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Chapter 19

"Oh my god."



"Snape did what?"

Harry stared down at his essay with wide eyes before turning them to Hermione who was staring worriedly at her best friend.

"Snape gave me an Exceeds Expectations on essay!"

"What?!" Ron roared, snatching the parchment from Harry's hands. "No way!"

"Oh, Harry!" Hermione beamed, pulling the brunet into a hug. "I'm so proud of you! Congratulations!"

Smiling bemusedly, Harry returned her hug. "Seems like there are some perks in hanging with Slytherins after all."

Ron whistled. "Well, if hanging around Slytherins gets you marks like these who's complaining?"

"Not me." Harry snickered, taking back his essay and shoving it into his bag. "I wonder how many blood vessels burst in Snape's temple before he allowed himself to give me such a good mark."

"Come now, Harry," Hermione scolded. "Professor Snape is still your teacher, and even if he does—"

"Hate me?" Harry said.

"Loathe him?" Ron chimed in.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Even if he doesn't get along with you, he can still recognise hard work and improvement."

The brunet snorted. "More like he's doing it because Malfoy and I are… spending time together."

"Yeah, well…" Hermione shrugged and trailed off as they exited the Potions classroom. The three of them sauntered down the dark corridor, none of them particularly in a hurry to get to their next class which was History of Magic.

"Do you think Binn's would notice if I didn't go?" Ron said, thinking longingly of the warm Gryffindor common room.

"Ron, you can't afford to miss class!" Hermione snapped angrily. "Exams, Ronald, exams!"

"So?" Ron whined. "They're months away."

"And you'll need all the time you can get," Hermione warned. She glared at Harry as well for good measure. "I will not be taking notes for you two, that's not fair."

"Alright, alright," Ron replied, waving a flippant hand. "I'll end up searching the internet way," he muttered to Harry.

Most of the class had already seated themselves as Hermione, Ron, and Harry arrived to their lesson. They took seats towards the back thanks to Ron's persuasion. Harry didn't mind, he wasn't really in the mood for note taking either. Instead, he pulled out his laptop and sketch book. Harry didn't see why he couldn't browse Tumblr and do some sketching whilst Binn's droned on and on about the finances of Goblins.

The Gryffindors didn't have History of Magic with the Slytherins, so there was no blond head that harry could stare at. Instead, he focussed his attention on his laptop, whose screen now displayed his Tumblr dashboard.

Harry could practically feel Hermione's disapproving stare burning into the side of his face and he turned an innocent look in her direction.

"Just for in between notes," he said.

"I'm sure," Hermione replied, unconvinced.

"I'll draw you a picture," Harry offered.

For a second, harry through he'd almost convinced Hermione to let him take it easy this lesson—

"No," she said haughtily. "This is more important."

Grumbling, Harry returned his sketch book to his bag and opened up a fresh Word document. For the first twenty minutes of their double period, Harry dutifully copied down notes. When his attention began to roam, however, Harry decided to reward himself with some Tumblr.

By this time, even Hermione was beginning to get a glazed look in her eyes as she stared at their teacher. Harry was amused to note when she finally gave up and decided to browse her dashboard as well.

Coming across a post of Blonds-Do-It-Better, Harry realised that it had been a while since he and his Tumblr friend had communicated.

Well why don't we send him a message…?

Harry opened a new tab and typed in the URL. The familiar blog popped into view and Harry went to his ask box.

Hey fellow Tumblr user, long time no talk. How's everything been? How were your Christmas/holidays?


Harry hit send and his message whisked away. He closed the page and returned to his dashboard.

Pansy glanced over when she heard Draco make a noise of surprise. She and the blond were in his bedroom doing their homework, parchment and textbooks between them and their laptops in their laps.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Hmm? Oh, it's nothing," Draco replied, his fingers beginning to tap across his keyboard.

Pansy rolled her eyes and shifted herself so she was able to look over his shoulder.

"You're still playing this charade?" she said exasperatedly. "You've snagged him already, Draco, you need to put a stop to this."

Draco brushed her off. "Firstly, he contacted me," he began. "Secondly—"

"Oh cut the crap, Draco." Pansy frowned at him. "What happens if Potter finds out about this?" she asked, gesturing towards his screen.

"How could he?" Draco sneered in reply. "It's nothing I should be concerned with—what are the chances?"

"Just one," Pansy replied warningly, "and you never know when it might be. Say you're in the library and he happens to walk behind you while you're on that particular website, or say you slip up unexpectedly and say something that gives you away—"

"Alright, I get it," Draco interrupted impatiently. He sighed heavily, running a hand over his hair. "I know," he continued, slightly calmer. "But I just… there's no reason to rock the hippogriff now, right? I'm no longer using it against him."

Pansy shook her head. "You don't get it, Draco. It's more than that now—it's about trust. If Harry somehow finds out about this before you tell him, what is he supposed to think?"

Draco was silent as he stared at the screen. The blinking cursor line winked back at him teasingly.

She's right… Draco's subconscious chimed in. Aren't you lucky…?

"Where's Harry?" Ron asked, running the feather of his quill lazily against his upper lip as he stared moodily down at his homework.

"Well, he's supposedly studying with Malfoy," Hermione replied, shifting a couple of books off of her desk.

Ron snorted. "Yeah, 'studying', sure." He heaved a great sigh and dropped his quill onto his Transfiguration book. He glanced at Hermione who was scratching away fervently at a draft study timetable. "Hey, Mione, can I ask you something?"

"What is it, Ronald?" she asked, eye gaze still fixed pointedly on the parchment below.

"What do you really think of Harry hanging around Malfoy?"

Hermione blinked. "What do you mean?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Well…" Ron began slowly. "I mean don't you think it's a little… weird? Like, it was so sudden."

"Well, yes in a way," Hermione replied, placing her quill down and applying a thoughtful expression to her face. "But Harry seems really happy at the moment."

"You don't think the ferret could be tricking him into anything?" Ron asked, his brow crinkling with concern.

Hermione pulled a face. "Truthfully, it's hard to say. I want to say no because I like to believe that everyone has at least something good about them… and I did sort of get to know Malfoy through our study sessions… he's not as bad as he could be."

Ron chewed on his bottom lip as he thought it all over.

"Think of it this way, Ron," Hermione said. "Should Malfoy do anything to Harry, we'll be the first people to hunt him down."

The red-head seemed to brighten at this idea. "Good plan," he grinned. "I just hope it doesn't come down to that."


Draco practically growled as he pulled away from Potter's mouth and glared over his shoulder at the female now crossing the floor of Draco's bedroom towards them.

"What, Pansy?" he demanded.

"I was bored." She pouted, coming to a halt beside Draco's bed.

"You were bored," Draco repeated wryly as Potter chuckled from beneath him. "Well excuse me if I don't give a flying fuck if you're bored. Potter and I are busy."

"Yes, I can see that," Pansy replied with a smirk. "You should probably lock your door then if that is the case."

"I shouldn't have too!"

Ignoring him, Pansy turned her gaze to the brunet. "We need to get ourselves organised into a substantial study schedule again," she said as she lifted a hand to observe her nails.

Knowing exactly what the female was doing, Potter chuckled again. "Do we have to do this right now? Draco looks like he's about to murder you."

Pansy fluttered her hand. "I get that stare at least three times a day," she said loftily.

"Evidently it's not enough," Draco snarled. "Fuck off, Pansy."

"Ask nicely." Pansy sniffed haughtily.

"Please fuck off, Pansy."

"Was that so hard?" Pansy said sweetly, blowing him a kiss and breezing out of the room.

Draco growled in annoyance and dropped his head down onto Potter's shoulder.

"I think we need to attach bells to that girl," the brunet commented. "At least that way we'll be able to hear her coming."

"Or I could just permanently attach her to a wall," Draco replied, lifting his head.

"Hmm, yes, I can see the benefits of that…"

"Might get me in trouble though."

"Ah, but you see I am Head Boy, who says anyone has to find out who did it?"

Draco chuckled darkly. "Stop it, Potter, you're allowing this idea to be far too tempting."

Harry grinned. "So, are we actually going to get any homework done or was that simply a ruse to have your wicked way with me?" the brunet asked, slyly.

"Oh, wicked way most definitely," Draco replied. "That was, of course, until Miss Parkinson decided to be so thoughtful and interrupt us."

"Well then, shouldn't you be picking up where you left off?"

"Are you ordering me around, Potter?"

"Maybe." A smirk curled at the brunet's lips. "Is that secretly a turn on for you, Draco?"

"Bossy Gryffindors? Mmm, you better believe it." Draco leant down and captured Potter's mouth in a searing kiss. The male responded immediately, his tongue battling with Draco's. The blond, determined as always, won, and Potter allowed Draco to take control of the kiss, while his hands slid up beneath Draco's shirt, nails scoring his skin.

"I think—" the Gryffindor gasped as Draco bit down on his neck, "that maybe—ugh—you should actually lock your—oh, fuck—door."

"Not in the mood to put on a show then?" Draco replied, unbuttoning Potter's shirt.

"Not everyone is an exhibitionist like you, Malfoy."

"You're going to pay for that, Potter."

Potter grinned again. "I'm going to hold you to that."

Despite his taunting, Draco reached over for his wand and gave it a flick in the direction of his door. There was a click and the blond returned his wand back to the bedside table before turning his smouldering gaze back to the brunet below him.

"Satisfied?" he quipped.

Potter chuckled. "I will be soon."

"Such a randy little lion," Draco commented, finally removing Potter's shirt and tossing it aside.

"Look who's talking," the brunet replied, his muscles contorting deliciously as he sat up. His gaze fell to the Slytherin's mouth as his hands went to the buttons on the blond's white school shirt, yet he held back on purpose, enjoying the way Draco sought after his lips.

"Stop that," the blond chided breathlessly as Potter teased him.

The other boy grinned in response. "Don't like the chase, Draco?"

"I'm impatient," the blond remarked, placing a hand on the back of Potter's head and bringing his lips to his.

Potter's uncontrolled moan sent lust coursing through Draco's already pulsing body. When the Gryffindor was finally done unbuttoning his shirt, he shrugged out of the material and tossed it carelessly aside, desperate to get the pleasure train moving along. He pushed Potter back against the bedspread, keeping their mouths connected all the while.

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