So, this is where my creative juice is being sucked to, . At one point in time, I had it on DVD and video. Except, the video was taped over and the DVD has disappeared. Which has somehow turned into an obsession. I actually stopped writing some of my other stories to write this. And now there are 2 potential chapter 3's for my 'Jumping worlds' stories. *sigh*

Enjoy, though!

Packing his clothes into a suitcase, Harry realised that, for once, a royal fuck up had paid off. Probably the only time in his life that it had ever happened but, if Harry had to choose, that was the screw up that he'd redo time and time again. Harry had jumped through the Veil of Death, situated in the Department of Mysteries, after his Godfather. Except, it wasn't a Veil of Death – or, Harry didn't think he was dead at least.

Harry had woken up on a beach, no Sirius in sight. With sand in places he hadn't known existed, water soaking his clothes and an inability to say anything about his past; he'd been handed over to the authorities. Because Harry wouldn't say anything about magic, wary of the Statue of Secrecy and being seen as a lunatic, had been confused about the date because, you know, Harry had jumped in 1996 and had landed in 2002, hadn't wanted to bring up the Dursleys in case they still existed in whatever world this was, he'd been labelled an amnesiac.

Which was great, actually.

With no memory, the only expectation was to try and get it back. So, occasionally, Harry would say something, and everyone would be happy because he'd remembered something. The people at the orphanage were really nice, and Harry felt stupid for never running away from the Dursleys to an orphanage. He'd been told all sorts of horrible stories about orphanages, and had believed them. Which was, without a doubt, stupid. When had the Dursleys ever been truthful?

The Orphanage was nice, the people were kind, and there was a strict set of guidelines that were obeyed, the government checked up on the kids in the Orphanage and there were so many laws in place to make sure that horrible things that happened in the stories (and had, probably, happened once) did not happen.

Harry wasn't even upset about never getting adopted. He didn't really want another family, he'd had so many through his life, that the possibility of getting – and then losing – another one wasn't very appealing. The Matron of the orphanage was very kind, anyway, and had once majored in science. She'd helped Harry catch up on all his school work, and Harry, unsure of how to connect to his muggle cohorts, had thrown himself into his school work in such a way that even Hermione would have been envious of.

And, somehow, at the end of his school career, he'd been given a job offer. From the government. Harry hadn't planned on ever working for the government (any government), and had actually wanted to travel the world a little bit before he started on the next leg of his life. He would have actually gone on to college and continued to learn. But the thing that had convinced Harry to accept the job offer, was that he got it on his own merits.

Not because he was 'Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived', but because he was Harry, no last name, who'd come first of his class in science and was facing the possibility of a scholarship.

They honestly wanted him for his brain.

And it was great.

So now Harry was packed, ready to leave the orphanage and start his new job, accommodation supplied. Harry threw identification papers on top, which explained his lack of birth certificate, before caressing the slight bulge, just underneath the interior of the suitcase. He'd hidden his wand there. He could still use magic, there was just no need to. There was no Voldemort, no Death Eaters, no Wizarding world and (best of all) no Dursleys.

Clicking the suitcase shut, Harry looked at the room which he'd occupied for the last three years. It was nowhere near as expensive or elegant as his dorm at Hogwarts, but it was his home. Harry didn't feel sad about leaving, though, because it was just natural progression. The circle of life.

And he wouldn't miss his roommates snoring, that was for damn sure.