, love and protect you with all my life" Stopping to draw in a nervous deep breath, Patch reached out and took one of my hands in his "Nora Grey, will you marry me?"

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